Skiddle Recommends: A list of our favourite comedians

Want to get into your comedy but don't know where to start? Well, we thought we'd give our 10 pence on who we think the best comics in the UK game are right now, check it out below.

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 7th Feb 2023

Do you love comedy TV shows like Mock The Week, Taskmaster, 8 out of 10 Cats, and Would I Lie To You, but the medium of TV just isn't quite cutting it for you anymore, then there's only one thing you can do, get off your backside and go see some amazing comedy, live, in person?

Yet, what your first question may be is, who do you go and see? Well, that's where we come in. Here at Skiddle, we've gone around the office and all pitched in to bring you our comprehensive list of who we think are the very best comedians working in the Uk today. 

From household names to up-and-comers, comics who toe the line between the offensive and hilarious with expert precision, to others who bask in their own innate silliness, we've got them all, and whatever your sense of humour, there's bound to be someone on here who will make your sides split.

So scroll down, check out our list, and let us know if there's anyone we've missed. Oh, and while you're at it, why not check out the extensive list of comedy events on Skiddle, you may even find a few off this list to go and see.




Kevin Bridges

Image: Kevin Bridges on Facebook

Arguably the biggest and funniest name in the current market, Kevin Bridges is a Scottish legend who, despite the occasional need for subtitles, has taken over the UK stand-up scene and made it his own, frequently selling out stadiums with eager fans ready for a giggle. 

Noted for his lewd observational comedy, rooted in working-class self-deprecation, with a tartan charm, Bridges has a seemingly endless stream of anecdotal hilarity, the Clydebank local has done everything from sold-out shows, tv panel show appearances, his own tv show, and the man has even performed to Barack Obama. If that isn't praise enough we don't know what is.



James Acaster

Image: James Acaster on Facebook

If you haven't heard of James Acaster, then what rock have you been living under? From humble Kettering beginnings, the ostentatiously offbeat comic has garnered an adoring fanbase through an endless string of panel show appearances, an appearance on the Great British Bake Off, and now his own show, Hypothetical. But, when it comes to the stage instead of the silver screen, Acaster really shines.

From the stupendous silliness of his four-part Netflix show Repertoire to his most recent descent into the fabulously farcical, Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999, there are few comics in the game who can lace James's affliction for the absurd. If you like your comics slightly more light-hearted, with a focus on the eternal ludicrousness of real life, then Acaster is you man.




Adam Rowe

Image: Adam Rowe on Facebook

Scouse legend and half of one of the best comedy podcasts in the game Have A Word, Adam Rowe is on a career trajectory like no other, and that is mainly down to just how bloody funny the man is. Having recently played an arena with his podcast, as well as brand new special 'Imperious' he's only going one way and you've got to be along for the ride.

Adam Rowe is a master of toeing the line between the hilarious and offensive, constantly striving to find the line to toe whilst simultaneously making intelligent comments on the extremely polarised world we now live in. Everybody thinks they’re right on every single subject, and Adam is no different, although he also accepts that he’s probably wrong on most things, he's going to delve into it anyway, and he does so in the most brilliant ways possible.



Maisie Adams

Image: Maisie Adam on Facebook

Fresh from Live at The Apollo, Mock The Week, and most recently her iconic appearance on The Big Fat Quiz of the Year, Fringe Best Newcomer nominee Maisie Adam is on a rampage on the comedy scene at the minute, and her Yorkshire-tinged witty observations, high-octane energy and some brilliant anecdotes on modern day living leave very few without aching sides.

Maisie has been on all the panel shows and is destined for all the biggest stages, so, whilst you may be slightly late to the party, there's still more than enough room in her fan club, and after you've watched just one of her bits, you'll see what we're all on about. infinitely likeable, with an awkward Yorkshire delivery that endears and makes the jokes all the funnier, go and do the thing.



Daniel Sloss

Image: Daniel Sloss on Facebook

A Scottish comic that has earnt international acclaim through his searingly dark anecdotes that are equal amounts of scintillating observational work on the more taboo topics of the world, alongside more pensive, personal prose; Daniel Sloss's sets are a damn near perfect ride that'll have your head falling off in laughter, instead of your legs like other rides meant to make your grin. 

His jokes are told with painfully true honesty and conviction that might have you both reeling in laughter and sorrow. But that's where Sloss's comedy thrives and he loves to trudge around in the darker side of the art form, but with a tactness that can be hard to find within this facet of comedy.  

He is one of the best modern British comics working today, with a series of Netflix specials that you quite simply have to dive into, and if you can catch him live, we can't recommend it enough.




Romesh Ranganathan 

Image: Romesh Ranganathan on Facebook

One of the most recognisable on the list, and for good reason, since quitting as a maths teacher over ten years ago, Romesh Ranganathan has progressed from cult comedy hero to national TV treasure, and that's all down to just how dam right funny he is.

From seeing satire of race and religion in Britain, to more simple, relatable musings on family and parenthood, Romesh is a continuous stream of hilarity and one that you're bound to already be aware of before this. however, whilst you may have seen his TV work, a delve into his back-catalogue will make you all the more aware as to why he is as famous as he is today,




Fin Taylor

Image: Fin Taylor on Facebook

One of the newer names on this list, but a personal favourite of ours, Fin Taylor is emerging as one of the kings of dark comedy in the UK. From his absolutely incredible recent appearance on the NFL show when the sport came to London (seriously if you haven't watched this stop what you're doing and go, it's one of the funniest things you'll see today) to his new Youtube series, Fin vs the internet, where he takes on internet influencers and stars in the most brutally ironic ways, he is one seriously funny man.

His shows are where the magic happens though, as whilst you may have seen him on Live at the Apollo, or other TV comedy shows, you are not prepared for the dark, line-trading work he does in front of his own crowds. However, don't be shied off by the darker tone, as amidst the hilarious depravity are true slices of wisdom that will have you nodding in agreement, right before yet another cringe of stifled laughter. Hes fantastic and will be a household name soon enough.




Fern Brady

Image: Fern Brady on Facebook

The Scottish queen that is Fern Brady is often described as brutal, blunt, and forthright, and every single time she takes the stage, the laughs come thick and fast and ferns dead-pan Scottish delivery makes them all the funnier, a thing she is a true master at. Themes from her work often include feminism, existential despair, porn, past relationships, animals, and the creepiness of men, in an amalgamation of dark and light that'll have you trying to toe the line in your head whilst steadying yourself from the giggles.

She's scathing, painfully honest, and hilariously uncompromising, and we want to see her at every opportunity possible. 




Joe Lycett

Image: Joe Lycett on Facebook

Where to start with Joe Lycett. The comedian has turned himself from one of the most talked about acts on the circuit, to a national treasure, to a champion of the people, and all whilst being absolutely hilarious. Known by the most basic of fans as the host of many a comedy and TV show, and by the hardcore fans as a comic who parades in being on the right side of history, all with zero fluff unlike many in the political world. 

We know you'll already know who he is, and we know you already know he's hilarious, but for a lot of people in his position, there's a reason why their there, and in Lycets's case, it's just because he is that goddamn funny. 



Stewart Lee

Image: Stewart Lee on Facebook

Labelled many many on the right of politics as the “metropolitan liberal elite's” comic, but really just an excellent orator, with an intrinsic understanding of his artform, poking fun at all of its facets, whilst also making scintillating commentary on some of the complexities of modern-day political dividers such as political correctness, and cancel culture, all whilst maintaining his signature dead-pan delivery. 

Said by many to be the finest comic the country has produced and by others the worst thing to happen to British comedy since Mrs Browns Boys (although the ones saying that will probably enjoy that programme won't they); Lee has amassed a hardcore, cultish fanbase, and with an arsenal of a back-catalogue of his quality, as well as his new two-pronged special, Tornado/Snowflake, available on BBC iPlayer,  will give you and them an endless stream of searing observational hilarity, and without a doubt seep into the funny bones of a new generation. 




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