WHP23 Kaluki Birthday review: a dancefloor lovers’ dream

Amy Williams went to iconic The Warehouse Project’s Kaluki Birthday with Solardo, Chris Stussy, and more. Here’s what she thought.

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Last updated: 6th Oct 2023

We’ve rolled into the autumn months now, and all of us ravers n’ misbehaviours know what that means… It's warehouse season. Mayfield Depot has a top lineup for the end of this year and Kaluki Birthday was one of them that stood out - with the likes of Solardo, Luuk van DijkChris Stussy, and Jamie Jones - it’s a dancefloor lovers’ dream. 


Leaving festival season behind in summer, we transition into the late-night euphoria with pumping stereos and bouncing crowds, in a venue perfect for those wanting to dance the night away. For those who are avid Warehouse Project goers, it’s noticeable that Mayfield Depot has a different vibe from Store Street, the previous place that hosted The Warehouse Project. Depot is a venue for culture, located at Manchester’s historic former railway Mayfield, and it’s much, much bigger. The venue is the heart of Manchester’s events; holding many festivals, parties and gigs, it always has a good noticeable atmosphere. The sound system was impeccable and each set had the lights illuminating the room which immersed the crowd into a perfect party mood. 


While packed with incredible artists, some sets really stole the night. The Concorde room was a personal favourite for the stage alone, being an intimate disco-vibe, and here saw Pirate Copy, East End Dubs, and Solardo on the stage. One key memory is East End Dubs remixing Freak Like Me where the disco ball flashed in time with the beat and made the whole room scream and sing along.


Highlights from the Depot room were Rossi and Chris Stussy. The bass was pumping to - as some might see it - the perfect volume: waves pulsating so that your whole body is vibrating. Strobe lighting soared above the bouncing crowds and there was constant dancing and singing along to well-known tracks; the best being Chris Stussy dropping Midtown Playground which everyone loved and was an obvious crowd favourite. 


Luuk van Dijk takes a top spot of performances from the night, if we’re reflecting on the tunes played, captivating drops and all-round infectious energy in the Archives room. Bright lights and hustling crowds made the whole set one that you can’t forget and to be honest, made you not want to leave the room from start to finish, playing banger after banger. 

The night was way up to the standard of the Warehouse Project we all know and love. With disco-ball vibes and DJ set performances like no other, The Warehouse Project has a charm that just keeps on inviting us back again, and it’s always worth the hype. 

Amy Williams



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