Skiddle API

Please note, the Skiddle API is still in Beta and being developed. The API is for non-commercial use only. Any commercial use must be first approved in writing by emailing

The Skiddle API has been developed to follow RESTful principles where possible (and not overly complicated). The aim has been to create an API which is simple and intuitive to use rather than following strict policies to the letter.

Find us on GitHub

Details of how to use our API can be found on our GitHub page, along with a PHP SDK that can help integrate the API into your project.

You can find the SDK at For a detailed guide on using our web api, visit the wiki.

Apply for an API key

All requests require a valid API key. For a free api key please apply here.

Please note: We monitor all requests and reserve the right to rate-limit or block any excessive requests. Limits are continually changed - please contact us if you are expecting to hit our API frequently.


If you have any queries on the API or the SDK, please feel free to log them over on our GitHub page.