The best New Up and Coming Stand Up Comedians in 2024

From established club comics primed to step into the limelight to those bursting onto the scene and leaving only laughter in their wake; we've looked at all the comedians for whom 2024 could be their year.

Thomas Hirst

Date published: 22nd Dec 2023

There's no shame in craving a dose of comedy from the biggest names in the scene, from your Acasters to your Kumars, your Millicans to your Ryans, your Manfords to your Flanagans. Yet, just like anticipating the rise of that small indie band destined for stardom, the excitement of discovering the funniest emerging talents in the comedy realm is equally exhilarating and gratifying – especially when it results in hearty laughter.

Yet, not everyone has the time or inclination to navigate the basements and backrooms of the UK comedy club circuit in search of rising stars, so we've got you covered here at Skiddle! In this list for 2024, we've carefully curated our favourite up-and-coming comedians from across the UK, individuals we firmly believe will be delivering laughter on our TV screens and social media feeds for years to come.

So, take a scroll and be sure to explore clips and content on each comedian's social platforms. Humour, as always, is subjective, and we've chosen a diverse range to cater to different tastes. Finding the perfect match may require a bit of research on your part.

Without further delay, let's delve into the world of the best new stand-up comedians and up-and-coming talents in 2024!



Paddy Young

Finalist in the BBC New Comedy Awards, a Best Newcomer Nomination at the Fringe, and over 8 million views on his Instagram sketches (most notably his excellent Afters sketches); 2023 has been some year for Paddy Young. 

His incredible debut show, ‘Hungry, Horny, Scared’ is continuing into 2023. Consisting of clever scripting, idiosyncratic one-liners, and an unbelievable wit; it is excellent, and Paddy is on the brink of breaking onto the biggest of stages. Truly one of the most exciting comics to break through in some time.



Lindsey Santoro

Sometimes, comedy can get a bit pompous and stuck in trying to be too clever. Well, Lindsey Santoro is here to cut the crap and indulge you in some proper filthy, fun, and outrageous comedy; accentuated by her hearty brummie giggles.

Having been crushing the club scene for years, this year she brought her debut hour to the Fringe and was deservedly nominated for the best-newcomer award. Lindsey is unashamed and unpretentious where others might be, and the second you see her on stage you feel like you’ve known her for years. We hope this tour shoots her into the spotlight as it's what she deserves.



Adam Flood

Daft, high energy, oft-surreal, but full of deft observational wit, Adam Flood is one of Stoke on Trent's premium cultural exports and one that could definitely do it on a cold rainy night.

Remoulded, his debut hour, which catalogued his various identities: teen weed dealer, indie band bassist, startup tech bro and comedian was a playful and honest romp, and a veritable hit at the Fringe this year, earning him great reviews from critics and peers alike. 

After his 45-minute work-in-progress at the Fringe in 2022 getting nominated for Most Outstanding Show in the Amused Moose Comedy Award and this year's follow-up success, we think 2024 is the year for floods of laughter all over the country.



Urooj Ashfaq

Hailing from Mumbai, India, Urooj Ashfaq was one of six South Asian artists brought to the Edinburgh Fringe this year through Soho Theatre India, and she only went and won Best Newcomer, one of the festival's most coveted awards!

Now about to embark on her debut UK tour, Urooj is engaging and infectious on stage, with a warmth and self-deprecation that instantly forms a connection. Given her popularity in the Indian scene, she already has a sizeable Instagram following and shows filled with expats. We think her tour in 2024 will send her right into the limelight, and make her one of comedy's top rising stars!



Chantel Nash

Despite only starting stand-up comedy halfway through 2022, Chantel Nash has been leaving laughter in her wake at many an open mic and black comedy night. Effortlessly charming and enviably quick-witted, she has already shared a stage with some of her comedy heroes including Kerry Godliman, Slim, Laura Smyth and Kane Brown along the way.

2023 was truly a breakout year for Chantel, reaching the finals of both the So You Think You’re Funny and BBC New Act competitions, and has supported Mo Gilligan at his recent Black British Takeover night at the Eventim Apollo in London. We think 2024 is going to be even bigger!



Alexandra Haddow

A regular at comedy clubs all over the country, Alexandra Haddow has supported comedy icons like Frankie Boyle, Bill Bailey and Eshaan Akbar; she is a comic who expertly walks the fine line between cheeky and outright smut.

Her hotly anticipated debut show, Not My Finest Hour, sold out its entirety at the Edinburgh Fringe 2023, after being nominated for Best Debut Show at the Leicester Comedy Festival Awards, and it will be coming to the masses in 2024; after which we reckon everyone will be clawing to see at what she does next.



Riki Msindo

What would any new up-and-coming comedians list be complete without this year's winner at the Chortle Student Comedy Awards? After all the likes of Joe Lycett, Chris Ramsey, Phil Wang, Iain Stirling, and Jamali Maddix have won it in the past!

This year, it was Bristol-based Zimbabwean comic Riki Msindo who shared tales of his blunt African mother, being a chubby kid, and being educated at a posh private school where he could exploit liberal guilt. 

Riki now hosts a podcast with established comic Mark Olver called ‘Oh Captain My Captain’, as well as juggling his medical degree. But, even without that (even though it is equally impressive in his own right) we reckon he is destined for worldwide hilarity and we can’t wait to see what he does in 2024!



Joshua Bethania

From being a finalist at the BBC New Comedian Awards and clinching So You Think You're Funny? in 2022, to securing a Chortle Comedy Awards 2023 best newcomer nomination; it’s been a crazy couple of years for the London-based Indian comic Joshua Bethania.

From his cutting anecdotes on his personal experiences to his excellent observations of life in London and the UK as an immigrant, Joshua looks on a veritable path to the bigger things. This year has given him a huge platform but we think 2024 will be the year he catapults to the bigger stages which he will undeniably leave in tears of laughter.



Frankie Monroe (Joe Kent-Walters)

Now, for something a bit different. For Joe Kent-Walters, winning the Chortle Student Comedy Award in 2021 (as himself) wasn't enough. So, in 2023, for the BBC New Comedy Award, he decided to reinvent himself, as a demonic working men's club comedian Frankie Monroe, who has a club in Rotherham that’s also a portal to Hell!’

Yep… donned in facepaint, with an incredibly poorly posture, Joe - Frankie sorry - killed the award show, leaving many a sore funny bone in his wake and coming out as this year's winner!

It’s wildly original and even more wildly hilarious, we will be taking his alter-ego on tour soon, and we think 2024 will be the year everyone starts to hear his name.



Sallyann Fellowes

Sallyann is a self-diagnosed weirdo. She’s neurodiverse, utterly mystified by the world she inhabits, and can’t seem to understand her fellow humans. From jokes about her ADHD diagnosis to her bisexuality, whilst also claiming she is the most likely person to fall over nothing or get lost in a toilet; Sallyan is bloody hilarious.

From winning the Leicester Square Theatre New Comedian and the New Forest New Comedian of the Year award this year to coming runner-up in the Southport New Comedian of the Year. 2023 has been some breakout for Sally, and we reckon next year is when she takes her jokes to the next level. 




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