Independent Venue Week Spotlight: Phase One, Liverpool

Take a look at Jacaranda Records’ Phase One in Liverpool and head over to celebrate Independent Venue Week at its special performances.

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 31st Jan 2023

You can’t beat the liberating, community vibe our local venues gift us. That’s why we're highlighting some of the best venues across the UK in line with Independent Venue Week. This time, we’re giving it up for Jacaranda Records’ live music venue, Phase One

Jacaranda Records is an independent record label based in Liverpool, known for spearheading The Beatles into success. The label went on to create record shops and live music venues in the city, and one of those is cosy little Phase One. 


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Tickets for Eleanor Nelly - Independent Venue Week 2023 | Sunday 5th February

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Inspired by The Jacaranda Club, with live music, a huge bar, a beer garden, and a record shop all in one, Phase One has everything you could want for a chill night out with your mates. The bar has an incredible range of drinks, including cocktails that are brought directly to your table, so you don’t have to faff about with queuing and can enjoy performances without having to move from your seat. 


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Tickets for SYML - Intimate and Stripped Back - IVW 2023 | Saturday 4th February

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The artists who perform at Phase are often of indie, acoustic, and folk origins but it’s far from unheard of for the venue to welcome punk, blues, soul, jazz, rap, pop, rock, and other flavours into the mix. Put the world on pause, grab a cocktail, sit yourself down, and enjoy some tunes with 400 other music fans. Sounds like a dream! 

One incredible event Phase One hosts is Secret Set Sundays. Every Sunday, an artist comes around to play tunes with last year seeing performances from Feeder, Paolo Nutini, and other brill names. The best bit? Tickets are free!


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Tickets for Secret Set Liverpool, Surprise Artist | Saturday 4th February

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A legendary record label with some cool little music venues on offer (Jacaranda is also behind E.B.G.B’s), in the spirit of Independent Venue Week, why not pop over to revel in some of their special one-off events this week? We’re sure you’ll have a ball.



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