The faces and voices of Highest Point Festival 2023

We spoke to Highest Point 2023 attendees to see what they think of the festival. See if you can spot yourself in these pictures!

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 17th May 2023

Last weekend at Lancaster’s Highest Point Festival, we saw sets from Hacienda Classical, Bastille, Anne-Marie, SIGMA, Sub Focus, Craig Charles, Toploader, Girls Don’t Sync, Gok Wan, Elvana, and dozens more. And with a lineup like that, you can imagine how diverse the crowds were. Flooded with disco babes, DnB heads, indie kids, and everything in between and beyond, it was stunning to see the diversity of the attendees. 

To hear what all these people thought of the festival, we bobbed around and had a chat with them. Here are some of the attendees of Highest Point Festival 2023 and what they had to say…

(side note: some pictures weren't taken by professional photographers with incredible cameras but we couldn't let these guys go unnoticed. Quotes weren't necessarily taken from those shown in the images.)


“Everything’s amazing, every tune’s a good tune. This is our first Highest Point - keep them coming!”


“It’s been stunning, stunning setting, beautiful. We’ve come to see Anne-Marie. It’s different from other festivals - we’ve come every year.” 


“Perfect setting, good management, it’s been fabulous. I’m an old lady but Jaguar Skills was incredible.” 


“I’ve been here every year, I love Skiddle. Toploader is what I came for - it gets better every year.” 


“Tonight's been brilliant. Gok Wan was amazing, he got everyone going.”


“It’s been an amazing night, Craig Charles was great. The Woods is epic. Hacienda Classical was absolutely unreal, so was House Gospel Choir. Our kids loved Sundial. The Food, the organisation, the attention to detail - it’s all brilliant.” Thanks for your words Donna and Rihanna from Blackpool! You both looked fabulous and had immaculate vibes. 


“The whole thing’s been really good. Thursday was amazing. Hacienda Classical? Love them! Anne-Marie was ace. Disappointed about The Cuban Brothers being unable to perform but Jaguar Skills (the replacement act) was amazing. Gok Wan was amazing too!”


“I’m from Glasgow. The setting’s amazing. It caters for everyone. SIGMA were amazing, I haven’t heard anything like that. I like drum and bass but that…”  Then imagine a blown-away face shaking his head to go with that last bit. 


“We’ve enjoyed it, it’s been great - all the stages… Love the wristbands in case the kids get lost.”

Turning to the child now, she said, “The best bit is the cotton candy. Anne-Marie was good and Lottery Winners are funny.” 


“Craig Charles was class. Probably the best of the weekend, I thought. Elvana was class!”


“The Sundial was one of the best stages, best sound system. With a view at the top of the hill, absolutely fantastic. Proper bass in your face. Nice and chill.”


“I’ve worked Highest Point for the last four years. I work alongside production as requested by the festival director. I meet and greet attendees, lifting their spirits until they leave at the end of the night. There’s a fantastic variety of music, it’s suitable for a wide demographic.” - legendary, smiley security lady, Cherice Wallen 


“This year, we were very lucky with the weather but The Sundial… you’d be up there with this amazing view, you can see across to the Lake District. You’re dancing away, you get this amazing moment where the sun hits the sea, the light spreads out and you get this golden moment where it hits the water. It’s just a magical experience. We’ve gone every year, we go back because you see lots of people you know, it’s just a good time. They always play really good drum and bass.”


“It was our first time - it was great, Gok Wan was great!”



Safe to say, Highest Point 2023 was a massive success, from the acts on stage to the mad-for-it crowds that loved every second. 

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