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Ben Smith

Last updated: 12th Dec 2016

You may have noticed we've been doing things differently this year. Whether starting new customer driven features like Re:Sell and Cool:Off, re-designing our homepage or making our apps even better (download them here), we've been busy.

A lot of this has come about from extensive market research with you guys, finding out what you liked about what we do - as well as what you don't. We also asked you what your thoughts were on ticketing in general, so all this feedback has been funneled into how we approach the future.

So when it came to creating our new advertising campaign, we wanted to use the people who had been integral to the changes we're making; you. After a social media search we found several 'faces' of Skiddle who were genuine customers of ours, so we used the journey they made to the events they love via our features to front the campaign.

Here's what they had to say about their musical tastes... 

Miles Metric, Bristol

What gigs, clubs and festivals have you loved this year...

As a DJ, dancer and professional unicorn I have had the privilege of attending 15 festivals so far this year. Particular highlights have been working with The Midnight Bakery at Isle of Wight Festival, Wonky Races at Secret Garden Party, Bearded Kitten at Boomtown and The Artful Badger at Wilderness.

Glastonbury and Shambala also deserve a special mention for being wonderful events. All of those festivals have the most amazing sense of community where literally anyone can feel at home as well as having an enormous wealth of incredible musical acts.

Club-wise, Imaginarium in London is always a highlight, bringing one of the most unique and up for it crowds I've seen in a long time to get down and dirty with some amazing bass music in all genres. Gig-wise, Everything Everything, Slamboree and Caravan Palace have been my favourites this year so far. Although autumn/winter time is when I get most stuck into gigs so I can't wait to see what amazing events I find.

What music are you digging right now...

At the moment I'm loving Slamboree, Catjam, Caravan Palace, Rumpsteppers and The Insight Ensemble. And mainly I'm currently unhealthily excited for Slamboree's debut album. They are a band I've been following for a long time I am yet to be disappointed by their output.

Last question, we've given you your dream stage at a festival with five acts, dead or alive, playing. Who would you pick and why? 

If I could pick from any acts alive or dead, I'd have to book The Chemical Brothers, Slamboree, Prince, David Bowie and Aphex Twin...and in an ideal world they'd all form a superband for a powerhouse mega-set at the end of proceedings!

Yasmine Ben-Afia, Southend

What gigs, clubs and festivals have you loved this year...

Top gigs this year, where do I start? I went to see a band called Youth Club at The Lexington at the start of the year and it was a wicked little gig - Peter Crouch was even there.

I also managed to snag a ticket to see the sold out James Blake show at Village Underground, probably one of the most emotional shows I've ever been to, he's absolutely incredible, a really moving performer. Roisin Murphy was also great earlier in the year.

Speaking of Village Underground, I went to see Floorplan AKA Robert Hood there a couple of months ago for Mixmag Live, which was incredible. He brought his daughter along and they played back to back, she killed it!

I also made the pilgrimage to Glasgow in January to check out the infamous club scene up there. Jackmaster's birthday at SWG3 and the afterparty at Sub Club were big highlights, we had actually been to Sub Club the night before and really loved it.

Festivals... I just got back from Bestival the other week, which once again was absolutely out of this world. I love the whole concept of that festival and it attracts the loveliest bunch of people. I've wanted to see Hot Chip for about ten years so that was pretty special to see them there.

I was also lucky enough to go to Sonar for a second time this year too, which is always special, Kaytranada was a particular highlight for me. Also Lost Village festival - Leon Vynehall and Bicep absolutely killed it! Jaymo & Andy George were heroes of mine circa 2008, have so mush respect for the work they put into the festival.

What music are you digging right now...

I'm having a little bit of a renaissance at the moment with music, in the sense that I've been listening to a lot of stuff I've already collected over the years and delving into music from the past that I've not discovered yet.

Genre-wise, I've been exploring a lot more neo-soul and alternative hip hop this year, people like Anderson .Paak, Mike Jenkins, 808INK, but I've also been getting really into French house again, which turned out to be perfect timing with the return of Justice (and maybe Daft Punk!).  I'm really into a new group called S4U at the moment, they make sexy, futuristic but nostalgia drenched R'n'B - they're my tip off for 2017.

Last question, we've given you your dream stage at a festival with five acts, dead or alive, playing. Who would you pick and why?

So, my festival stage would be called Deadfest, because what is the point in inviting artists who are alive when you could probably still see them? The first artist without question would be Prince. He's the first famous person I've shed a tear over upon hearing of their passing. He was just a genius and I feel humbled to have seen him live twice, but I'd love another chance to really take it in.

I'd also have Frankie Knuckles and DJ Mehdi do an extended set each, they're two DJs I never got to see before they died and I have always regretted it, two massive influences on my life. Despite the fact they only released one album, I find myself still talking about it on the regs so I'd jump at the chance to see the full, original line-up of Late of the Pier perform Fantasy Black Channel.

Finally, it would have to be Nirvana. I adored Kurt Cobain growing up, they were just the ultimate of my generation and many before and after. Maybe I'd be able to ask him what really happened, too...

Martha Davis, London

What gigs, clubs and festivals have you loved this year...

I have absolutely loved Wildlife festival, Belladrum, Boardmasters, BST at Hyde park and Love Supreme this year!

What music are you digging right now...

I've been into a lot of Souletric recently but always listen to a bit of radio so it mixes up all the time.

Last question, we've given you your dream stage at a festival with five acts, dead or alive, playing. Who would you pick and why?

My dream stage would consist of Coldpay (so long as they play songs from Parachutes) Amy Winehouse, Sia, System of a Down and Talking Heads. I grew up listening to Coldplay's album parachutes and since then have had an undying love for them.

Amy Winehouse is just vocally amazing as is Sia and I would love to be able to sing as good as either of them. When I was in my mid teens I had a little rebellious phase where I'd listen to a lot of rock and S.O.A.D have stuck with me! And finally Talking Heads because they're just great!

Jordan Johnson, South East London

What gigs, clubs and festivals have you loved this year?

Magic door boat party in Croatia was out of this world, literally a trip around the galaxy.

When I’m in London it’s a Bussey building ting! The venue is forward thinking with projections on the walls but at times it feels like you could imagine what the party scene was kind of like back in the day in Chicago with the big old school fans and thumping sound system.

When I'm in Birmingham I head over to Digbeth, places like the Rainbow and lab 11. The house circuit in Brum is one you could lose yourself in, engulfed by the beats and the afters.

What music are you digging right now?

It changes every day to be honest with you. At the moment I'm really feeling old school feel good soul like David Ruffin, but that can transcend into modern day house. I also like the new school wave rap, sonically I think Kaytranada is bridging gaps across ponds in my generation via his vibration and I have much love for the UK sound as well.

Last question, we've given you your dream stage at a festival with five acts, dead or alive, playing. Who would you pick and why?

Sade X Santana would set the stage, slowly coasting the crowd into a swaying motion and pulling on the heartstrings. It would be great to hear Sade in an open air venue under the stars, and Santana then join her on stage and break out into one of his badass solos.

Fela Kuti would be next with a large band and dancers, bringing the people into a trance with worldly natural root sounds. Then all you would hear is “Huh check it out, junior mafia” - Biggie Smalls laces the stage with some 90s looking hunnies in gold outfits while hes got a big bottle of champagne in one hand and the mic in the other.

The lights go low and you hear the cry of the legend Bob Marley, and everyone in unity puts a light in the air for a real one and enjoys life the way it should be enjoyed together with a smile.

Namina Kormona, Liverpool

What gigs, clubs and festivals have you loved this year?

I had an amazing time at Afropunk festival in London - the lineup was great and getting the chance to see Grace Jones perform live was something to tick off my bucket list! I also got the see to catch Quantic's live band, a night full of dancing and non stop fun.

I've enjoyed Circus this year in Liverpool, but in the same city I also managed to catch Floating Points' DJ set for ENRG at the Invisible Wind Factory. The music, coupled with an amazing venue made for a wicked night. I think my stand out gig of the year was Ratking - raw hip hop vibes with lots of energy. 

What music are you digging right now?

I'm having a bit of a soul moment right now. Anderson .Paak's Malibu is one of my favourites from this year and I've not stopped listening to Solange's A Seat At The Table since it was released. 

Last question, we've given you your dream stage at a festival with five acts, dead or alive, playing. Who would you pick and why? 

I'd have DJ EZ on deck duty in between performances as he's one of my heroes. To open up the stage I'd have an artist called Domino - I saw him nine years ago at one of the strangest gigs I've ever been to and his performance has always stuck with me!

Erykah Badu would be next up and then I'd resurrect Phife Dawg so that we'd get one last show with the full lineup of A Tribe Called Quest. Then I'd close the night with my favourite band, Brand New

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