Skiddle Stereo Selections - Friday 6th November

Look at the delights populating our office stereo this week.

Ben Smith

Last updated: 7th Nov 2015

Image: DJ Haus

What do you all make of the Oasis cover on the John Lewis song then? Ruined a top anthem, or is it a stunning take on Noel's sing a long  showpiece? It's a topic much at the centre of debate in our office this morning, although one thing we seem to always agree on are the tunes that racket our office day in and day out. Here's what's been keeping us sane at HQ this week. 

DJ Haus 'Higher'

Week after week our office stereo is absolutely battered with DJ Haus mixes and podcasts. His Rinse FM shows are essential listening, his edit of Fatmia Yamaha's 'What's a girl to do' gave the track a relavence in plenty more DJ sets and his swaggering, ravey grooves are all set to take over the world in 2016.

That'll be confirmed when new album Burnin’ Up drops on the station's imprint on Friday 13th November, with the latest heater to come this jacking beaut. 

Jimmy Coultas

Psychemagik feat Navid Izadi 'Mink & Shoes' (Richard Norris Psychoactive Mixx)

Fans of low slung slower electronic jams will lap this up, as Brighton beatsmiths Psychemagik get the treatment of synth fiend Richard Norris, famous for his work with Erol Alkan in Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve, The Time and Space Machine and The Grid.

Lovely muted acid splurges sit atop a gorgeous cosmic grooves, whilst a hushed male vocal intones "you'll be coming back for more". How right he is.


DIIV 'Bent (Rois Song)' 

DIIV have finally announced a February release date for upcoming album Is The Is Are, and they're back at their shimmering, nauseous best with brand new track 'Bent'.  

In similar vein to 'Dopamine', Zachary Cole Smith's vocal is still coming down from its reverb drenched high on Oshin, as he croons its deep cutting introverted lyrics .

The song's densely layered guitars work their way into the dreamy subconscious, before a sprawling instrumental harks the binding of psychedelia and jazz to drown out the song.   

DIIV have endured a rocky three years since their debut in 2012, but from what we've seen of the new record so far, the band are arrowing in a positive direction.

Ben Smith 

Halia Jack 'Absence of Love'

This is a great slab of power pop from unsigned singer Halia Jack, who has been working with former Chibuku resident James Rand on the production. It's all swish synths and understated vocals, one of those gently overpowering yet somehow held back records. Although there's not much out there at the minute for her expect to see big things for Halia in 2016. 


Tiga 'Don't Break My Heart'

It's been a while since we've heard some new solo stuff from Turbo Records boss Tiga. 'Bugatti' was the last instalment which proved inescapable on dancefloors as an abundance of artists got on the remix.

He's gone and done it again with 'Don't Break My Heart', a groovy, acid infused club banger with rolling synths. It is the first track to be taken from his new album on Counter Records which will be out next year.

Becca Frankland 

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