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Digbeth Dining Club is a multi-award-winning event operator that turns the best venues in the Midlands into bustling street-food havens.

Working with only the tastiest food traders in the UK, Digbeth Dining Club events see a wide array of mouth-watering food stalls that are so good you’ll need someone to stop you from eating yourself into a food coma.

The cuisine hails from all over the world, including India, Jamaica, Spain, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Germany, Brazil, Malaysia, Japan, and other countries with food to die for. But there are still British favourites such as chips, burgers, hot dogs, wings, and sweet treats for when you want something familiar but equally mindblowing.

Quality and good times are the priority at these events. If you consider yourself a foodie, it only makes sense to secure your Digbeth Dining Club tickets now and delight your tastebuds as they cruise the globe via delicious dishes.

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