The Best Record Shops in Cardiff

Nothing beats losing yourself in a few crates for a good couple of hours. Check out these amazing record shops in Cardiff the next time you need your vinyl fix.

Skiddle Staff

Last updated: 16th Apr 2024

Did you know Wales is sometimes referred to as the Land of Song? That's because one of the two things the country's known for adoring is singing. The other is, of course, rugby. And when you consider some of the music that’s come from Wales, it’s not so surprising. 

So, as to be expected, there are some unreal record shops in Cardiff, including the oldest record shop in the entire world! Yep, that's right, if you love vinyl, then you can get your own slice of vinyl history right here in Cardiff, and once you're done, the rest simply must be explored too. From legendary, historic record shops to the newbies on the block who are smashing it, here are the best record shops in Cardiff



Spillers Records 

Where: 27, Morgan Arcade, Cardiff CF10 1AF

Specialises in: new Welsh music, new and classic vinyl, and lots of indie, rock and alternative 

If you know anything about Spillers Records, you’ll know why we chose to start with it. Spillers Records is the oldest record shop in the world, having been established back in 1894. The shop thrived for most of its existence inside the Queens Arcade, until the early naughties when CDs threatened many record shops and forced many to close. 

But such a legendary shop could never fall, especially when you have absolute icons, including Beyoncé, Bob Dylan, and Justin Timberlake backing a petition to save the shop, which now resides in the nearby Morgan Arcade. Music legends adore many record shops, but we doubt any other shop has ever had so many huge names supporting it. Today, the shop is better than ever!



Kellys Records

Where: The Balcony, Central Market, Cardiff CF10 1AU

Specialises in: second-hand rare and collectable 

Another record shop in Cardiff with lots of history, Kellys Records opened up back in 1969. Known for passionate staff who eat, sleep, breathe and live music, it’s a fantastic place for any collector to have a good rummage. The shop is neat so, if you know what you want, you can waltz right up the correct section before finding that record you've been dying to add to your collection.




Diggers Club Records

Where: 1 Inverness Pl, Cardiff CF24 4RU

Specialises in: rare, imported, classic, and collectable.

Diggers Club Records is one of the most unique records we have ever come across. The shop, located inside Windsor Place, is an appointment-only store where you book and find a seriously immersive crate-digging experience inside.

With each booking, comes a private listening station with a Technics 1210 Mark 2 Turntable, your own place to sit, and tea and coffee on tap. It's a safe haven for people who love records, where they actively encourage digging, grabbing a drink, building up a stack and enjoying yourself. It's an awesome experience that we couldn't recommend more.



D’Vinyl Records

Where: 4 Mackintosh Place CF24 4RQ Cardiff

Specialises in: second-hand vinyl 

Here’s another Cardiff record shop that’s known for cheap vinyl! D’Vinyl has regular sales, but not your typical kind of sale. They regularly offer 50% off all stock. What's not to love? And with such a wide range of stock, you could easily spend all day in there just digging and digging. It’s definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area!



Cardiff Record Exchange

Where: 67 Whitchurch Road, Cardiff, United Kingdom

Specialises in: Anything and everything!

A newcomer onto the Cardiff record store scene, having only opened in December 2020, Cardiff Record Exchange stocks, and buys off you, thousands of quality second-hand records from classical music to Heavy metal to everything in between. Championing the classic record store ethos, of buy and sell, and being proud of its diversity in stock, this place is an essential visit on record store day; plus it may be a bit quieter than other, more established, shops in the city, meaning you may be able to snag a sought after exclusive!




The Record Shop

Where: 1 Inverness Pl, Cardiff CF24 4RU

Specialises in: cheap vinyl, all genres with a great deal of 80s pop

The Record Shop is like a man cave, but instead of neon Budweiser signs and table football, there are records stuck to and dangling from the ceiling, memorabilia on the walls, and dozens of crates to get lost in. Somewhat of a hidden gem, this shop is heaven for any music lover. And if you spent a bit too much on Record Store Day, you’ll be delighted to hear The Record Shop isn’t short of bargain bins!  



Eager to explore the best record shops in Cardiff this weekend? Same here. Whether you’re an audiophile with a collection worth a small fortune or a complete vinyl newbie, these record shops are worth heading down to at the weekend for a good digging session. 



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Header image: Kelly's Records on Facebook 

Instagram Image: By Heikki Immonen, CC BY 3.0