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Last updated: 14th Jan 2022

2022 is upon us! For better or for worse, here we are, a new year. And though it may feel like we're stuck in a neverending loop of restrictions and government lies, the musicians of the UK continue to push things forward. Last year saw some absolutely incredible releases, from artists new and old, and 2022 is already looking to continue in the same fashion, with some albums announced for Q1 set to make waves. And what better way to hear new music than to go and see it live?

Below, you'll discover just a small selection of some of the many countless live gigs, tours and solo performances set to take place in venues around the British Isles over the next few weeks and months and even later into 2022.

So, whether you're into folk, rock n roll, prog, jazz, electronica, metal or funk, we guarantee there's something here to whet that insatiable live music appetite of yours. Scroll down and click or tap on the links provided for tickets and more... 



Arooj Aftab

When: Saturday 5th February 2022

Where: Leaf On Bold Street in Liverpool

Born in Pakistan in 1985, Arooj Aftab's life and career has been nothing short of incredible. At 19 years old, she moved to the US where she quickly developed a name for herself on the New York Jazz scene, as well as working as a film editor, scoring an Emmy for her contribution to the film “Armed With Faith”. But to call her music jazz is far too limiting. Sure, there's jazz in there, but she also interlaces her music with folk (both Western and Eastern), Hindustani, Classical, Indie and more - all interwoven into a simply breathtaking sound that flows like a mournful river.

Her 2021 album, ‘Vulture Prince’ reaffirmed Arooj as one of folk/jazz’s brightest stars of today, earning Arooj well deserved positions on endless “Best of the year” lists, not to mention catching the attention of Barack Obama, who included ‘Mohabbat’ in his Summer Playlist published last year. Despite its dark undercurrents and roots, the music of Vulture Prince is intoxicatingly beautiful - her voice the catalyst for a charm that is breathtaking, while the gently plucked guitars, harps and strings provide the soft, blanketed resting space required for such a spell.

Arooj Aftab brings Vulture Prince to the UK this year, including a performance at LEAF, Bold Street, Liverpool next month - do not miss this. I certainly won’t. Grab your tickets from the link below…


Find tickets for Arooj Aftab - here





When: Wednesday 13th July 2022

Where: Millenium Square in Leeds

Speaking of incredible women, here's a trio who requires little introduction from myself. If you’re as yet unfamiliar with Haim, the trio of eponymous sisters, whose career has seen them tour with the likes of Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Kings Of Leon, Florence and the Machine, The Killers and more, as well as bagging Grammy wins and nominations aplenty, then I assume you have been keeping your eyes shut and sticking your fingers in your ears and going “la la la la la la” for the past 9 years or so.

Haim are completely infectious; whether through their R&B infused Pop Rock bangers, or Este Haim’s infamous bass face (though her bass playing far exceeds her face pulling talents, I assure you), I think most people would be hard pushed to say they don’t at least appreciate the fun and hubris Haim brings to the pop world. Though they certainly haven’t re-written the rule book exactly, Haim effortlessly conjure the Pop Rock heroes of the 70’s, with an elegance that far surpasses their years. 

Haim bring their enormous “One more Haim” (see what they did there?) tour to Leeds, to the incredible open air Millenium Square this Summer. Make sure to grab your tickets while you still can from the link below…


Find tickets for Haim - here





When: Thursday 17th February 2022

Where: The Continental in Preston

Right, enough of this “Earth Music”, how about some music that sounds as though Captain Kirk smuggled it back from Rigel VII aboard the Enterprise? Yeah? In that case, I have good news, here’s Henge. How to describe Henge to the uninitiated? I might struggle given that in the words of these off world rave-conjurers themselves: “There are no Earth words to describe these sounds, but you will learn how to love and dance again.” Let's give it a go anyway.

Since they first arrived on this planet in 2015, Henge have traversed the land, playing their unique form of Electronic Rock/Dance music that has captivated festival audiences from the North to the South, whipping the crowd into a frenzy of dance moves that would make your Dad envious. In all seriousness, Henge might be the most fun live band in the country right now, winning over crowds of all ages with their contagious stage presence and music that is impossible to not move to.

Fear not, for if you are yet to experience the Henge phenomenon, they bring their messages of peace and rave to Preston next month! Get your tickets for this Cosmic Dross now from the link below…


Find tickets for Henge - here




The Showhawk Duo

When: Various Dates

Where: Various Venues - click to see all

With their unique approach, The Showhawk Duo have crafted a unique blend of acoustic music and electronic dance music that has served to blow the minds of audiences for years now. As the name suggests, consisting of two acoustic wielding music lovers, the duo channel their musical roots; one bringing forth the lessons of his Salad Days, playing in rock and metal bands, the other delivering the rhythmic pulses synonymous with dance floors and clubs the nation over. 

While they have graced the most renowned stages the world has to offer, including main stage performances at Glastonbury & Bestival, as well as performing at the F1 Grand Prix in Singapore, I’m sure their early days of busking on the streets of England are never far from their minds. Their dedication to their sound is something to behold and has truly earned them the right to perform to thousands of people.

The Showhawk Duo head out on a UK tour this April, with shows in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, London, Bristol and more - Click the link below to see all dates and grab your tickets now…


Find tickets for The Showhawk Duo - here




Soft Machine

When: Friday 25th March 2022

Where: Mono in Glasgow

Despite never achieving the commercial highs of some of their contemporaries, Soft Machine are certainly one of the most influential Psychedelic rock bands the UK has ever known, whose influence can be heard flowing through the veins of the thriving psych scene of today. They were there at Ground Zero, helping to define what it meant to be experimental in British Music, splashing their canvas with Jazz Fusion and Progressive masterstrokes. They even shared the stage with icons such as Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd. It's fair to say they earn the title of “one of the greatest UK avant/jazz-rock bands of all time.”

Despite forming over 5 decades ago, Soft Machine are still touring, playing the tracks that earned them such acclaim, as well as writing and releasing new music that continues to explore new directions and realms. Thanks to the revitalisation of the genres of yesteryear, Soft Machine still sound relevant and influential to this day.

You can catch these musical legends live in Glasgow on the 25th March this year - grab your tickets now from the link below…


Find tickets for Soft Machine - here




Wayne Snow

When: Thursday 20th January 2022

Where: The Blues Kitchen in Manchester

The first I heard of Wayne Snow was that his music attempts that of Sun Ra before him - for his music to expand beyond that of a physical realm, to explore the confines of the mind. That was enough for me to be on board. Then I heard the music itself; and though it doesn’t enter the stratosphere in the same way Sun Ra does, instead, it blends Neo-Soul, Jazz, Alt pop and electronica in a truly wonderful way. The beauty and grace of the music runs parallel with Waynes euphonious vocals - soulful and powerful.

The cover for his latest album, ‘Figurine’ features Wayne in a flowing orange dress that melts into its entirely orange surrounding; an analogy for Wayne's artistic approach, as his music loses any boundaries of what should be defined by genre, becoming an all-encompassing expression of self, devoid of restraints. Its bold and self-assured presence welcomes the listener to a record that impresses and soothes in equal measure.

Wayne Snow headlines the Blues Kitchen in Manchester next week on January 20th for his biggest headline show to date, but what is guaranteed to not be the biggest of his career - this guy is going to be huge. Get your tickets now…


Find tickets for Wayne Snow - here-



Big Brave

When: Sunday 10th April 2022

Where: Record Junkee in Sheffield

The music of Big Brave has its roots in the realms of minimal, ambient music, with its two founder members starting their musical journey experimenting in the territory of the quiet. However, a chance borrow of an electric guitar and the recruiting of a powerhouse drummer saw the newly brought together trio shift to one that creates monolithic audible beasts that crack tectonic plates and speakers alike. Their earthmoving riffs that drone and roar quickly found them a home at Southern Lord records, brought on by the overlord of drone himself, Greg Anderson of Sunn O))).

Yet despite the fact that Big Brave push the decibel limit, their music still carries within an aura of those early ambient experiments - their guitar tones and drum sounds are expansive, giving the resulting soundscapes endless breathing room and the listener a space to bask in the auditory wilderness created. The vocals of Robin Wattie are like a light in the dark, guiding the listener through the ever-growing land of giants standing tall around them.

If you’re a fan of loud music and expressive drones, Big Brave are not to be missed as they come to the fantastic Record Junkee in Sheffield this April. Grab your tickets below now…


Find tickets for Big Brave - here



Charlotte Carpenter

When: Thursday 3rd February 2022

Where: The Victoria in Birmingham

The music of Charlotte Carpenter has a truly wonderful balance of refinement and grandiosity. Take the track "Take It All" for example, the title track from her 2014 EP. At first, it has a fragility to it, as Carpenter croons "I feel bruised and I feel blue, but none of this darling is about you," with nothing more than a softly strummed guitar for accompaniment. As the narrative of the song unfurls, as does the music, like a tightly compact ball, finally unravelling. What is revealed to us is a wonderful indie-folk ballad that highlights Carpenters musical prowess.

Her music combines elements of country, Americana, folk and indie, all peppered with beautifully soft vocals. And though they're soft, they display a certain level of confidence; Charlotte's melodies are finely tuned, exhibiting a true understanding of her craft. I never tire of the comfortingly warm basslines featured on a track like 'Blood Ties'. There's a darkness there, yet the instrumentation creates a space of solace. These songs deserve to be heard, and soon.

You can catch Charlotte Carpenter live at the Victoria in Birmingham, next month! Get your tickets now for this wonderful artist from the link below...


Find tickets for Charlotte Carpenter - here



Tangerine Dream

When: Thursday 10th March 2022

Where: Grand Central Hall in Liverpool

Few bands or artists have had a musical output that can match that of Tangerine Dream. In the 55 years since their conception in 1967, they have released over 100 albums, created roughly 60 scores for films, TV shows and games, including Grand Theft Auto V and, are credited as pioneers of Electronic music, having inspired genres such as EDM and New Age music. Their early adoption of synthesizers had a knock-on effect whose ripples are still felt in Electronic music to this day.

The group was initially formed by Edgar Froese in Berlin and has seen countless personnel changes over the years, with Edgar being the only consistent member, being with the band up to his death in 2015. He personally selected his friend and collaborator Thorsten Quaeschning to carry the torch for Tangerine Dream from that point forward. The band lives on in Edgar's memory, still performing incredible compositions, both old and new, continuing to push the boundaries of electronic music.

Tangerine Dream are headed to the beautiful Grand Central Hall in Liverpool for what will no doubt be an unforgettable performance. Grab your tickets from the link below now...


Find tickets for Tangerine Dream - here



The Libertines

When: Friday 5th August 2022

Where: Bute Park in Cardiff

Once of a day, it would have been hard to believe that you would be getting tickets to see The Libertines in 2022. The band self-imploded in 2004, when tensions between the two frontmen, Carl Barât and Pete Doherty reached boiling point. They were no strangers to controversy, living the life of Rock N' Roll excess. Doherty' notorious drug habits were cited as the reason the band called it a day, but the duo deny this.

But time heals all wounds, and other than a one-off performance in 2010, the band finally reconvened in 2014, releasing a new album in 2015 and getting back out on tour. The Libertines are credited as one of the first British bands of the new wave of Garage Rock revival. Their first two records spawned top 10 hits and cemented them in the UK Indie history books. And with the past staying where it is, Barât and Doherty only look to the future, celebrating their musical relationship together, along with John Hassall and Gary Powell and revelling in the notoriety that launched their careers and affirmed them as household names.

You can catch The Libertines at the beautiful Bute Park in Cardiff in August this year. Get your tickets from the link below...


Find tickets for The Libertines - here




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