The best DJs of all time

From legends that became the first superstar DJs to the modern forces that are blasting tunes on the biggest stages in the world, here are the best DJs of all time.

Skiddle Staff

Last updated: 24th Jul 2023

Who is the number one DJ in the world? Bearing in mind music is subjective, it’s a pretty hard question to answer. Maybe even impossible.

But it is clear that many DJs possess incredible music knowledge and skills, and have helped shape and inspire genres, the clubbing world, and other artists. 

From legends that became the first superstar DJs to the modern forces that are blasting tunes on the biggest stages in the world, in no particular order, here are some of the best DJs of all time… so far.


Eric Prydz


Photo: Eric Prydz / 

From: Sweden

Genres: progressive house, tech house, house, techno

Known for: Call on Me, Pjanoo, his HOLO live shows ft. the giant 3D hand

Growing up in the noughties was seeing and hearing Call on Me bloody everywhere. But Prydz was never destined to be a one-hit wonder. He continued charting with Proper Education, Pjanoo, and Opus. More recently, Prydz snagged ravers’ attention with his HOLO shows that feature breath-taking visuals that are sure to set an insanely high bar for other DJs’ shows. 

Prydz’s music transcends genre. You don’t have to be an electronic music fan to be familiar with one or two of his tracks. And we’re certain many who’ve never clubbed or raved are certainly considering it now thanks to HOLO. 

Secure your tickets now on Skiddle to check out his HOLO shows this year at his Hi Ibiza residency. 


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Peggy Gou


Photo: Peggy Gou / 

From: South Korea

Genres: dark house, techno, broken beats

Known for: being the world’s coolest DJ, her Pleasure Gardens Festival, and tracks like Starry Night and I Go

It might seem a bit early to put Peggy Gou alongside the top DJs of all time as she’s relatively new to the scene compared to some others who’ve been about since the 90s. But we don’t care. And if you checked her out, you’d probably agree with us. 

Gou's friend taught her to DJ in 2009 before she learned Ableton in 2013 and began creating her own music, releasing her first track the next year. She was the first Korean DJ to play in Berlin's Berghain, started her own record label, clothing line, and festival, and everyone (including us) has been obsessed with her for years now. 


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Armin van Buuren


Photo: Armin van Buuren / 

From: The Netherlands 

Genres: uplifting trance

Known for: A State of Trance - radio show, music festival, and global events brand

Regularly topping Best DJ polls, trance titan Armin van Buuren has been one of trance’s biggest names for decades now, helping shoot the genre into the mainstream with his A State Of Trance radio show. 

Buuren came in at number one on DJ Mags Best DJ poll a record-breaking five times, including a four year in a row stint. 


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Black Coffee


Photo: Black Coffee /

From: South Africa

Genres: deep house

Known for: being the biggest DJ from Africa

Grammy-award-winning DJ Black Coffee majored in jazz at uni to expand his musical knowledge and music theory and improve his listening skills. Following his studies, he worked as a backup singer for Madala Kunene, then formed an Afro-pop trio, before becoming a DJ. 

Coffee made history in 2022, becoming the first African to win a Grammy in the Best Dance/Electronic Album category. Nowadays, you can find him on the decks at the biggest electronic festivals in the world and in Ibiza’s superclubs. 


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Adam Beyer


Photo: Adam Beyer / 

From: Sweden 

Genres: techno 

Known for: Drumcode

Rising from Sweden’s underground to the top of the global techno scene, Beyer is probably best known for Drumcode, his techno record label and events brand. He's signed some of the biggest names on the scene to his label including Alan Fitzpatrick, Amelie Lens, Maceo Plex, Charlotte De Witte, and so many more. 

The label has touched down in some of the biggest party places including Ibiza, Manchester’s Warehouse Project, and festivals across the globe. 


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David Guetta


Photo: David Guetta / 

From: France

Genres: EDM, dance-pop, house

Known for: jheeze, what isn’t he known for? He’s got about a million charting tracks, F*** Me I’m Famous, and Future Rave to name just a few feats he’s known for

A pioneer of French house and a guy who seems permanently in the charts, it was obvious Guetta would make it in our list of the best DJs of all time. He's built up an insane 14 billion streams, secured two Grammys, and sold his recorded music catalogue for over $100 million US dollars. 

Guetta started DJing at a club in Paris, playing popular songs before discovering house in 1987. A year later, he was hosting his own club nights and began releasing music shortly after. Fast forward to the present and this year in Ibiza, he's got F*** Me I'm Famous in Ushuaia and Future Rave with Morten at Hi. 


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Amelie Lens


Photo: Amelie Lens /

From: Belgium

Genres: techno

Known for: dominating the techno scene, Exhale events

Lens always had a diverse music taste but fell in love with electronic music after attending Dour Festival in Belgium as a teen. She’s blown up fairly recently and now you can find her on main stages at some of the biggest techno events in the world. 

Despite being only in her early thirties, she’s already achieved what most DJs could only dream of with her Exhale events touching down in venues across Europe and regular appearances at colossal events. We can’t wait to see what she does next. 


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Carl Cox


Photo: Carl Cox /

From: England

Genres: house and techno, sometimes funk and soul - he’s done it all over the years

Known for: being a massive legend, founding the British rave scene, Hybrid Live shows, three-deck mixing 

Now sixty, Carl Cox has already had a blistering career but is showing no signs of slowing down. Always possessing a deep adoration for electronic music, young Carl would take a small turntable to school and play records at just ten years old and was clubbing by 14. 

He became known as the "three-deck wizard" as he dropped tracks on a third turntable, which was supposed to be a spare. He also threw himself into the illegal rave scene before going legit. And while crucial to Britain’s rave scene, everyone knows Ibiza wouldn’t be Ibiza without Cox. 

His influence over the years in house, techno, funk and soul is immeasurable. If you ask any clued-up DJ or electronic fan about the greatest DJs of all time, they’ll tell you leaving Cox off the list would be a crime. 


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Paul van Dyk


Photo: Paul Van Dyk / 

From: Germany

Genres: uplifting and progressive trance

Known for: For an Angel, helping to make trance mainstream, being one of the top DJs of all time

A crucial figure in trance, Paul van Dyk's For an Angel played a vital role in exposing the masses to the genre. Van Dyk then established his Vandit record label in 1999, which quickly became one of the biggest in trance and progressive. 

Paul van Dyk is truly one of the biggest names to come out of trance, performing in front of over one million people in Rio de Janeiro, headlining every festival under the sun, and securing his place on DJ Mag’s top 100 DJs list quite literally every single year since he stepped on the scene. Click or tap here to read our interview with Paul van Dyk.


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Fabio & Grooverider


Photo: Fabio and Grooverider /

From: England

Genres: drum and bass and jungle, some house and techno

Known for: being the godfathers of drum and bass, playing a huge role in the development of liquid, minimal, half-time, technical, and jump-up

Considering the entire UK and a fair amount of Europe is obsessed with drum and bass, it’d be illegal to not shout out Fabio and Grooverider, the originators of the scene. 

F&G were part of the few UK DJs to play house before experimenting with the sound, creating something entirely different, which eventually became jungle and drum and bass.

Grooverider first DJ’d at illegal raves and warehouses while Fabio got started on Faze, a London pirate radio station. The duo rose to prominence together at their club nights, including Rage at Heaven from 1989-1991, where they developed their sound.


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Honey Dijon 


Photo: Honey Dijon / 

From: United States

Genres: house with disco and techno

Known for: contributing to Beyonce’s Renaissance, being an unreal DJ, immaculate vibes

Born and raised in Chicago, the home of house, Honey fell in love with the soul and R&B music her parents listened to at home. Later, she formed a friendship with Derrick Carter, who became her mentor and introduced her to the underground scene.

Dijon relocated to New York and developed her craft, developing into the passionate, charismatic, and strong DJ she is today. Now absolutely huge in the house scene, it’s super rare to see her events not sold out. Read our interview with Honey Dijon here. 


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Photo: Avicii / 

From: Sweden

Genres: EDM, house, folk/EDM fusion

Known for: charting tracks including Wake Me Up and Levels, being probably the most famous DJ before his death in 2018

Avicii got into music early, mixing in his room at eight years old. He began making music at 16 using a pirated copy of FL Studio, inspired by his brother, who was also a DJ.

Avicii first made deep and progressive house before he began to experiment, fusing electronic with folk, soul, blues, country, and more. He created a template that many producers still follow to this day. Avicii played some of the biggest venues in the world including Ibiza’s Ushuaia before his untimely death in 2018 aged just 28. RIP. 



Charlotte de Witte


Photo: Charlotte De Witte / 

From: Belgium

Genres: dark and stripped-back minimal and acid techno 

Known for: first female and first techno act to close Tomorrowland's mainstage, her sound, her remix of The Age of Love with Enrico Sangiuliano

Once known as Raving George (a name she used to avoid negative, sexist stereotypes), Charlotte de Witte ditched her alias after seven years, choosing to go by her own name in her early 20s. 

De Witte admitted producing didn’t come naturally to her but that hasn’t stopped her from releasing some incredible music and becoming one of the most in-demand and adored contemporary techno DJs right now. 


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Photo: Skream / 

From: England 

Genres: originally dubstep, now disco, house, techno, any genre he fancies

Known for: influencing dubstep, being a member of Magnetic Man with Benga and Artwork

Consistent, adored by the UK, and a heavy influence on dubstep, many envy Skream’s career. One of his first solo singles Midnight Request Line received praise from many and was credited as playing a key role in introducing a more melodic sound into dubstep. 

After achieving mainstream success with Magnetic Man, Skream shifted his focus, playing small clubs instead of bigger venues. Here, he would experiment, playing just about anything he liked including house, techno, disco.

It’s incredible how one person can make lasting impressions in multiple genres. 


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Calvin Harris


Photo: Calvin Harris / 

From: Scotland

Genres: EDM, electro house, dance-pop

Known for: We Found Love and This Is What You Came For with Rihanna, Acceptable in the 80s, and about a million huge tracks

Good luck finding any “best DJs of all time” list without Calvin Harris on it. His debut album I Created Disco saw him burst onto the scene with the single Acceptable in the 80s, which was genuinely everywhere. At the time of writing, Harris sits comfortably at number 14 on Spotify’s top streamed artists in the world. 

Name a huge electronic festival and chances are he’s been there and done that. Harris returns to Ushuaia Ibiza this year for 14 dates. 


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From: Australia

Genres: tech house

Known for: Losin’ It, his wild stage presence 

FISHER rose to fame in 2022 with a handful of incredibly strong party bangers under his belt. Those include the dancefloor fillers Losin’ It, You Little Beauty, and Stop It.

Prior to his global success as the guy whose music perfectly soundtracked house, warehouse, and boat parties, FISHER was half of the DJ duo Cut Snake, which he formed with a fellow surfer. 

The guy has so much energy you’d think he injects coffee-infused Red Bull into his veins before each performance. But that’s just one huge reason everyone bloody loves him. 


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Alison Wonderland


Photo: Alison Wonderland / 

From: Australia

Genres: EDM, trap, future bass

Known for: being the highest female DJ billing in history at Coachella, two consecutive number ones on Billboard’s Top Dance/Electronic Albums Chart 

Better known to Americans and Aussies as a frequent guest that packs out some of their biggest electronic festivals like EDC and Southbound Festival, Alison Wonderland blends a few electronic styles including EDM, electropop, future bass, and trap. 

Annie Mac described one of her sets as “the best party set I've heard in a long time” and Alison is always improving her skills, which is something her fanbase is insanely grateful for. 


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Shy FX


Photo: Shy FX /

From: England 

Genres: drum and bass and jungle

Known for: pioneering the DnB scene, his track Roll The Dice with Lily Allen and Stamina MC

A legend and firm favourite among UK DnB and jungle fans, Shy FX has managed to dominate the underground scene while also breaking the mainstream by scoring some hits. 

Mixing choppy breakbeats with dancehall vocals and reggae samples before jungle shifted into drum and bass, FX then went on to release underground classics like Bambaata. Between his incredible influence and wild sets, we think he’s earned the right to say he’s one of the top DJs of all time. 


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Photo: Angerfist / 

From: The Netherlands 

Genres: hardcore, hardstyle, gabber

Known for: his mask, his track Raise Your Fist, wild live shows

Representing the more chaotic end of the electronic spectrum, Angerfist brings super distorted drums and insane energy to his sets as a hardstyle DJ. 

Regularly and widely regarded as one of the best in the scene, his selections are not for ones prone to migraines. Relentless, gritty, and raw, his sets rarely slip in tempo, maintaining pure hedonistic energy from start to finish. And that’s partly why so many adore him. 


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Photo: DJ EZ / 

From: England

Genres: UKG 

Known for: being many DJ's favourite DJ, being on the UKG scene from the beginning, really long marathon sets 

Widely regarded as one of the most gifted and technically proficient DJs, DJ EZ’s burning passion and support of UK garage from the beginning is part of what propelled him to fame in the electronic scene. 

We could compliment this master all day long but you can check him out for yourself. Instead, we’d like to highlight how this legend did a 24-hour non-stop streamed set to raise spirits during lockdowns and raise money for charity. What a guy. 


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Photo: Tiësto / 

From: The Netherlands 

Genres: mainroom, EDM, originally trance

Known for: being considered the godfather of EDM, being super famous

He's been voted The Greatest DJ of All Time in a 2010/2011 Mixmag poll, the best DJ of the last 20 years by DJ Mag in 2013, and is regarded by many as the godfather of EDM. 

He definitely deserves a shout out as one of the best DJs of all time. We don’t think we need to say any more. 


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Andy C


Photo: ANDY C / 

From: England 

Genres: drum and bass 

Known for: co-founder of RAM Records, pioneering DnB, fast mixes and using vinyl 

Technically gifted and part of the scene since sneaking into raves at 13, Andy C has all the respect of any underground drum and bass fanatic. 

He’s performed at just about every single major party including Ibiza’s superclubs, Creamfields, The Warehouse Project, and so many more while continuing to champion the genre he adores with his RAM record label.

His sets are perhaps best known for his abundant technical proficiency and specialising in fast mixing over three vinyl turntables. 


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Richie Hawtin


Photo: Richie Hawtin / 

From: Canada

Genres: techno, tech house

Known for: helping to develop the sound of minimal techno, his work as Plastikman, co-founding Plus 8

An incredibly influential name in techno, Hawtin uses high-tech such as digital mixing equipment and drum machines to craft intelligent minimal techno sets.

Inspiring many during Detroit’s second wave of artists in the early 90s, he adopted many pseudonyms over the years to experiment with his sound. Over the years, he played a vital role in helping the genre gain popularity in clubs all over the world. 


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Jeff Mills


Photo: Jeff Mills /

From: United States

Genres: techno 

Known for: being one of the founding fathers of techno, founding Underground Resistance

A huge pioneer of electronic music, it’d be criminal not to give this hero some much-earned recognition.

One of the most influential and original DJs of all time, Mills began his career in the 80s as The Wizard, scratching and beat juggling until he started experimenting during his residency at Detroit's The Necto. Mills often uses three decks, and a drum machine, and can play up to seventy records in an hour. 

An incredible artist and visionary, he’s easily earned the right to call himself one of the best DJs of all time.


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Kemistry & Storm


Photo: DJ Storm / 

From: England

Genres: drum and bass

Known for: founding the Metalheadz label with Goldie, smashing it in a male-dominated industry and scene with a widely distributed album

Kemistry & Storm seriously pioneered the drum and bass scene. They stood out with industrial rhythms and spacey minor chords thanks to their love of music across genres. 

As women who were also amazing DJs and producers, they no doubt opened doors for many other women in music. Particularly electronic music.

The duo's collaborative career came to a tragic end when Kemistry died in a traffic accident on the way home from a gig. But Storm continues to play drum and bass with some huge festivals and raves coming up this year. 


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Roger Sanchez


Photo: Roger Sanchez / 

From: United States

Genres: house

Known for: being a house veteran, his track Another Chance

Dominican-American house DJ Roger Sanchez has racked up four Best House awards at the DJ Awards, 8 noms for International Dance Music Awards' Best American DJ, and secured a Grammy for Best Remixed Recording. 

One of house music’s biggest, most adored DJs, he also won the House Master award at the DJ Awards in 2018. We reckon his trophy cabinet speaks for itself. 


Click or tap here for Roger Sanchez



DJ Harvey


Photo: DJ Harvey /

From: England

Genres: house

Known for: being an early exponent of disco, garage, Balearic, and house 

Another legend with a jaw-dropping trophy cabinet, DJ Harvey has received the Outstanding Contribution Award, Best House DJ, and House Master from DJ Awards.

This cult DJ held weekly Moist nights, bringing over US DJs, playing six hours of disco, house, rock, and garage records. He’s never really cared about genre, focusing only on delighting the crowds in front of him. You can’t be much better than that, can you? 

Not only is he a huge influence on many DJs including Peggy Gou, he was an early exponent of many genres including Balearic, house, disco, and garage. Legend. 


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Photo: A.M.C /

From: England

Genres: drum and bass

Known for: his track Brazil and his remix of Tap Ho

Andy C is an absolute beast, a huge name in DnB who's snagged countless awards. But in 2019, A.M.C finally beat Andy C, securing the Best DJ Award from the Drum&Bass Awards. He then won it four more times for a five in a row streak. 

Despite releasing plenty of slick tracks, A.M.C finds DJing much more fun and expressive, preferring it to producing. When you watch his live performances, it's pretty obvious he adores mixing as he jumps around, throws his arms in the air, and totally loses himself in the sounds.


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Larry Levan


Photo: Paradise Garage - International Fan Community / 

From: United States

Genres: garage house, dance, disco

Known for: possibly being the single greatest DJ of all time

Which DJs make the cut for any best DJs of all time list is partially up to opinion. But in the case of Larry Levan,  it simply isn’t. Levan is universally considered one of the most talented and one of the best who ever walked the earth. 

The first superstar DJ and the icon who made it known there was more to DJing than just playing records, Levan held a decade-long residency at Paradise Garage, playing underground disco, dub, synth-pop, and funky rock. He developed a cult following who called his sets Saturday Mass and basically helped create the blueprint for modern-day clubbing.

Levan sadly died at 38 in 1992 of heart failure before being introduced into the Dance Music Hall of Fame for being such a ground-breaking DJ in 2004.



And there we have some of the top DJs of all time! If you liked this, why not check out the best DJ sets of all time?   



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