Newcastle upon Tyne Fresher's Week 2017

Welcome to Newcastle! You've made an excellent choice when it comes to student life, and we're not just talking about the quality of education. Set above the Tyne, Newcastle is a cultural magnet crammed with music venues, galleries, shops, bars, restaurants and everything in between with one of the best nightlife experiences in the UK (Check out what our insider makes of 'The Toon')

And it's no wonder with not one but two universities to feed in this buzzing, picturesque city, so as you can imagine there's a lot going on, not just throughout Freshers week but spanning the whole year. Keep tabs on what's happening by using our Newcastle What's On Guide here.



As far as student life goes it doesn't get much better than in Newcastle, you can pretty much go out on any night of the week and there'll be plenty going on. Whether you're planning to ditch pre-drinks for a few beers in a back street drinking hole or let rip on the Bigg Market, you're bound t…

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