The Lulworth Estate


Thursday 7th - Sunday 10th September 2017

The Lulworth Estate in East Lulworth

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“Hot off the press – yes Bestival is moving! We can confirm we have submitted a licence application for a new site at the Lulworth Estate in Dorset and we’re super excited about our shiny new Bestival adventure. We have an incredible line-up, headliners confirmed and ridiculous new stages and installations coming your way in 2017."

Since Bestival's inception in 2004, Rob Da Bank's carefully curated festival has grown from a mere 10,000 in attendance to now well over 50,000. With a reputation as a friendly festival and gaining in credibility with each passing year, attendees of Bestival 2017 are sure to be treated to an unforgettable festival experience, with a top notch atmosphere. 

Bestival is no stranger to huge headliners either, with the likes of The Cure, Basement Jaxx, Fatboy Slim, The Beastie Boys, My Bloody Valentine, Massive Attack, Kraftwerk, The Prodigy and Bjork visiting the Isle of Wight over the past few years - Bestival 2017 will be no different.

Bestival also regularly picks up well deserved accolades including best medium sized festival, and best major UK festival on a number of occasions.

For the sheer size, scale and fun loving atmosphere that permeates proceedings, Bestival remains an unparalleled, essential experience for all festival lovers.


Disabled Access Information


Electric wheelchairs can tackle most areas without too much hindrance but the ground can be quite uneven in places and is predominantly on grass. If it rains it may get muddy and access around the site (other than on the paths) movement may be very difficult. Your Personal Assistant will need to assist you if it becomes difficult. The terrain is predominantly short grass with firm soil so movement around the main arena and other stages is possible for fit wheelchair users in good weather.

PLEASE NOTE: Internal transport to get around Bestival is not provided.



Bestival recognise that some of you may need to find a space to step away from the crowds and noise. They do all they can to provide this but it is difficult in a festival environment … Bestival will do their best.



The Accessible Camping Area is positioned as near as possible to the main Main Stage and arenas. It is a few minutes from here to the main arena on relatively flat ground and is one of the quietest and closest to the arenas. It is the best location that can be achieved for all of the needs of the people Bestival try to accommodate.



The Disability Access Camping Area is positioned as near as possible to the main Main Stage and arenas. It is a few minutes from here to the main arena on relatively flat ground and is one of the quietest and closest to the arenas. It is the best location that can be achieved for all of the needs of the people Bestival try to accommodate.

Please note that you should prepare to bring a tent or campervan that will fit in a 7m x 5m space. Of course, those who require a little more space will be helped if there is space available. NB: Your family and friends can camp with you in the Accessibility camping area but your group including the person with a disability, a Personal Assistant and children can be a maximum of 6 people. Other people with disabilities who are your friends and family should apply separately.



General campsites are for all members of the general public and car parks are located outside the festival arenas and campsite areas. Other than accessible toilets, there are no provisions for those with disabilities but people with disabilities can use the facilities in the Disability Access Campsite should these be helpful.



Those in the Disability Access Campsite will need to follow signs for Blue Gate (Robin Hill). Only one vehicle is allowed in the camping area and this includes motorhomes or campervans. If there is no space, you will be asked to park your car away from the campsite area.

If you are in General Admission Camping, Boutique Camping, Campervan/Caravan Field, Wild Copse or Tangerine Fields, they have separate car parks for you to use and if you choose public transport, you will enter using the same entrances as other members of the public (please note that these entrances have hills and you will need to arrange your transport in and out of the festival with the Festaxi service in advance of the festival).

A car park for day visiting persons (with weekend tickets as we don’t sell day tickets) with a disability is close by and accessible throughout the weekend. Friends will have to park in the main car park, however.



Please note that Bestival is in a field where normal home-type levels of facilities are just not possible. They do their absolute best but sometimes vehicles get stuck in traffic, things break or don’t work and they'll be doing their best to fix it, and of course look to improve each year with newer available facilities.

Please note that facilities for those with mobility difficulties such as showers and toilets should NOT be used by your other guests. It’s important that those facilities are kept for people who need them most. Those with disabilities are the priority in this campsite.

- Charging points for electric wheelchairs are available – these are undercover outdoors so can be affected by damp conditions so chargers are left at users risk. 

- Some customers will be eligible for power hook-ups but this is for more extreme cases where there are life-support needs only

- Certain medical support is available from the on site medical centre but any specific medical needs should be discussed before purchasing a ticket. 

- On-site hospital. Bestival has a hospital on site but it is NOT a residential hospital. No-one should be left in the on-site hospital overnight, or be left unattended by their Personal Assistant if in this environment. 

- Accessible lavatories will be positioned at various places around the festival and Bestival aim to protect them from public use. Please check out where they are on site so you know where to go when you need to go.

- In the Accessibility campsite, showers and toilets are provided – Stewards will be on hand to help with any issues that may arise during the weekend

- Bestival do not supply motability buggies or any other form of onsite transport so you will need to bring your own if it is needed

- Bestival do not supply medical equipment or essential medical supplies so you will need to bring these yourself or arrange delivery

- You are a member of the general public and are not permitted in backstage areas to bypass public walkways


If you have any pressing questions that are not answered here above, please email

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