The best summer songs of 2014

What were you up to in 2014? Can’t remember? We’re sure listening to the best summer songs of 2014 will help jog your memory…

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Date published: 1st Aug 2022

In the year that Arctic Monkeys played two sold out shows at Finsbury Park, Kim K shot a stream of champagne over her head and into a glass perched on her butt, and Solange swung for Jay-Z in a lift, some proper bangers were dominating the air waves. 

There were some killer summer songs released in 2014 that we still blast on full volume today. And since summer’s in full swing and we need tunes to soundtrack it, we put together this list of the best summer songs of 2014. Enjoy. 


Rude - MAGIC!

We don’t think this one needs much of an explanation. Reggae and summer is a match made in heaven. Rude’s chilled vibes, paired with catchy pop melodies, instantly made it one of the best summer songs of 2014.



Gecko (Overdrive) - Oliver HeldensBecky Hill

We hadn't seen the music video for Gecko before now. And to be honest, we wish it stayed that way. But anyway, in 2014, Gecko was constantly booming from Ford Focuses as they zoomed around with the windows down. And fair play, because we reckon blasting this tune while driving about in your car on a sunny day would make you feel invincible. 



Break Free - Ariana Grande ft Zedd

Break Free had us all passionately scream-singing along like we hate our ex’s guts, whether we even had one or not. A versatile banger, this tune suits all sorts of occasions, from night out to drives, “home-alone-so-I’ll-dance-my-arse-off” moments and everything in between. 



Budapest - George Ezra  

Not everyone likes pop and electronic music. So here’s one for those who prefer a different vibe. Everyone was obsessed with Budapest for quite a while because, put simply, it slaps. George's deep, comforting voice, the soft instrumental, and the theme of love are just some of the many reasons we can’t resist it.



I Got U - Duke Dumont ft Jax JonesJess Glynne

Come on, a tune with steel drums in automatically wins a spot here. Undoubtedly one of the best summer songs of 2014, I Got U is insanely euphoric from the lyrics to the instrumental. Even the music video (until you remember the protagonist has a VR set on). 



Summer - Calvin Harris

Despite currently being a TikTok meme, Summer clearly understood the assignment. Calvin knows how to pen a blissful, summery tune with catchy lyrics, even his voice sounds a bit weird when delivering those lyrics, resulting in the internet taking the piss. 



Waiting All Night - Rudimental ft. Ella Eyre

Nothing beats Waiting All Night for a lethal hit of nostalgia. This is another of those summer songs of 2014 that was everywhere. You’d hear it blasting from cars, people’s speakers on buses, on nights out, and even on TV adverts. A killer tune, Waiting All Night instantly sticks a smile on your face. 




Prayer In C - Lilly Wood & The Prick and Robin Schulz

An absolute tune, Prayer in C written by Lilly Wood and The Prick (yeah, that’s not a typo) and remixed by Robin Shulz isn't a tune we'll forget about soon. That innocent, emotive guitar line is just too memorable, and Robin's bass line and drums highlight the joy hidden in the track. 



Those were our favourite summer songs of 2014! A pretty solid year for tunes with summery vibes, it wasn’t too easy to choose which songs deserved a spot, but we hope your favourite got a place. And if it did, it’s Gecko isn’t it? Gecko’s your favourite. At least it probably should be…

Come back for more of the best summer songs from the years you reminisce about, including 2010, 2015, and 2016.



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