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Last updated: 22nd Oct 2021

Now over halfway through the month, payday fast approaches, and what better way to spend that hard-earned sterling than on some cracking live music experiences! And boy, have we got a few of those to shout about...

Below, you'll discover just a small selection of some of the many countless live gigs, tours and solo performances set to take place in venues around the British Isles over the remainder of the year and into 2022.

So, whether you're into punk, rock n roll, neo-soul, jazz, electronica, indie or funk, we guarantee there's something here to whet that insatiable live music appetite of yours. Scroll down and click or tap on the links provided for tickets and more... 



Working Men's Club

When: Thursday 11th November 2021

Where: Stylus in Leeds

Yorkshires very own Working Men's Club has been taking the indie world by storm since the release of their eponymous debut album in 2020. Skirting the boundaries between new wave, synthpop, post-punk and electro, this young group display an awareness of music that far outpaces their years - their craft has quickly developed since their emergence in 2019.

Their live show delivers the mood and temperament of Joy Division, with young Sydney Minsky-Sargeant bemoaning the bleakness of small-town living with a backbone of rave beats and old-school bass lines - a reminiscent yet fresh approach to genre-crossing that feels just as much a call back as it does a reinvention of the wheel.

What better way to experience Working Men's Club live than in the county from which they emerged? Catch them making Yorkshire proud at Stylus in Leeds on Thursday 11th November. Get your tickets below...


Find tickets for Working Men's Club - here





When: Wednesday 10th November 2021

Where: Invisible Wind Factory in Liverpool

OSEES are a mysterious bunch of psych-rock, verging on metal music enthusiasts hailing from across the pond. Some of you reading here will be familiar with previous incarnations of the band, who've gone through multiple lineup changes and several names throughout their career - including Orinoka Crash Suite, OCS, Orange County Sound, The Ohsees, The Oh Sees, Thee Oh Sees, Oh Sees and now, OSEES (Make your mind up, jeez). However you remember them or currently know of them, there's one thing most fans find a general consensus on, and that's how hard they actually rock out.

The San Francisco-based group have issued a staggering 24 studio albums throughout their career, each containing a weird blend of musical elements - from thrash metal and lo-fi punk to Kraut and prog rock. The intense resulting sound is one that is so unique, that it's almost impossible to miss identify an OSEES record.

Are you a fan of music on the heavy-trippy scale? We recommend you attend their show at Liverpool's Invisible Wind Factory this November.


Find tickets for OSEES - here




Nubya Garcia

When: Monday 1st November 2021

Where: Gorilla in Manchester

Jazz is alive and well in 2021; BadBadNotGood have shifted into a jazz styling, Floating Points marvellously explored the genre with Pharoah Sanders, not to mention the continued influence jazz has on pop music trends on the whole. But few acts have shown a true mastery of the genre and with such elegant execution as Nubya Garcia has since she graced the London Jazz scene starting in 2017.

Her first offering, ‘Source’ demonstrates that the London born and based musician has a true understanding of songcraft, a mastery of the saxophone and composing skills to leave the greats of the genre yearning to learn from the book of Garcia. It would be an insult not to mention the impeccable musicians backing her up in her live shows; a jazz outfit that soothes and staggers in equal measure.

Nubya Garcia heads up North to the excellent Gorilla, Manchester on November 3rd, to deliver what will no doubt be a spectacle to be held. Get your tickets below...


Find tickets for Nubya Garcia - here




Jose Gonzalez

When: Saturday 4th December 2021

Where: Grand Central Hall in Liverpool

Jose Gonzalez is a man who requires little introduction if any. An artist of true emotional hubris - a skill he possesses that seems so intuitive, it suggests he was born to sing and play the guitar; much like Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Neil Young

His cover of ‘Heartbeats’ from 2003 is highly regarded as one of the most moving renditions of the past 20 years - a performance that draws you into its gentle embrace with its soft-plucked guitar and instantly recognisable voice. Jose’s music has soundtracked countless TV shows and films, not to mention his records charting worldwide, and though they are few and far between since his debut album in 2003, they always deliver what is promised - a soothing, emotionally charged experience.

Jose is appearing at the Grand Central Hall in Liverpool on December 4th for what will no doubt be an unforgettable performance. Get your tickets below...


Find tickets for Jose Gonzalez - here





When: Thursday 25th November 2021

Where: Hangar 34 in Liverpool

It's fair to say that the UK is enamoured by post-punk at the moment, and why not? Shame are here to show you why that’s a good thing; punk energy powered by a thunderous drummer, charged vocals that spit and snarl with young rage and guitar lines that float and soar over the grizzled backbone of the band. If Idles and Fontaines DC are the poster children of the post-punk genre, Shame are its underground heroes.

Their debut album, ‘Songs of Praise’ not only had the best album title of 2018, but it also topped the UK vinyl chart and saw them touring the world. But even more impressive is that their 2021 follow up, ‘Drunk Tank Pink’ cracked the UK top 10 album charts - no mean feat for a young punk band. It saw Shame at their most disgruntled yet - each track imbuing the type of frustration expressed by the UK on a daily basis; a truly fitting soundtrack.

Catch Shame performing live at Hangar 34 in Liverpool on 25th November - a perfect chance to see them in an intimate venue while you still can. Get your tickets below...


Find tickets for Shame - here




The Psychotic Monks

When: Thursday 9th December 2021

Where: Oslo in London

Hailing from Paris, France, The Psychotic Monks tear their way through filth-ridden slabs of noise/post/prog/drone/sludge/loud rock music that sounds something akin to trilogy-era Swans engaged in a knife fight with early Pink Floyd - a cacophonous, riff-laden expedition of volume and punk rock energy. Now that I have your attention, get excited, because they’re coming to the UK.

Experimental rock is thriving in the UK at the moment, with bands such as Black Midi and Black Country, New Road opening the eyes of the masses to sonic exploration. There has never been a better time for the Monks to head to the UK and show the people of England how French noise-makers do it. And trust me, they do it exceptionally well. Don’t believe me? Check out their riotous KEXP session from 2019.

The Psychotic Monks are headed to Oslo in London on December 9th and I advise not missing it. Get your tickets below...


Find tickets for The Psychotic Monks - here




Dream Wife

When: Thursday 24th March 2022

Where: O2 Institute 2 Birmingham in Birmingham

Since Dream Wife released their self-titled debut in 2018, the UK has become enamoured with their raw, stripped-back punk sound, delivered by three smiling faces that prove that punk doesn’t have to be a male-dominated, anger-fueled scene; it can be just as much about having fun, writing upbeat tunes and delivering them with pure joy.

The roots of the band are hilarious: a Spinal Tap inspired mockumentary that starred the three members as a 'fake' band, recording songs that they would later go on to perform at an art gallery. The response showed them that perhaps they had a knack for this songwriting malarkey? And of course, they did, as their two offerings so far have seen them make waves in the UK and further afield, touring with The Vaccines, The Kills and Garbage, to name but three.

Don’t miss your chance to see Dream Wife at the O2 Institute, Birmingham on March 24th 2022. Get your tickets below...


Find tickets for Dream Wife - here




Dry Cleaning


When: Tuesday 22nd February 2022

Where: The Mill Digbeth in Birmingham

Dry Cleaning set themselves apart from their contemporaries of the UK post-punk scene with their dry-wit, deadpan spoken words passages of down-to-earth ruminations over chorus-driven, razor-sharp guitar riffs that suggest darker undertones. Take ‘Viking Hair’ for example - the music shifts from brittle riffs to ferocious energy, while Florence Shaw continues her monotone execution; the execution is subtle yet devastating.

Dry Cleaning released their debut album in April this year via 4AD, titled “New Long Leg”. It has received critical acclaim from the UK music press, with The Line of Best Fit claiming that no other band in the thriving post-punk scene have the “same uniquely fascinating appeal that Dry Cleaning has.” With the past 18 months putting a halt to shows, Dry Cleaning haven’t had many opportunities to show off what they’ve achieved in a live setting, but with restrictions lifted, that’s all about to change.

You can catch Dry Cleaning live at The Mill, Digbeth on 22nd February 2022. Get your tickets below...


Find tickets for Dry Cleaning - here




George Clinton & Parliament / Funkadelic Tour 2022


When: May 2022 (Multiple dates)

Where: London, Glasgow, Bristol, Manchester 

True to the old adage "all good things must come to an end", next year sees George Clinton take to the road one last time with Parliament / Funkadelic, for what will no doubt be an unforgettable experience, delivered by a true musical legend. The pandemic held this tour up for two years, but Clinton, now in his 80s, finally has the go-ahead to deliver these farewell performances that will mean so much to so many.

George Clinton started the Parliament / Funkadelic collective in the 1960s and was still releasing new music as recently as three years ago, a remarkable achievement. The eccentric frontman has influenced countless musicians throughout the world with his unique take on funk, incorporating bizarre humour, science fiction storytelling and psychedelic backdrops. These shows will be truly bittersweet - to see a performer who has brought so much to the world of funk for the final time.

Do not miss these shows, you won’t get another opportunity! Click the link below to see all dates and to bag your tickets now…


Find tickets for George Clinton & Parliament / Funkadelic tour 2022 - here




Hot Chip & Pictish Trail


When: Friday 3rd June 2022

Where: Junction 1 in Glasgow

Need I explain to you who Hot Chip are? The Grammy-nominated, multiple gold-certified British indietronica band whose hits include 'Over and Over', 'Need You Now' and 'I Feel Better', who have graced the stage of just about every festival the world over, have had their music featured in The Simpsons, have won awards for their music videos, received critical acclaim for their upbeat, infectious sound and have continued to push the boundaries of electronic indie-pop for over two decades now? Oh… Wait…

Ahem, with that out of the way… Hot Chip shows are widely regarded as an absolute blast, and it's plain to see why. Their music is overflowing with joyous, upbeat danceability that captivates entire venues, turning them into wonderlands of merriment. It's a cold, hard fact that it's impossible to watch Hot Chip without beaming from ear to ear.

Hot Chip head up to Glasgow next June, to the brand new venue, Junction 1, with Glasgow's own The Pictish Trail opening for them. This is surely one not to be missed. Get your tickets below...


Find tickets for Hot Chip & Pictish Trail - here




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