Best Record Shops in Manchester

Heaven is a record shop. Here are some of the best record shops in Manchester we know you'll love as much as we do.

Skiddle Staff

Last updated: 11th Apr 2024

There’s magic in record shops. From the moment the storefront catches your eye, your body is flooded with a warm serotonin buzz. Or at least it does for us. Nothing beats leisurely flicking through case after case of vinyl, checking out different genres, and diving into that bargain crate where you can find records that are cheaper than a bag of chips. It’s easy to lose yourself in it.

But some record shops are more heavenly than others. Some are staples of the community after decades of providing us with a musical haven where we can explore our favourite music and find our new favourite artists. And as the music capital of the UK, Manchester has plenty of them. Here are the best record shops in Manchester. 


Piccadilly Records


Photo: Piccadilly Records /

Where: 53 Oldham St in Manchester M1 1JR

Specialises in: new and classic releases, no matter the genre

Dating all the way back to 1978, Piccadilly Records is easily one of the best Manchester record shops. This legendary shop has just about any genre of record your heart desires, including electronic genres, rock, pop, ska, hip-hop, jazz, funk, world music, and soul. You can even find some less common genres like yacht rock, neo-classical, krautrock, and so much more. This independent record shop also has a website, but you just can’t beat the feeling of flicking through a huge case of history, can you? 



Vinyl Exchange


Photo: Vinyl Exchange, Manchester / 

Where: 18 Oldham St in Manchester M1 1JN

Specialises in: rare and collectable items including vinyl, CDs, memorabilia

Another firm favourite of vinyl-collecting Mancunians, Vinyl Exchange first opened its doors in 1988 and has grown to become the biggest buyer and seller of vinyl, CDs and DVDs in the northwest. With a floor located downstairs in the basement, you can’t help but feel like you’re walking into a secluded cave, surrounded by nothing but music and people who are as devoted to tunes as you are. Magical.



Clampdown Records


Photo: Clampdown Records / 

Where: 9-11 Paton Street in Manchester M1 2BA

Specialises in: rare vinyl, CDs, and clothing 

Clampdown is a bit of a hidden gem. As it’s not immediately visible, it’s easy to walk right past it. But if you detour down the side street to this lovely little record shop, you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised. The shop is smaller than many others but often stocks rarities, including demos, first-presses, live recordings and more, perfect for avid fans. If you love a rare item, Clampdown is easily one of the best record shops in Manchester.  



SK1 Records 


Photo: SK1 Records /

Where: 17 Little Underbank in Stockport SK1 1LA

Specialises in: contemporary electronic, dance, soul, funk, dub, and pop music 

If you’re happy to venture slightly outside the confines of the city centre, you’re in for a treat. Deep in Stockport’s old town, complete with cobbled pathways and alleyways, you'll find SK1 Records. This small, independent record shop is the perfect place to chill. Of course there are plenty of records to check out, but the shop also puts on lots of events and has a café, so you can restore your energy over a latte before setting off home to listen to your new vinyl.



Vinyl Resting Place


Photo: Vinyl Resting Place, Afflecks / 

Where: 3rd Floor, Affleck's Palace in Manchester M4 1PW

Specialises in: second-hand vinyl and crazy bargains

Over in Affleck's Palace on the third floor, you'll find Vinyl Resting Place. Known for stocking rare vinyl and crates of records costing as little as a quid, it's almost impossible not to fall in love with this homey little shop. As the shop is run by a deeply passionate fan of music and vinyl, you know you can always ask for some guidance if needs be. And, if you need any more convincing to check this cool little shop out, it's also dog-friendly! 



Vinyl Revival


Photo: Vinyl Revival /

Where: 5 Hilton St in Manchester M4 1LP

Specialises in: Manchester music 

Located next to a sex shop is the best vinyl shop for lovers of Manchester music. Expect to find plenty of releases by The Stone Roses, Oasis, Joy Division, Elbow, New Order, The Verve, The Smiths, Buzzcocks, Inspiral Carpets, and other iconic bands the city has produced. But while there’s a lot of Manchester music in the shop, there are still plenty of other records stretching across a wide variety of genres. A top little shop, it’s definitely worth a peek. 



Eastern Bloc Records


Photo: Eastern Bloc Cafe & Bar / 

Where: 5a Stevenson Square in Manchester M1 1DN

Specialises in: electronic music including drum and bass, broken beat, dubstep, house, techno, jungle, and more 

A crucial part of Manchester’s music scene, Eastern Bloc dates back to 1985. The shop helped launch bands including Inspiral Carpets and held signings for the city’s most iconic bands, including The Stone Roses and Happy Mondays. Back in the day, Eastern Bloc helped bring the hottest dance music to Mancunians by being one of the UKs only shops to import music from around the world. It’s the perfect shop for checking out the hottest new electronic music and enjoying tasty homemade cakes from its café. 



Kingbee Records


Photo: Kingbee Records / 

Where: 519 Wilbraham Rd, Chorlton-cum-Hardy in Manchester M21 0UF

Specialises in: Northern soul records, soul, funk, disco, jazz, rare indie and alternative records, and rare CDs

Another one just outside the city centre, Kingbee Records has a stellar reputation. Kingbee Records has developed a loyal customer base thanks to its reasonably priced records and classic rarities. Both local and international vinyl collectors flock to the store to flick through the dozens of records spanning just about every genre. There’s even a turntable so you can listen to your new vinyl if you can’t wait until you get home. Kingbee Records will always be one of the best loved Manchester record shops. 



As Record Store Day approaches, now’s the perfect time to support these essential music institutions that helped shine a light on various music scenes and brought new, previously unheard music to the people of Manchester. Happy vinyl hunting! 

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