The best student clubs and bars in Liverpool

Studying in Liverpool? Here are the best Liverpool student bars and clubs to keep you busy when putting off your coursework.

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Last updated: 27th Jul 2023

Liverpool is one of the best cities in the UK in general but also one of the best for going out. So if you’re a fresher, have no fear. We’re here to help you find the best Liverpool student bars and clubs that you should definitely try out when procrastinating your studies. 

Whether you’re looking for a place to go mad, buying loads of shots and make mates for life in the smoking area, or a chill one at a pub, here are some of the best Liverpool student clubs and bars. 


Best Liverpool student clubs


Blackstone Street Warehouse


Photo: Blackstone Street Warehouse /

Where: 10 Blackstone St in Liverpool L5 9TY

Blackstone Street Warehouse is absolutely huge and hosts some of the biggest DJs in the world, creating truly unforgettable clubbing experiences. Boasting huge video screens, lasers, confetti, and beefy sound systems, it's easily one of the best clubs in Liverpool


Find events at Blackstone Street Warehouse





Photo: meraki / 

Where: Dickson Street in Liverpool L3 7EB

If Blackstone’s too big because you don’t fancy losing your mates when you’re out, Meraki is a killer little club in an ex-taxi garage. Tunes here range from DnB, techno, house, jungle, breaks, bass, and more. One of the best in the city, with an open-air garden full of plants, Meraki is the place to be.


Find events at Meraki



Camp and Furnace


Photo: Camp and Furnace /

Where: 4 Kitchen St, Liverpool L1 0AN

Camp and Furnace is an incredible venue. Chances are, at some point or another, they'll have something that caters to everyone's needs. There's live music but also themed club nights like Harry Styles and Taylor Swift parties, Bingo Lingo, Disney parties, themed quizzes, freshers events - all sorts of madness. It’s brilliant. 


Find events at Camp and Furnace



24 Kitchen Street


Photo: 24 Kitchen Street /

Where: 24 Kitchen Street in Liverpool L1 0AN

24 Kitchen Street is one of the most eclectic venues in Liverpool. Welcoming all sorts of arts and entertainment including spoken word poetry, art exhibitions, club nights, and live music. It's a place where there's always something happening.

It's got a special place in the hearts of all those who are creative and it prides itself on the fact that it can cater to pretty much anyone. It's also the home of Sonic Yootha, probably one of the city's biggest LGBTQ+ events. And they also have a few events with some free tickets if you act fast enough!


Find events at 24 Kitchen Street



Invisible Wind Factory


Photo: Invisible Wind Factory /

Where: 3 Regent Rd in Liverpool L3 7DS

Invisible Wind Factory is one of the best multi-purpose event spaces in Liverpool and is perfect for all kinds of musical events. Here you'll see bands tearing up the stage, DJs delivering euphoric sets, and experience the most memorable club nights and terrace parties.


Find events at Invisible Wind Factory 



Electrik Warehouse


Photo: Electrik Warehouse /

Where: 16 Wood St in Liverpool L1 4AQ

This three-floor club has always had a huge student following, likely thanks to the events it holds throughout the week. Here, music ranges from indie, rock, R&B, hip-hop, metal, emo, and dance bangers. Entry is cheap and they have drinks deals. Bosh. 


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Hangar 34


Photo: Hangar34 / 

Where: 34 Greenland Street, Liverpool, L1 0BS

Hangar 34 is one of the best clubs in Liverpool that just happens to have a huge student following. You can find this converted warehouse space in the middle of the Baltic Triangle. 

Hangar hosts a range of events including live music, club nights, and even the occasional sports event. It’s also an accessible venue, located on the ground floor with no steps, and has a wheelchair viewing section. 

With a capacity of around 1,000, incredible lighting, and booming sound, you’re in for a treat when on a mad one out. 


Find events at Hangar 34



Heebie Jeebies


Photo: Heebie Jeebie's Liverpool / 

Where: 80-82 Seel St in Liverpool L1 4BH

One of the best-loved Liverpool student clubs, Heebie’s serves "filled to the brim" pitchers of beer, a Carlsberg and a shot for £3.50, a Col and a shot for £5, 2 for £12 cocktails, and lets you double up on spirit mixers for £1.50. If you love indie tunes, head over on Saturdays - it's free entry.

There’s also the bars sister venue, EBGBS, with live music and club nights, which you can find in the basement of Heebie’s


Find events at Heebie Jeebies



Best Liverpool student bars


The Merchant


Photo: The Merchant /

Where: 40 Slater Street in Liverpool L1 4BX 

Award-winning Liverpool student bar The Merchant is a shout for anyone who fancies a lively night out but doesn’t fancy hitting a club. A student favourite, it features a cool interior, a big beer garden, cocktails, and unreal pizza. And they regularly have DJs on the decks. 



The Font 


Photo: Font Bar Liverpool / 

Where: 1 Arrad St in Liverpool L7 7JE

This independent bar serves craft beers, £2.50 cocktails, fresh food, shows live sports, has games consoles, quiz nights, and generally has a lovely, family vibe. Enough said. 



Kazimier Garden 


Photo: Kazimier Garden / 

Where: 32 Seel St in Liverpool L1 4BE

Need a beer garden? Head to Kazimier. The Kaz, a favourite of locals and visitors, is home to a selection of European and craft beers. This is the place to be when the sun's out and you're looking for a chilled vibe. Especially if you love live music. In the winter, they bring out wooden huts and coal fires to keep you warm. 

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The Shipping Forecast


Photo: The Shipping Forecast (Liverpool) / 

Where: 15 Slater St in Liverpool L1 4BW

Shipping Forecast is easily one of the best Liverpool student bars. There's free comedy on Tuesdays, 2-4-1 pizza deals, a three-hour happy hour, quiz nights, and live music on the weekends. It’s one of the cheaper bars and it has student deals (including £2 pints) so it’s perfect. It’s also dog-friendly. We probably should’ve said that first. That’s all you really need to know, isn’t it?

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Salt Dog Slim's



Where: 79 Seel St in Liverpool L1 4BB

Hidden away on Steel Street, Salt Dog’s attracts a younger, lively crowd. Known for hot dogs, an impressive choice of craft beers, fresh cocktails, and being a bit mad, you’ll have a good time here.

We also have to take a sec to tell you about their hot dog eating competition (pictured above). Scran four dogs, have a shot of Jager, and neck a stein first to win some mad prizes including loads of cash, dildos, and a toaster. Prizes might change at the next one but you get the idea.





Photo: ArCains / 

Where: 31 Grafton Street, Cains Brewery Village in Liverpool L8 5SD

Want to get to know your roommates or course mates a bit better? Head to ArCains, grab a beer or cocktail, and battle it out on arcade machines and consoles spread across three floors. There’s that motorbike game, Time Crisis, Pac-Man, Mario Kart, Guitar Hero, all that good stuff and American scran. 



Roxy Ball Room 


Photo: Roxy Ball Room Liverpool Hanover Street /

Where: 26 College Ln in Liverpool L1 3DS / 8a Rainford Square in Liverpool L2 6PX

If you don’t like ArCains, you can try Roxy! There are two Roxy’s in Liverpool with slightly different games, so why not try them both? 

There’s shuffleboard, pool, ping pong, beer/prosecco pong, bowling, a batting cage, crazy pool (mini golf fused with pool), karaoke, that basketball game and more. 

But check which Roxy has what before you go so you aren't disappointed to find out the one game you were dying to play is in the other one. The Hanover Street one also has a rooftop terrace for when the sun finally comes out. 

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The Pilgrim 


Photo: Pilgrim Liverpool / 

Where: 34 Pilgrim St in Liverpool L1 9HB

Vodka slushies, cheap house spirits, £1.50 bottled beers, and a big screen that shows sports - it's clear why The Pilgrim is a favourite among Liverpool's students. This underground pub, full of charm and character, is a cracking place to start your night or go for a quiet couple of drinks and a chat. 



Baa Bar


Photo: Baa Bar Liverpool / 

Where: 43 Fleet St in Liverpool L1 4AR

Brimming with students looking to get silly in the middle of the week, Baa Bar has DJs upstairs and downstairs, £1 shooters, 2-4-1 shooters or cocktails, £2 double vodka mixers, and £5 beer or alcopop, depending on when you visit. 



Motel Bar


Photo: Motel Bar  / 

Where: 5-7 Fleet St in Liverpool L1 4AR

Once you’re drunk enough to embarrass yourself in front of your new uni mates, head to Motel Bar for a bit of karaoke with the house band. They have happy hour deals until midnight every night of the week, DJs, American beers, cocktails, and photobooths to capture memories of the night all your mates pissed themselves as you scream-sang Don’t Stop Believin’.



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