Best Record Shops in Edinburgh

Looking to feed your vinyl addiction? Join us as we explore the best record shops in Edinburgh.

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Last updated: 15th Apr 2024

After a fair few decades of suffering due to the surge in popularity of CDs, vinyl is back and thriving. And we couldn’t be happier! Nothing beats running your hands through a case of vinyl, finally spotting the record you’ve been pining after for what feels like ages, and clinging to it all the way home until you can finally open and play it.

But to relish this transcendental experience, you need to know which shops to check out. You need to know which Edinburgh record shops are best for you and your tastes, and that’s what we’re here to help you with. So here are the best record shops in Edinburgh, where you can find them, and what music they specialise in.


Underground Solu’shn


Photo: Underground Solu'shn /

Where: 9 Cockburn St, Edinburgh EH1 1BP

Specialises in: dance, electronic, and hip hop

Underground Solu’shn is Edinburgh’s last standing independent record shop that specialises in dance and electronic music. The perfect spot for musicians and DJs, the shop, which opened its doors back in 1996, also sells a range of music equipment, including turntables, headphones, HiFi and studio equipment. The shop stocks hundreds of new electronic releases each week. But there's still plenty of rock, pop, indie, jazz, funk, soul, hip hop, disco and more. As such a historic shop, it's worth a quick browse no matter what you're into. 






Where: 21 St. Stephen St, Stockbridge, Edinburgh EH3 5AN

Specialises in: pre-owned indie, rock, jazz and blues LPs and singles 

This independent record shop might be the only record shop in Edinburgh with a B side. Side A, the front of the shop, features jazz, rock, folk, reggae, blues, indie, new wave, and punk LPs. The only genre they claim not to have an abundance of is techno, so it's not the best shop for avid techno fans. The backroom, side B, is full of LPs and singles, all at the delightfully low price of £1.50. And you can also find plenty of vinyl by Scottish artists on independent local labels so you can support your local scene!



BackBeat Records


Photo: BackBeat Records / 

Where: 31 E Crosscauseway, Newington, Edinburgh EH8 9HE

Specialises in: jazz, blues and soul 

Open since 1981, BackBeat Records can be a bit tricky to find (and is impossible to browse through because there's musiceverywhere) but has been a vital part of Edinburgh’s music scene for decades, providing locals with cracking records at affordable prices. If you fancy taking a trip down to BackBeat, think about what you’re looking for and let shop owner Dougie know what you want, and he’ll find it for you as the shop is full, literally full, of records. With thousands of LPs everywhere, it’s impractical to have customers wandering around moving things about. 



Assai Records


Photo: Assai Records - Edinburgh / 

Where: 1 Grindlay St, Edinburgh EH3 9AT

Specialises in: indie and alternative

Assai has plenty going on from new music deliveries, in-store performances, competitions, limited edition presses, and even the occasional signed vinyl. While Assai focuses mainly on indie and alternative music, you can find plenty of other genres along with books, memorabilia, turntables, and records by Scottish artists. If you want to see what it’s all about before heading down, head to their socials for live streams and videos of performances, or their website to see what records they've got in. 



Vinyl Villains 


Photo: Vinyl Villains / 

Where: 5 Elm Row, Edinburgh EH7 4AA

Specialises in: rock and punk vinyl 

One of the last “old-school record shops”, Vinyl Villains has been considered one of the best record shops in Edinburgh since 1983. Focusing mainly on older releases, you can find lots of rock and punk alongside jazz, blues, folk, reggae, hip hop, country, soul, DVDs, CDs and more that you probably won't be able to find in your typical HMV. Most of the records are preowned, but Vinyl Villains is very particular about the condition of the records, only accepting those of excellent quality and putting the not-so-good quality records in a bargain bin. 



Almond River Records 


Photo: Andy Almond River / 

Where: 253 St. John’s Road, Edinburgh EH12 7XD

Specialises in: second-hand indie, classic rock, punk, blues, and alternative vinyl

Almond River Records opened its doors to the public in December 2021 after shop owner Andy decided it was time to open a physical store following his success selling records online. Obsessed with music and record collecting since he was a child, Andy is deeply passionate about music and owns around 4,000 records himself. Already, the shop has received a significantly warm reception from locals, which will hopefully continue, allowing Edinburgh to keep hold of this lovely little shop. 





Photo: Fopp Edinburgh / 

Where: 42 Shandwick Place, Edinburgh EH2 4RT

Specialises in: new releases, modern indie, alternative, hip hop, pop, and dance records 

Although owned by HMV, FOPP maintains that indie shop feel with in-store performances, signings, and that intimate “we’re all here for the music” vibe. FOPP also has plenty of films and books and strives to sell them at low prices. Situated at its new location on Shandwick Place, the shop, thanks to being a widely adored chain, is bigger than many others on this list, giving you space to have a proper dig and lose yourself in all the books, DVDs, vinyl, CDs, and even tech!



Record Store Day is just around the corner and these shops would love your support. But, to be fair, we’re sure you don’t need Record Store Day as an excuse to check out these top Edinburgh record shops. We definitely don’t!

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