Reasons To Support Record Store Day

The best day of the year is just around the corner! To get us all excited for Record Store Day, we looked at why it started, its importance, and why we should all support it.

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Last updated: 11th Apr 2023

Attention all vinyl collectors, this is not a drill! Get ready because Record Store Day is coming up very soon! 

It's such an inspiring, thrilling day, and with 500+ exclusive releases from both independent and major label artists, we can't wait to get down to our local and take some fresh, crisp records home. 

Participating artists this year include The 1975, While She Sleeps, piri and tommy, Beach House, Greentea Peng, Bjork, Taylor Swift, Siouxsie and the Banshees, David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, Donna Summer, Grateful Dead, Black Sabbath, Confidence Man, Nas, and so, so many more. 

In preparation for the big day, we reflected on what makes it so great, why it’s so important for record shop owners and artists alike, and why you should get down to your local shop on the day. But before we dive into that, let's cover the basics for those not in the know…


What is Record Store Day?


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Record Store Day started 15 years ago and was created so that record shops across the world can celebrate their unique culture. Special limited edition records are made for the day so local shops can attract customers, helping to keep small, valuable businesses thriving. But the day also serves to create an unmatched electric atmosphere as we unite to celebrate what makes life so great: music.


When is Record Store Day?


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This year Record Store Day is going down on Saturday the 22nd of April (next Saturday!) Mark your calendars! 


So why should we support it?



You can get your hands on exclusive, limited edition records


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As we mentioned, special releases are made for the day. So if you don’t cop these records on Record Store Day, you won’t see them ever again. Well, okay, you might. But it’ll probably be on eBay after someone else has rubbed their grubby hands all over it and played it a few times before deciding to sell it for the price of a two-bedroom flat in central London. While that’s arguably better than not having it at all, nothing beats taking home a new, clean, beautiful, limited-edition record.



You’ll likely be supporting small, independent businesses


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We’re sure you don’t need to be reminded about the devastation COVID caused. These small shops still need our support after such a tough couple of years. Our locals often play vital roles in our local communities, exposing people to new tunes, supporting local artists and even hosting events. For example, Eastern Bloc in Manchester helped bring dance music to the city by being one of the only shops in the UK at the time to import global music. 



It’s a great way to discover new music


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Whether it’s because you see a pretty record cover, hear a cool song playing in the shop, or end up chatting to someone who shares the same music taste as you, RSD creates a great environment for discovering new tunes. 



You could discover your new favourite shop


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Over 260 UK shops are participating in Record Store Day this year, and it’s pretty unlikely you’ll have checked out all the shops in your local area. And many shops are unreal hangout spots with cafes, art, bars, and regular live performances. You might end up finding a hidden gem with a vibe you just can’t get enough of!



Lots of shops go hard on Record Store Day


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It’s not just “here’s your record, see you later!” Shop owners make a proper day of it by hosting live performances, signings, and more.



You get to celebrate your love of music amongst like-minded people


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As one of the biggest music events on the calendar, everyone who’s deeply passionate about music will be out and about. 



You might be supporting a great charity


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WarChild is Record Store Day’s official charity partner WarChild is a charity that stands up for the rights of children living through conflict, including children involved in the Ukraine conflict. And some records, including those by Brian Eno, The Cure, Miles Davis, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, and The Police, will donate £1 from every copy sold to WarChild. 



Whether you have a record-breaking vinyl collection or don't have a single record to your name, supporting Record Store Day is a brilliant idea. 

Even if you just go for a browse, we’re sure you’ll have a smashing time and maybe even make some new friends or discover a really cool shop that you'll want to revisit. 

So, if you can, get out and support your local shops on the 22nd of April. Happy Record Store Day and happy crate digging!



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