Erol Alkan talks to Skiddle ahead of One Big Pre-Party this Month

We caught up with global DJ phenomenon and remixer du jour Erol Alkan for a quick chat ahead of his appearance at One Big Pre-party on Friday 13th May.

Richard Dyer

Last updated: 18th May 2011

This month sees Radio 1 bring their Big Weekend to Carlisle, with some of the world's biggest acts descending on Cumbria  for two days of live music and DJs.

And turning the Big Weekend into an absolutely Epic Weekend will be the huge pre-party and after-party, keeping the party going all night long with a huge roster of international DJ talent.  

We caught up with global DJ phenomenon and remixer du jour Erol Alkan for a quick chat ahead of his appearance at One Big Pre-party on Friday 13th May. 

Hi Erol, how's your 2011 going? Any highlights so far? 

Hello. 2011 has gone rather nicely so far, I've managed to release a few bits and bobs in the way of reworks for Metronomy, Connan Mockasin and Tame Impala and I have a barrel of music waiting to come out so I'm happy. Personal highlights range from my eight hour set the other week in London, to a sweaty night in Manchester care of Homoelectric. An Australian tour at the start of the year was pretty good too, although I broke my own personal record for days without sleep. Four!

Where do you see things going next for dance music?

There's some good kids out there making dance music with thought and feeling, those records will stick about. There are kids making records which have the DNA of hard house all over them, I'm not feeling those. We are all in a transitional period, it's each man for themselves now...

Which up and coming DJs or producers do you have your eye on at the moment? 

I like Canblaster and Daniel Maloso. Both have made records which have made me google them for more information, which I rarely do these days..

You're known for your string of high profile remixes. Do you prefer creating your own tracks, or remixing others'?

Reworking is far easier for me, as there is already something to give me direction. And it's true, the best things always happen the fastest. Why is that?

Do people approach you for remixes or do you take it upon yourself to do them? Do you feel much pressure when remixing their tracks?

I've never asked to remix anybody, although I have done a couple of remixes from the stereo track and the bands asked if they could release them, which I had no problem with. I always feel a pressure not just to the band that I am remixing, but also to myself. I certainly try to better what is already there, otherwise it seems pointless.

What was the first record you ever bought?

'Daddy Cool' by Boney M

You're also well known as a producer, for bands such as Mystery Jets and Late of the Pier. What do you think you bring to a record as a producer?

I try and find the song's most powerful elements and turn them up to its maximum. I find making guitar music more natural then club music sometimes due to my previous life as a guitarist.

You've amassed an overwhelming list of achievements over the past two decades. Do you have any career ambitions that are as yet unfulfilled? Anything else that you'd really love to achieve? 

All my ambitions lay outside of music and are private. Boring answer...

Does DJing have an age limit? 

Depends who your audience is. Weatherall, Francois K, David Rodigan, John Peel are examples of DJs who stayed true to their original ethos and continued to excite us all. 

You're playing at the One Big Weekend Pre- Party in Carlisle next month. What can the crowd expect of your set? Do you have anything special lined up for it? 

It's a party, so I'll attempt to turn the club inside out I suppose, I don't think I have any Carlisle related records...

What projects do you have in the pipeline for the next year? 

Plenty. The next bunch of singles with Boys Noize are ready to be released, as well as some other music…

Thanks Erol, looking forward to seeing you in Carlisle!

Watch Erol in action at the Warehouse Project below:

Catch Erol Alkan with Annie Mac and Kissy Sellout at One Big Pre-Party on Friday 13th May. Tickets cost £15 and are available below.


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