Beginners Guide to Ibiza

Are you an Ibiza virgin? Check out our guide to Ibiza for beginners covering clubs, beach clubs, bars, where to stay, where to go, and so much more.

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Last updated: 23rd May 2023

Are you an Ibiza virgin? If you’re planning your first trip to Ibiza, it might seem scary at first. But you have absolutely nothing to worry about. We get it can be a bit stressful and maybe even confusing. So we put together this huge guide to ensure you know everything about everything before you even check in for your flight. 

Below is an in-depth introduction to the party island of Ibiza for beginners. You’ll find tips about where to stay, when to go, info about the best clubs, beach clubs, and bars, general tips from the veterans at Skiddle and so much more to make your first time in Ibiza as incredible as possible.


When is the best time to go to Ibiza? 


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Ibiza opens for party season at the end of April with huge opening parties at just about every single club. You can head over then if you like as the clubs go hard for the opening parties with the biggest names performing to thousands. For example, sister clubs Hi and Ushuaia are throwing a massive one, The Signal, with a killer lineup that takes ravers from day to night and into the next day. 

But if you want to go when the season’s in full swing and there are loads more people, May or the beginning of June is the perfect time. Of course, the later into the season it gets, the warmer it gets with August being the hottest month on average. Something to bear in mind for those who can’t stand too much heat. 

It’s also worth mentioning Scouse Week, which refers to the first seven days of August when the island is at its busiest, in particular, when Liverpudlians and others from the North West head over. If you're from the north, this is a cracking time to go to make mates.

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How many days do you need in Ibiza?


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The answer to this depends on what exactly you’re going for. Any amount of time you can get will be well worth it. If you’re going just for parties, you know yourself and how well you can tolerate hangovers better than us, so it’s partly up to you. But the recommended amount is around a week or a minimum of three days. 

But if you aren’t just going to get wasted 24/7 and fancy checking out beaches and attractions, definitely extend your trip, as no one in the world fancies wandering around with the sun beating down on you when they feel like death. The island has so much natural beauty that any Ibiza virgin should check out. You'll fall in love.



Where to stay in Ibiza


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If you’re going to party, which we assume you are, it’s crucial you choose the right area to stay in so you don’t end up forking out every night for taxis to and from venues. 

Playa d’en Bossa is one of the best locations to stay, with Hi, Ushuaia, Swag, and Octan close by. There are also a fair few budget hotels here. 

If not, San Antonio is a bit quieter but it still has Eden, Ibiza Rocks, O Beach Ibiza, Es Paradis, and some smaller bars and clubs. It’s also one of the cheaper areas to stay.

Ibiza Town is another great shout with Pacha, Ushuaia, and Carrer de la Mare de Déu, a popular street for members of the LGBT community, all nearby.

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There are also a fair few party hotels on the island, most notably Ushuaia Ibiza Hotel and Ibiza Rocks. You can read more about party hotels by clicking or tapping here.



The best clubs in Ibiza


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Right, now we’re getting to the fun bit. You’re probably getting giddy now, so we’ll jump straight in, starting with the biggest players.

Ushuaia Ibiza is a big one. The open-air, poolside club is recognised as one of the best clubs in the world. As such, they’ve got an event calendar packed with the biggest and best DJs and brands representing house, trance, techno, and EDM. if you’re looking for events with an underground vibe, ANTS is your best bet. Ushuaia also has a hotel at d’en Bossa beach. Check out Ushuaia’s full season here

Ushuaia’s sister club Hi Ibiza is another club hailed as one of the best in the world. Mainly focusing on house and techno, you can also find disco here (thanks to Glitterbox, a night popular among LGBTQ+ peeps), tech house, and more. Hi has two outdoor terraces, two rooms of music, and stunning toilets. That might sound weird but you’ll see what we mean when you get there. If it's your first time in Ibiza, we 100% recommend Hi and Ushuaia. Check out Hi’s full season of events here.

Beloved superclub Eden Ibiza is popular among trance fans with plenty of big names on the scene including Paul Van Dyk, Aly & Fila, and Paul Oakenfold performing with SHINE this year. But it’s not all trance. There’s also drum and bass nights with WAH, disco, house and tech house from Mama Rouxs, and techno from multiple Outset events. Enjoy two floors, 13 bars, two VIP rooms, and more. 


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Ibiza Rocks Hotel is a hotel (duh) but also a 2,500 capacity open-air, pool-side club. Head here for pool parties, Ben Hemsley’s debut residency, and cocktails. Music here varies with hip-hop and grime, dance, UKG, R&B, pop, house, indie, drum and bass, disco, and more. Bonus: if you stay here, you’ll get free access to all the Ibiza Rocks events during your stay!

Pacha Ibiza is probably one of the most famous, instantly recognisable clubs with that iconic cherry logo. First opening in the 70s, Pacha is now best known for house music but also has techno, disco, soulful, and funky tunes, and R&B and hip-hop. A biggun, there are five rooms of music here.

Another club that showcases a variety of genres, Amnesia Ibiza, like Pacha, has been one of the island’s most influential clubs for decades as one of the original superclubs on the island. Disco, pop, and house are popular here but that doesn’t mean they won’t throw in some other genres every now and then! 


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Going a bit more underground, DC10 is more techno-focused and is home to CircoLoco nights, one of the most famous parties in the world. If you head here, don’t be freaked out if you hear aeroplanes flying overhead as it's located just by a runway. 

Changing things up a bit, SWAG Ibiza is the only club on the island dedicated to showcasing hip-hop, R&B, trap, afrobeats, reggaeton, and dancehall. Celebrating black music with its 1,000 guests, it’s next to the beach and a whole lot of fun. 

Similar to Ibiza Rocks, O Beach is a beach resort with parties, live music, performers, and more. 

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When are Ibiza opening parties 2023?


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The answer to this is a little tricky. Some opening parties are kicking off as early as Friday 28th April. Some will be in May. And some opening parties start later as brands and artists take over venues to kick off their residencies. For example, Ushuaia and Hi have The Signal, a joint opening party on the 29th of April. But then ANTS has its opening party at Hi on the 6th of May. 

It’s best to check your favourite club's (or soon to be favourite club's) website to keep up with the latest. 

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When are Ibiza closing parties 2023?


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Typically, closing parties are around mid-September to mid-October. But, again, certain brands will hold closing parties to wave goodbye to the season in their own ways on different dates.



The best beach clubs in Ibiza 


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Some of the best beach clubs in Ibiza are: 

Ushuaia Beach Club

Beachouse Ibiza

Nikki Beach Ibiza

Nassau Beach Club Ibiza

El Chiringuito Ibiza

Blue Marlin Ibiza

Sa Trinxa Ibiza

Tanit Beach Club Ibiza


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The best bars in Ibiza 


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Some of the best bars in Ibiza are:

Café Mambo Ibiza


Café Del Mar

Paradise Lost

The Rock Bar

Murphy's Bar

Mint Lounge


No 5 Ibiza



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Laws in Ibiza


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Hotels - You need to be 18 or older to rent a hotel room. Some teens aged 16-17 manage to rent hotel rooms using youth travel services but Ibiza doesn't have any youth hostels. 

Alcohol - It's illegal to drink alcohol if you're under 18 (even with parents permission) or in a public place. So don't be necking vodka lemonades on the streets or on the beach unless you're okay with being fined.

Driving under the influence - This has some more complicated rules. If you've been driving for over two years, you're allowed up to 0.5 grams of alcohol per litre of blood or 0.25 milligrams of alcohol per litre of air exhaled. This is the standard for many other European countries. But if you've had your driving licence for under two years, the maximum for you is 0.4 g per litre of blood or 0.15 mg per litre of air exhaled. But sex, weight, and many other factors contribute to how alcohol affects you. If you're going to party, we simply wouldn't bother driving. Especially when there's the party bus. There's no point risking it.

Drugs - As you probably imagined, illicit substances for recreational use are illegal in Ibiza. You could be fined up to €800 if you're caught. 

Smoking - Like the UK, it's illegal to buy tobacco if you're under 18. Some beaches, including Playa de Santa Eulalia del Río and Playa de Talamanca, are smoke-free. Check before you spark up. 


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Going topless - You're unlikely to get arrested for walking around topless but it's an offence to be shirtless in many places, including San Antonio. You might get fined for breaking this rule. Keep your top on when using public transport or visiting bars, restaurants and shops too. You may be fined by police for driving topless or driving in flip flops, sandals, or barefoot. Again, there's no point risking it.

Renting vehicles - to rent a moped in Ibiza, you must have had a driving licence for at least two years and you must be at least 18, although many rental companies might not rent to you as a rule, preferring those 21 or 23 and up. Same again with renting cars in Ibiza, you must be at least 18 and have had a licence for two years but you may still be turned down from certain companies who only rent to those older. 

Nightlife - Most venues require you to be 18 or over. Don't forget your ID as they'll most definitely check. Especially if you have a baby face. If you're under 18, you may be able to enter daytime parties that aren't in clubs but they may require you to enter with your parents. 

Beaches - we're not allowed to use shampoo and soap at beach showers at any beach showers in Spain, including Ibiza. Littering laws are also getting tighter, so clean up after yourself! Again, smoking on many beaches isn't allowed, so check before you go ahead.

Sex - wait until you get back to your hotel room. No one wants to see you going at it in an alleyway, in a bar, or on the beach, and the police won't be too happy if they catch you. The age of consent in Ibiza and the rest of Spain is 16. It goes without saying that you simply should not break this law



Other tips for Ibiza virgins


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Bring lots of legal drugs - let’s go over the possibilities. Hangovers, sunburn, travel sickness, heartburn, stomach problems, and so much more. Pack plenty of paracetamol, ibuprofen, melatonin to get a good night's sleep, hydration sachets (yes, the ones that are for diarrhoea, they’re perfect for hangovers), Berocca, etc.

Earplugs - clubs are loud. You don't want to damage your hearing. If you think it'll make you look uncool, suit yourself, but we’d argue it’s much more uncool to lose your hearing because you were worried about how you might look. You're all there to have a good time and enjoy the music. Try not to worry about others. They probably won't even notice, and if they do, they don't care.

Look after yourself - DO NOT drink tap water. Just don’t. Please. Love yourself. Wear sun cream because you’re going to look daft turning up to a club bright red and barely able to move because your skin’s on fire. And, again, earplugs. Drink lots of bottled water, especially if you’re getting on it all the time. You don't want to end up in a hospital because you forgot to hydrate. Dehydration can cause some nasty symptoms. 


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The flight over - as you can imagine, the flight over to Ibiza is almost as wild as the island itself. Everyone will be wanting a bev. Or five. Get ahead of everyone and buy a bottle of vodka and a mixer at duty-free. Forget waiting half an hour to get served at the mad bars. It'll probably be cheaper too. 

Party bus - there’s a party bus that goes from San Antonio, where people usually stay, to Eivissa, where many clubs are. Hop on that for about €3. It's so much cheaper than cabs and it runs late. You can take a drink on board and everyone’s in a top mood and you’ll more than likely make a new friend.

Leave no trace - check before to ensure it's okay but if you bring some snacks to the beach, take your rubbish with you. It's simply not fair to everyone else, it's bad for the planet, and someone will have to clean up after you. British tourists don't have the best reputation and this is partly why. It's common courtesy to take your rubbish with you and stick it in the nearest bin. 

Buy tickets in advance - easier said than done because it's easy to forget and tricky to get your mates to agree on where you're going. But many tickets are a bit cheaper if you snag them ahead of time. 

If you have time, visit other places - clubs are great, but the island has so much to offer. Check out the Golden Buddha for the best sunset in Ibiza and travel to the north side of the island to take in some of its natural beauty.

Have fun - you’re in Ibiza to live. To experience some cracking music and have a killer time you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Try to let loose, have a ball, and leave your worries behind for your stay! You can deal with everything else when you're back home.



Your first time in Ibiza doesn't have to be scary or unorganised. If you follow these tips and maybe do a little extra research ahead of time, you'll look and feel like it's your 50th time on the island. Only you'll be fully blown away as it's your first time. Now save this blog, send it to your Ibiza virgin mates, get planning, and prepare for an experience like no other!

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