National Album Day 2022: Skiddle's favourite debut records

It’s National Album Day and this year’s theme is “Celebrating Debut Albums”. So here are some stunning debut albums chosen from the Skiddle team’s refined musical palate.

Skiddle Staff

Last updated: 15th Oct 2022

Happy National Album Day! You can’t beat a good album, can you? Sitting back with your headphones in, escaping into another world built on stunning melodies, intricate instrumentals, and lyrics that feel like they’ve been taken directly from your soul. Unbeatable. 

And since this year’s theme is “Celebrating Debut Albums”, we asked the Skiddle team what their favourite debut albums were. From soul to metal, rock to pop, trip-hop, grime and more, here were some of the Skiddle team's top picks. 


Name: Ric - Paid Media 

Album: Leon Bridges - Coming Home

A killer choice from Ric in Paid Media, Leon Bridges’ Grammy-nominated Coming Home was released in 2015 and seamlessly captures soulful, nostalgic sounds through warm vocals and effortless swagger. Blending soul, rhythm and blues, and gospel, this is an album that transports you to a sunny, carefree place, even when it’s p*ssing it down outside. 



Name: George - Digital Content Producer

Album: Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory

Another smashing choice from Skiddle’s resident mosher George, Hybrid Theory is one of the most essential modern rock albums. Released in 2000, this album inspired dozens of bands, including Bring Me The Horizon and Architects. Angsty as hell, ferocious and vulnerable, Hybrid Theory blended genres and sold over 27 million copies. For comparison, Nirvana’s Nevermind sold over 30 million. 



Name: Matty - Content Writer

Album: The Strokes - Is This It

Charismatic, charming, and captivating, Is This It is undoubtedly one of the best debut albums of all time. Scratch that, it’s one of the best albums of all time, full stop. Is This It inspired many bands, including Arctic Monkeys, The Killers, The Kooks, and countless others. A quintessential 00s indie album, if you love expertly crafted melodies, insightful lyrics, and tasty guitar riffs, look no further than Is This It



Name: Terry - SEO Manager

Album: The XX - xx


Vivid indie dream pop at its finest! With a minimalist approach, reverbed guitars, and electronic beats, xx captures a wistful, pensive sound while still delivering memorable lyrics and melodies. The whole album is as ethereal and other-worldly as it gets. If atmospheric tunes get you going, check this out if you haven’t already. 



Name: Holly - Content Writer

Album: Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against The Machine

In 1992, militant poet Zack de la Rocha took to the mic to spit lyrics that called out the US government and racist cops, while empowering the people to “take the power back”. Full of some of the hardest riffs ever penned, blood-curdling screeches, and some of the finest, innovative guitar playing in the history of rock, Rage Against The Machine was one of the most influential and furious albums of the 90s. 



Name: Liam - Digital Content Manager 

Album: The Streets - Original Pirate Material

Original Pirate Material excellently captures what it's like to be young and British, with lyrics detailing messy nights out, trying to pull, hangovers, takeaways, and money troubles. Fusing garage with hip-hop and practically talking his way through most of the album, Skinner uses humour, slang, and familiar topics to paint vivid imagery. Despite the sometimes painfully real lyrics, there’s still a certain romance to them. 



Name: Liv - Social Media Executive

Album: Olivia Rodrigo - SOUR

Fusing pop with pop punk, Olivia Rodrigo’s SOUR did insanely well, breaking Spotify’s record for the biggest opening week for an album by a female artist. If you were on TikTok during 2021, you most likely heard good 4 u at some point. With lyrics that many young people can relate to, catchy choruses, and a blend of genres, it’s clear why SOUR is such a solid debut album. 



Name: Dale - Content Manager

Album: DJ Shadow - Endtroducing.....

Almost entirely comprised of samples, Endtroducing..... is an experimental, instrumental hip/trip-hop album that was incredibly well received by critics and listeners alike. If you have a look at lists along the lines of "top albums of the 90s" and "best albums of all time", chances are it’ll be on there. Groovy, cinematic, and fascinating, this album is a cracking listen. 



Name: Ryan - B2B/SEO Copywriter

Album: Skepta - Greatest Hits

One of the biggest grime artists, Skepta, released his debut Greatest Hits in 2007, which featured I Spy, an instantly recognisable grime track. From the offset, Skepta snatches your attention with his powerful delivery and goes on to cover topics such as black-on-black violence, his adoration for his mother, and Boy Better Know. The instrumentals pack a serious punch, and there’s a cool tropical intro to Sweet Mother that breaks up the heavy grime beats. 



Name: Tom - Content Writer

Album: Portishead - Dummy

Often credited with popularising trip-hop, Dummy is a stunning, sultry album. Ambient and with a dark edge, this album opens the door to another universe. It won the 1995 Mercury Music Prize, beating huge competition like PJ Harvey and Oasis. Sucking you in for a trippy adventure, it’s an incredible debut effort. 



Name: Lisa - Senior Marketing Manager

Album: Bloc Party - Silent Alarm 

Many talk about how being a teen in the 90s was the best. But projects like Bloc Party’s Silent Alarm make you think that maybe they’re wrong. Being a teen in the 00s was class too, and this banger of an album is partly why. Kicking off with the incredible Like Eating Glass, Bloc Party crafted tunes with lots of energy while never compromising on depth. Emotive and thrilling (but not without its tender moments), the album was a fantastic start to their career. 



Name: Terry & Lisa - SEO Manager & Senior Marketing Manager 

Album: Spice Girls - Spice  

A masterclass in cheesy, sing-along pop tracks, Spice sold millions of copies worldwide, making it one of the best-selling albums of all time. And the best-selling by a girl group! You’ll definitely know Wannabe, easily the most iconic girl group tune. Other tracks on the album have clear funk influences, with a solid groove and scratchy guitars. 



What’s your favourite debut album? Perhaps it's time to dig it out and give it a spin in honour of National Album Day. Or give some of these absolutely unreal debut efforts a listen! 



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