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There's a whole lot of amazing live gigs and tours to get stuck into over the next few months. Check out some of the best-looking shows in our latest Skiddle Gig List guide, with tickets now available to buy

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Last updated: 17th Dec 2021

Ho ho ho, can you believe Christmas is here once again? Whether you're throwing illegal Christmas parties in your workspace, or simply sitting at home on your own as the government told you to, Christmas is a magical time of year. But do you know what is even more magical? Gigs! Live gigs! They're bloody great a tell thi. So put aside your Amazon shopping basket for a minute and two and see what tickets we've got on offer.

Below, you'll discover just a small selection of some of the many countless live gigs, tours and solo performances set to take place in venues around the British Isles over the remainder of the year and into 2022.

So, whether you're into punk, rock n roll, avant-garde, jazz, electronica, indie or funk, we guarantee there's something here to whet that insatiable live music appetite of yours. Scroll down and click or tap on the links provided for tickets and more... 



Amon Düül ii

When: Wednesday 16th March 2022

Where: The Blues Kitchen in Manchester

Amon Düül II was born from a time and place that could never be recreated - an aligning of the stars and elements that happens once in the life cycle of a celestial body. Forming (and I use the term loosely) in the late ’60s in a West Germany; a revolving cast of artists, each yearning to express themselves, performing shows in order to fund their eponymous commune. Due to naming disputes, the core members of the group settled on Amon Düül ii and began recording music that would help to define the Krautrock Scene.

Their second album, Yeti, released in 1970 is a tour de force of progressive, psych drenched Kraut that sounds more relevant today than it ever could have in the 70s when it left people bewildered by its improvised, swirling, avant-garde voyages - some lasting nearly 20 minutes. Like a drug-fueled journey through the cosmos, Amon Düül ii left more of an impression on rock music to come than they receive the credit for. Just check out “Eye-Shaking King” - it does the speaking for itself.

54 years after their formation, the ever-shifting beast that is Amon Düül ii head to The Blues Kitchen. Attendance is highly recommended. Grab your tickets below now…


Find tickets for Amon Düül ii - here





When: Monday 17th January 2022

Where: Hare And Hounds in Birmingham

Lonelady started out exactly as her name suggests - a one woman band of sorts, with a telecaster slung around her neck and a trusty drum machine as her sole bandmate. Her early output was post punk throwbacks; minimal rock songs captured in a lofi state on 4 track recorders. Her latest album, however, sees Lonelady (real name Julie Campbell) throwback even further, revitalising the 80s, with sharp synths and drum machines that wouldn’t look out of place at a Pet Shop Boys gig.

Despite taking big gaps between records (or perhaps because she does!) Lonelady has managed to keep her sound fresh as well as nostalgic; like discovering a canvas that’s been tucked away for years only to breathe new life into it with fresh colours and artistic flair. Her sound may have changed from her early work, but her work ethic hasn’t, approaching everything with a minimalistic yet expansive palette.

You can catch Lonelady doing her thing at the ever-brilliant Hare and Hounds in Birmingham next month. Grab your tickets from the link below…


Find tickets for Lonelady - here




The Wombats (Album launch show)

When: Thursday 13th January 2022

Where: Invisible Wind Factory in Liverpool

Get on your skinny jeans and dance to Joy Division (sounds ironic, doesn’t it?) because indie rock titans The Wombats have got a very special show for you. On January 14th the band release their new record, ‘Fix Yourself, Not The World’, an album that will see the band explore new avenues and genres; in their own words the band “pushed [themselves] further than ever musically,” and you can be there to celebrate with the band the second it releases.

For a special, one-off show, The Wombats take to the stage at midnight on January 14th at Liverpool's incredible Invisible Wind Factory. A hometown show, a brand new record, a band charged with new release energy… What is there not to love about this? Not only that, you can purchase a copy of the record along with your ticket! Bloody wonderful stuff!

Tickets are running super low for this, so don’t miss out, grab yours from the link below…


Find tickets for The Wombats - here




Mik Artistik's Ego Trip

When: Wednesday 22nd December 2021

Where: The Lexington in London

Hey you! Yes, you! Have you ever dreamed of seeing a band where the frontman throws straws into the crowd, huffs and puffs like the big bad wolf, who wears clothes picked from a charity shop lost and found box and who claims to live off of “ideas and cheese and ham sandwiches”? Well, you’re in luck! Mik Artistik’s Ego Trip is the gig for you! Hailing from Leeds (YORKSHIRE, YORKSHIRE, YORKSHIRE!) Mik Artistik is a Yorkshireman through and through. His between-song northern rambles seem plucked from some poetry book that got lost in a sideboard in the back room of the Museum of Modern Art. With songs about leaves stuck behind wiper blades and Invisibility Cloaks, it really is impossible to predict a Mik Artistik show.

In 2007, Mik and co made their first visit to Glastonbury, where they performed 25 gigs that year. That’s right. 25 gigs at Glastonbury 2007. Since then, they’ve gone on to perform a whopping 200 gigs at Glasto alone, every single one of them different. You know those bowls you have in your kitchen that you put random stuff in that you think you’ll use again at some point and never do? Mik is like an amalgamation of everyone's random stuff bowls; his songs are just plucked out one at random and we’re just along for the ride.

Mik takes a trip to the Lexington next Wednesday, bag yourself some tickets from the link below…


Find tickets for Mik Artistik's Ego Trip here




Strange Bones

When: Saturday 18th December 2021

Where: Bootleg Social in Blackpool

Since forming only a few years ago, Strange Bones have created a significant name for themselves as one of the UK's most ferocious units, packing out venues, tearing up stages and electrifying audiences with their electropunk stompers. Frontman Bobby Bentham becomes an extension of the audience, whipping them into a frenzy before setting sail atop their sweaty palms, unleashing feral howls into their expectant faces - like a pack of starved hounds, they just keep coming back for more.

Their debut album, England Screams, released in October this year tackles the strange times we live in, as reality and the superficial blur together; life takes center stage for the reality show that determines the fates of its participants. In Bobby's own words “It’s as if we’re moving forwards and backwards at the same time, an insane contradiction that is fuelled by the hyper-normal behaviour of the press and the state, which are inevitably the same thing.”

Having supported Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes, as well as playing Reading and Leeds and Download Pilot, Strange Bones demand you see them in a sweatbox NOW, before they’re selling out much bigger venues. Grab your tickets below…


Find tickets for Strange Bones - here




Press to Meco

When: Saturday 5th February 2022

Where: The Black Prince in Northampton

Ever since their first EP back in 2012 (nearly 10 whole years ago! That’s scary…), Press To Meco have thrived on the UK Alternative Rock scene, playing everywhere from basements and dives to arenas and the biggest rock festivals the world has to offer. Sounding something like a cross between Biffy Clyro, Black Peaks and SikTh, PTM combine mathy riffs, punchy bass lines and 3 part harmonies to create anthemic prog/post/hardcore alt-rock bangers.

Their CV is an impressive one, having supported the likes of Funeral for a Friend and Shinedown, being nominated for music awards alongside the likes of Radiohead and Little Simz and heading out on countless headline tours of their own. 2021 saw the band release their third album, ‘Transmute’, a record that, once again, was praised by the British music press (nice little 4K’s from Kerrang!) and saw them head out on the road again for the first time since that virus thing started knocking about.

Speaking of them hitting the road again, you can catch Press To Meco in Nottingham in February next year! Get your tickets now from the link below…


Find tickets for Press to Meco - here




The Residents - 50th anniversary tour

When: Various Dates

Where: Various Venues

50 years of Eyeball helmets, secret identities, perplexing music videos and an all-around command of the art of avant-garde/experimental music has led to this - The Residents hit the road for their 50th Anniversary - a show that will no doubt astound, amuse and terrify in equal measure. Though their music is challenging, to say the least, the fingerprints of The Residents can be found laid upon all facets of media, from their pioneering experiments in sound and video to their unique appearance and presentation. Les Claypool of Primus once said there would be no Primus without The Residents, so there’s that.

If someone said, “where should I start with The Residents?” other than a psychological assessment, initially, to ensure they are ready, the answer would be their 1978 Avant-masterwork, “Duck Stab”, which is very good news, as their upcoming tour will feature the record heavily, alongside cuts from their more recent records. 

There is no one quite like The Residents - before or since.

Get your tickets for this one-of-a-kind tour from the link below, now!


Find tickets for The Residents - here




The Sherlocks


When: Saturday 22nd January 2022

Where: EBGBs in Liverpool

The Sherlocks, hailing from Barnsley (YORKSHIRE, YORKSHIRE, YORKSHIRE!) are one of the UK's finest indie outfits. They have had a non-stop career since day dot, scoring a slot at Reading and Leeds right off the bat, along with Radio 1 and 6 play for their early singles. They played SXSW, Dot to Dot and opened for the Libertines, Kaiser Chiefs and The Vaccines, all while being little more than newborns. To say they hit the ground running is an understatement.

The Sherlocks head out around the UK in 2022 with acoustic guitars in tow for some intimate, stripped-back shows in celebration of their new record, 'World I Understand'. With them set to become one of the UK's biggest acts within the next few years, don't miss your chance to catch them on this special tour.

You can grab your tickets now for The Sherlocks below...


Find tickets for The Sherlocks - here




False Advertising


When: Tuesday 1st February 2022

Where: Network in Sheffield

In support of next year's Independent Venue Week, alt-rock trio, False Advertising will head to Sheffield to perform tracks from their latest LP, 2019's Brainfreeze, released via Alcopop Records.

The group, made up of members Jen Hingley, on vocals and guitar, percussionist Chris Warr and bassist Josh Sellers, emerged out of Manchester's prolific music scene back in 2015, unleashing an arsenal of DIY grunge-inspired records on a receptive northern audience.

Proceeding to hone their skills over the years, False Advertising quickly gained a large UK-wide fanbase, securing support slots with mainstream names the likes of The Amazons, IDLES and fellow Mancunian's, Everything Everything, whilst also appearing on stage at events such as SXSW and Meltdown Festival.

The band are said to be working on new material and have recently issued a ferocious sounding new single, 'Personal Space'. Be sure to catch this accomplished three-piece doing their thing live at Network in Sheffield this coming February.  


Find tickets for False Advertising - here




Los Bitchos


When: Wednesday 16th February 2022

Where: Gorilla in Manchester

Serra Petale, Agustina Ruiz, Josefine Jonsson, and Nic Crawshaw make up the intercontinental quartet of female musicians behind one of the most interesting instrumental acts to come out of the English capital in quite some time - Los Bitchos.

Each hailing from a different part of the world, the group, it could be said, were almost destined to come together, effortlessly merging their own individual homegrown influences to create a psychedelic Latin-inspired sound. It possesses elements of traditional Peruvian and Argentian music, such as Chicha and Cumbia, as well as more contemporary aspects, from punk and dream pop to ethereal wave. Think the Cocteau Twins meets Khruangbin and you're still probably nowhere near. 

Lot Bitchos' latest single, 'Good To Go!', a dynamic record comprised beautifully of various instruments and arrangements, arrives alongside the announcement of their debut album, Let the Festivities Begin!, set to hit digital platforms and record stores on Friday 4th February 2022.

Get your hands on tickets to see the kaleidoscopic foursome live in Manchester next year on the link below...


Find tickets for Los Bitchos here




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