The best LGBTQ events and club nights

Here are the best LGBTQ events and club nights across the UK, from drum and bass to emo to disco and everything in between.

Skiddle Staff

Last updated: 28th Sep 2023

LGBTQ club nights and events are some of the most vital nightlife offerings.

These carefully crafted nights offer free expression, liberation, freedom, and the opportunity to meet other members of the community while supporting LGBTQ+ artists and DJs.

Many of these events were created by LGBTQ+ folks themselves after noticing a lack of representation and struggling to find somewhere they feel comfortable. So first, they deserve a huge shout out for all they do - absolute heroes. 

Now, if you've been interested in checking out some LGBTQ events but aren't too sure where to start, we did all the hard work for you and found some of the best across the UK.

No matter what vibe you're seeking or what kind of music you're into, we bet there's something in here that you'll be keen to check out. 




Photo: Sweatbox /

Events in: Dublin, often at Here & Now Club

Super sexual and all about pretty boys and house music, Sweatbox is a night that’s been “getting gays drunk and laid since 2014.” They host monthly events, usually at Dublin's Here & Now Club, a club with two floors, four bars, and the dark bear pit. Donning itself as the “home of sweaty gay house music in Dublin”, head here for boys, booze, and bangers. 



Events at/with Mother Club


Photo: Mother Club /

Events in: Dublin

An “LGBTQ+ club night for disco-loving gays and their friends”, Mother has been on the scene since June 2010. As a brand, they've gotten involved with lots of big festivals in Ireland, and they throw their own Pride Block Party with queens, DJs, and more across multiple stages.





Events in: Glasgow 

SHOOT YOUR SHOT is a super successful Glasgow-based LGBTQ+ club night. Many artists taking to the decks at these events are Glasgow-based or queer (or both), and the night is known for pushing boundaries around LGBTQIA+ and feminist issues. Their events are pretty regular so keep an eye on their socials as there’s always a party or two around the corner.





Events in: Manchester

FREAK is all about creating a safe space for the LGBTQIA+ community and allies. Regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or expression, these raves welcome anyone and everyone, so expect plenty of out-there outfits, hair, and perhaps a bit of fetish gear. The events showcase house, disco, techno, acid house and similar genres performed by LGBTQ+ artists and DJs, and the brand often supports the Albert Kennedy Trust, a charity that supports young queer people at risk of homelessness. 



Bent Hedonism


Photo: Bent Hedonism /

Events in: Manchester

This “offbeat day rave for queerdos” donates all profit to LGBTQIA+ causes, prioritises minorities and their safety, and just wants everyone to have a great time. 

Doing their best to ensure the safety of their partiers, Bent Hedonism takes a zero-tolerance approach to harassment of any form, including those mocking asylum status, religion, language ability, sexuality, race, age and more, with offenders being immediately removed. Solid.  



Not Bad For A Girl


Events in: Manchester and London

This female and non-binary DJ collective is based in Manchester and London. They’ve played with some pretty huge names including Nia Archives, 24Hr Garage Girls and Interplanetary Criminal, so you know they know how to put on a party. 

The award-winning collective put on parties that blast an array of genres including UK funky, UK bass, liquid, techno, disco, house, hardcore, UKG, acid house, donk, and so much more. Check them out! 





Photo: misscoteque /

Events in: Bristol and Manchester

Super queer, womxn-only (including NB, intersex, and trans) DIY club night, Misscoteque, knows how to throw a party! Often politically charged and always inclusive, Misscoteque wants members of the community to feel welcome, offering cheaper or free tickets for those who can’t afford them, focusing primarily on those on low-income wages and/or minority groups. They're throwing a big gay day party in Bristol for Pride, so, y'know... be there! Your gender will never be questioned here, and no cis men will be in the building, including staff and crew. 





Photo: HE.SHE.THEY /

Events in: the UK, Europe, the US, and beyond

All about returning to dance music's roots of simply being friendly and being yourself, HE.SHE.THEY is a record label and puts on underground queer house and techno parties for all. The brand is absolutely massive now, and you can find them at a fair few UK festivals (including Mint) this year as well as parties in Europe, the US, and a stint in Amnesia Ibiza. Its whole ethos encourages experimentation, “it’s better to regret the things you have done, than the things you haven’t”, and leave any bad attitudes at the door. 





Photo: Homoelectric /

Events in: Manchester, sometimes other cities in the UK

Upcoming events: Homoelectric at Hidden

Homoelectric is one of the biggest LGBTQ events brands in Manchester with a hoard of devoted followers. A self-described “non-stop dark backstreet discotek for homos, heteros, lesbos and don't knows”, Homoelectric plays a variety of tunes with resident DJs including Luke Una, Gina Breeze, and more. It holds many events in the simple, slightly dingy (but FULL of character) warehouse Hidden in Manchester. It’s one of the city’s best clubs and perfect for hedonism, expression, and losing yourself in music for 12+ hours. 

Find upcoming Homoelectric events here





Photo: Culture / 

Events in: Manchester’s Deaf Institute 

Run by women for women, queer, and non-binary folks, Culture is a relatively new addition to Manchester’s LGBTQ events scene. 

Launched last year by a visionary creative from Manchester, the brand has since found a home at the city centre’s beloved Deaf Institute and plans to become a regular club night. Culture's proud ethos is "no rules, just rhythms and vibes" as they present the best feminine and non-binary talent from all corners of the globe to an audience that just wants to groove to the best sounds in house, UKG, R&B, Latin, Balaeric, afro, and so much more. 

Keep an eye on Deaf Institute’s Skiddle page for upcoming Culture events! 



Kiss Me Again


Photo: Kiss Me Again / 

Events in: Manchester’s SOUP, sometimes other venues in the city 

If you’re wondering why we didn’t use a picture from one of the events, it’s because the brand operates a no photos or videos policy. This is perfect if you ask us because it allows attendees to really let loose and be themselves without any fear of judgement. More of this, please! Anyway, Kiss Me Again throws parties for all, exploring a broad spectrum of sound. Ran by a queer team, the events urge allies to attend in smaller groups, allowing space for those in the community. 



Your Dad Sells Avon


Photo: Your Dad Sells Avon Rave / 

Events in: Manchester, often Deaf Institute or Star & Garter

Your Dad Sells Avon is another relatively new LGBTQ club night, focusing on amplifying the voices of trans, non-binary, and POC people. Founded by Ali, an accountant by day and The King of the Gogo Boys by night, this queer rave welcomes queer artists, DJs, and dancers to turn their nights into ones you won’t soon forget.



Sonic Yootha 


Photo: Sonic Yootha / 

Events in: Liverpool’s 24 Kitchen Street

This “dislocated disco for homos, fauxmos, gender-blenders & part-time Brendas” goes down monthly in Liverpool’s 24 Kitchen Street. Going since 2015, Sonic Yootha’s built up a fantastic reputation and was dubbed by many as the night that saved that Scouse gay scene. Tossing the stereotypes associated with LGBTQ club nights, the event plays all sorts of music including pop, soul, disco, rock, gay anthems and more. Welcome as long as you have the right attitude, it’s far from uncommon to see fresh-faced 20-year-olds dancing with those 60+



Love Muscle


Photo: Love Muscle / 

Events in: Leeds’ Wharf Chambers

Love Muscle holds almost monthly events at Wharf Chambers. The "pumping queer dance party" showcases a variety of genres including house, techno, and more, operating a no photo or video policy to allow punters to fully enjoy themselves. To attend these parties, you must be a member of Wharf Chambers, which costs £2 per year. 



Rat Party


Photo: Rat Party / 

Events in: Leeds

Rat Party is a queer family and circus act in Leeds with events run by and for QTIPOC, sex workers, and gender-diverse communities. Typically run bi-monthly, these techno and trance havens usually offer cheaper tickets for those they create the events for - queer and BIPOC - making it easier for them to enjoy their nights. The trio behind Rat Party created the night after feeling that they themselves weren't represented in the nightlife in Leeds.



Disco P*ssy


Photo: Disco Pussy /

Events in: Birmingham, often at Hare and Hounds or The Old Crown

Upcoming events: Disco P*ssy - Gimme Gimme Disco

As the name implies, this is the place to be for disco raves. Disco Pussy events usually find a home in Hare and Hounds, a smaller venue with a capacity of around 150/250. The venue is a vital part of Birmingham’s nightlife scene and has been for decades. Events are also sometimes at The Old Crown, with a capacity of around 500. Both venues are perfect for mingling with other members of the community. Keep an eye on both venues' pages for new events! 





Photo: Candid / 

Events in: Birmingham

A relative newcomer to Brum’s flourishing queer scene, Candid events are inclusive parties that put all the focus on high-quality underground house, disco, and techno. Despite only being a handful of parties in, the brand is stirring up a lot of support from local queer music fans. Get down and see what it's all about! 





Photo: crushlgbtqia / 

Events in: Birmingham, often at Centrala

Compared to many others on this list, CRUSH is a bit less hedonistic. There's live music and DJs from queer artists (and sometimes open mic slots), but the atmosphere is more about meeting other members of the community and having a dance. So if you’re wanting to get trashed, this might not be the one for you. CRUSH also sort taxi vouchers for those in wheelchairs or with mobility needs.



Don't Tell Your Mother


Photo: DTYM /

Events in: Bristol

Putting on events on the first Saturday of every month, DTYM welcomes LGBTQ+ peeps and their friends. Everyone is welcome! The vibe is all about compassion, equality, acceptance, and love. They bring queer artists and DJs from all over spanning many genres to soundtrack their parties, and there are plenty of unreal drag artists and performers too.





Photo: Horseplay /

Events in: Bristol

Another underground one, although slightly less so, Horseplay has been going for over 12 years, hosting events in proper underground, industrial sweaty venues. Extremely free and maybe a bit mad in the best way possible, Horseplay cares a lot about art, with many performance artists at their events. They even have their own resident artists! 



Bitch, Please! 


Photo: /

Events in: events all over the UK, with many in Bristol

Everyone’s welcome to Bitch, Please! events, so don’t be scared to bring your hetero mates along! BP creates events for connection and leaves any judgement at the door. Get down to one of their many events across the UK with an open mind and dance your arse off to local talent!



Big Dyke Energy 


Photo: BDE / 

Events in: Bristol and London 

BDE is a queer-run record label and rave, primarily for queer women, non-binary, intersex, and trans people, including those exploring their identity within that umbrella, for hedonism and freedom of expression. Recently, the raves changed to ask allies to pay more for their tickets. The extra money funds a taxi pot at the end of the night to help more marginalised members, including BIPOC, trans and disabled attendees, get home. BDE won’t ask about your identity on the door to help with any anxiety you may have with being interrogated. And the lineups are often overflowing with incredible queer talent. 



People Like Us

Events in: Bristol and London

PLU is an underground queer party that can be a bit tricky to find as they don't often advertise their parties, as such, we couldn’t find an image because they don’t have any social media accounts (that we could find). Their parties have an "anything goes" atmosphere and play a wide range of tunes including house, disco, nu-wave, and post-punk. If you’re in Bristol or London, it’ll be a case of asking around at queer events until someone can offer up some info. 





Photo: Polyglamorous / 

Events in: Brighton

Award-winning queer night Polyglamourous fuses nightlife, fashion, music, art, and dance into its alternative monthly nights. Starting off on a Monday night in 2018, it wasn’t long before it moved to a bigger club on Fridays with smoke machines, lasers, and more to create a more immersive experience. It's not uncommon for Polyglamourous nights to feature drag hosts, gogo dancers, and visual artists too. 



Events at Electrowerkz  



Events in: London’s Electrowerkz

Upcoming events: Purple Parlour

We put a few events together as they all go down in London’s Electrowerkz. In this one club alone, there’s Just Werkz, Purple Parlour, and Roast. Roast is for gay men, trans men, and “admirers”, Purple Parlour is a new queer rave with pop, R&B, house, funk, and disco house, and Just Werkz is a dirty disco rave. Watch Electrowerkz’s page on Skiddle for all this and more. 





Photo: Unorthodox Event / 

Events in: mainly London, sometimes Bristol and Brighton but soon, they’ll be everywhere. Trust us. 

Upcoming events: Unorthodox: Into The Light

Yes! It’s finally here - the UK’s first queer drum and bass rave! Led by the truly unreal drag DJ Nathan X, these nights are certain to be absolutely off the scale. Nathan’s sets are truly insane, with the crowd fully losing it. So if he’s behind it all, you can trust any Unorthodox event to be one of the best queer parties you’ll ever attend. Especially if you’re a DnB head. 

For DnB fanatics, you’ll know there aren’t really LGBTQ club nights for the genre. So this truly pioneering event is sure to blow up and take over the world soon enough. It’s about time something like Unorthodox came along, and we’re sure you’ll agree after your first rave. If you’re wondering what to wear, think cyberpunk but camp. 






Events in: London

This “slaggy club night for queer women, trans, non-binary, and intersex BIPOC” runs events incredibly well. The first hour of the night is dedicated to solo attendees so you can make some friends, they sometimes run nights for over 25s for those who feel ancient dancing beside 19-year-olds, and they have a taxi fund to give trans and/or disabled BIPOC free or subsidised taxis home. 

PXSSY PALACE also informs security that trans individuals may look different on their ID. Seriously, PP ticks every box, so don’t be afraid to get down and check their events out! P.S., dress to impress so you can wow everyone on the runway. 



Queer House Party


Photo: Queer House Party / 

Events in: London

Despite being only a little older than 3 years old, Queer House Party is bloody massive. And they’ve already bagged an award. Starting during lockdown, the collective had thousands tune in to their first-ever live stream before taking the party to proper venues. While QHP events are typically in London, the brand has gone global, taking the party to festivals across the globe including Boomtown, Wilderness, Sziget, and more. We’ll keep it simple, you can’t go wrong with QHP. 



Not Ok Club


Photo: NOT OK CLUB / 

Events in: London

Is electronic music not really your vibe? That’s absolutely fine; Not OK Club might be more your scene. Not Ok (most definitely referencing the My Chemical Romance hit) is a London pop-punk and emo night focused on QTIPOC. Too often erased from heavier genres, NOC has created a space for POC to jam to the music they love in a safe space alongside the people they love. Get down there, scream along to some Slipknot, and feel the love in the air! 



Events at Dalston Superstore



Events in: London’s Dalston Superstore

Here's another few nights we've put together to make it that bit easier!

Dalston Superstore is a queer club with plenty of LGBTQ club nights on offer. There’s BODYSWAP, creating a space for trans attendees and artists, BODYCON, full of "confusing shows, redundant hits, and questionable fashion choices", BOTTOM HEAVY with "house music for gays,"  and Nite Dyke, which doesn’t need much explanation. But there are loads of other nights too. Check them out on the venue's website. 





Photo: adonis.adonis.adonis /

Events in: London 

Day parties, all-nighters, and more, Adonis always delivers. Adonis has a stunning reputation as a night that literally does not care who you are, where you're from or what you look like. As long as you let loose to the tunes, you're more than welcome. One of London’s staple LGBTQ club nights for underground fans, Adonis is in-your-face, unapologetic, and liberated.  



Gal Pals


Photo: Gal Pals / 

Events in: Lafayette in London and Komedia in Brighton 

Gal Pals plays music exclusively by women for women, trans, NB, and gender non-conforming peeps to dance all night long in London and Brighton. Going since 2015, Gal Pals was founded by two actual gal pals! Expect the best in female-fronted pop, R&B, hip-hop and queer party bangers as you sink into the vibe at one of their monthly bashes!



Party In Your Pants


Photo: Party In Your Pants /

Events in: London, Brighton

Upcoming events: Party In Your Pants Brighton - Return to Pantopia

While Party In Your Pants isn’t stricly an LGBTQ club night, the team behind these events repeatedly emphasise that their inclusive, feminist raves welcome anyone and everyone to their peaceful but hedonistic paint parties. Emphasising further, the event descriptions say the parties are “a hostile environment for predators and transphobes.”

PIYP hands out paint for (mostly) topless attendees to glow under the black light. But going toplessness isn’t mandatory - just do what makes you comfortable! All you need is your pants and respect for your fellow ravers. 



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