Cheap Things to do in Newcastle

Do you want to get the most out of your visit to Newcastle, but are worried about your budget? Well, we don't want you to waste a visit to the Toon' so we've compiled a list of the best cheap things to do in Newcastle!

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Last updated: 2nd Aug 2023

A trip to the Toon' is always a treat, but the bills can quickly rack up when you're looking for things to do whilst you are there. We've done the best free things, and we've done the best cheap eats, but now its time to put together a list of all the best cheap things to do in Newcastle, so that your next visit is full of good times, lots of laughs and maybe even some treasured memories.

Maybe you're a student looking for something interesting to do with your newfound pals before a student night out this fresher's week (we also have a list of the best student bars and clubs for you to check out), or maybe you're just a local looking for a pocket-friendly days-out with the family, whatever the case, Newcastle has you covered

So, whether you're after a slice of Geordie history, you want to delve into Newcastle's deep footballing culture, or you just want to see some live music without having to break the bank, whatever your after, we've got you covered. So what are you waiting for, have a scroll down and start planning your next visit!



Tour the iconic St James Park

Image: Newcastle United on Facebook

Price: Adult £18, Junior £9.90, Concession £14.40 (All tickets include a 10% online booking discount)

Where: Barrack Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4ST

There are few things more fundamentally Geordie than the four stands of St James Park. The footballing mecca of the toon that has recently been given a makeover by the new regime, it's a great place for any football fan to visit and soak up the history of the place. This can all be done for under £20 too! which, when you consider the prices of other big stadiums around the country, is pretty great value. So what are you waiting for, go and see all that the Magpies have on offer when you're next looking for cheap things to do in Newcastle. 


Find tickets for events at St James Park - here



Laugh your socks off at The Stand

Image: The Stand on Facebook

Price:  Varies by night but the majority of gigs are under £10

Where: 31 High Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1EW

Now, who doesn't love a good laugh? It's cathartic, great to do with friends, and with the quality on show at The Stand, bound to leave you with aching sides (in the best possible way.) This venue is one of the homes of comedy in Newcastle, and with tickets that rarely surpass a tenner, it's always a proper cheap do, and a great night with whoever you decide to bring with you. So whether you want to sit at the front and risk the onslaught of playful bullying, or you just want to chill at the back with a beer and enjoy the jokes, The Stand is a night out that's one of the best cheap things to do in Newcastle; what are you waiting for?


Find tickets for events at The Stand - here



Sample the famous Geordie Trebs in at one of the many Rooftop Bars and Beer Gardens

Image: ABOVE on Facebook

Where: All across the city, check out our list below for the best ones.

For those of you more inclined to chill out and have a boozing session when you're visiting another city, then when looking for cheap things to do in Newcastle, there are few better things to do than relax in one of its rooftop gardens, or beer gardens. With stunning views of the toon and River Tyne, they're the perfect places to relax for an afternoon and then realise quite just how much you've had to drink when you eventually stand up and it all rushes to your head. 

Plus, this is Newcastle, a city famous for its Trebs. Yes, triple vodka mixers, and they're CHEAP for the amount of alcohol you're getting. A staple of the city you have to try out, just be warned, they get you absolutely hammered. 


Find our list of the best Rooftop Bars in Newcastle - HERE

Find our list of the best Beer Gardens in Newcastle - HERE



Traverse subterranean Geordie history at Victoria Tunnel

Image: Victoria Tunnel on Facebook

Price: For the basic 1 1/4 hr tour it is: Adult £10, Child £5

Where: Victoria Tunnel Entrance, Ouse St, Byker, Valley, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 2PF

If you are after something a bit more educational and you want to integrate yourself into some Geordie history, then you should look no further than the Victoria Tunnels. This preserved 19th-century waggon way stretches under Newcastle, from the Town Moor to the Tyne River. It was originally built to transport coal to the river and operated between 1842 and the 1860s. Later it was converted in 1939 into an air-raid shelter to protect thousands of Newcastle citizens during World War 2.

The kids always love traversing its tunnels and when the tickets are all under a tenner, it's a no-brainer if you're looking for cheap things to do in Newcastle that will also keep them entertained, they might learn a thing or two as well.


Find tickets for events at Victoria Tunnel - here



Discover your new favourite band at Bobiks

Image: Bobiks on Facebook

Price: Varies by night but the majority of gigs are under £10

Where: 125 Jesmond Rd, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 1JY

Live music is one of the best things that life can offer us, don't you think? Plus, whilst you may love going to see the bands that pepper your Spotify playlists, going and seeing the up-and-comers is a great way to support both the venues and artists within the grassroots scene. When in Newcastle, there are few better places to do this than in Bobiks. Found in the long disused ballroom on the first floor of The Punchbowl Hotel, the venue has a knack for booking some of the best new acts on the circuit, and with tickets rarely surpassing the £10-£15 mark, its a proper good option when looking for cheap things to do in Newcastle. It's also a pretty good pres before visiting one of the city's famous nightclubs.


Find tickets for events at Bobiks - here



Step back in time and explore Newcastle Castle

Image: Newcastle Castle on Facebook

Price: Adults (16 - 64) £9.25, Seniors (65+) £8.25, Children (5 - 15) £5.75, Infants (4 and under) Free

Where: The Black Gate, Castle Garth, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1RQ

The fortress from which the city got its name Newcastle Castle (a bit of a mouthful we know), is a great day of education and fun for all the family. But, this place was no stately home. The Castle was a grim symbol of royal authority, where armies gathered and criminals were imprisoned and executed. It's a great way to uncover soon the history of the Toon, and with tickets all under a tenner, it won't break the bank either. One of the best places to visit when looking for cheap things to do in Newcastle, just don't be naughty and end up in the dungeon!


Find tickets for events at Newcastle Castle - here



Explore the grounds of the Gibside Estate

Image: Gibside, National Trust on Facebook

Price: Adult £13, Child £6.50

Where: Rowlands Gill NE16 6BG

This sprawling estate found just outside the city is an incredibly scenic day out when looking for cheap things to do in Newcastle. With its 720 acres of land that consist of four woodland trails, a landscaped garden, and a huge manor house for you to explore, it provides so much entertainment for the outdoorsy amongst you. Plus, when it comes to Christmas time, the whole estate transforms into a winter wonderland that will keep everyone in the family in seasonal joy. 


Find tickets for events at the Gibside Estate - here



Relax in the Turkish Baths at Newcastle City Baths

Image: Friends of Newcastle City Baths on Facebook

Price: 2hrs £15, 2hrs Concession £9

Where: Northumberland Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 8SG

The majority of this list has been things to get you up and active when on your trip to Newcastle, so we've decided to finish off with something that will help you switch off and relax with Newcastle's famous Turkish baths. One of only a handful in the UK, it's the best place to purify and detoxify yourself after a stressful time (I'm sure you promised your kids it wasn't them who have made you need this.) Whilst it is slightly more expensive than others on the list, it is fully worth the extra little bit you'll pay in order to get that relaxing alone time many of us desperately need. 



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