Drumcode @ Drumsheds: biggest UK showcase for leading techno force

We sent Alberto Massaro to check out Drumcode's biggest show in the UK to date.

Skiddle Staff

Last updated: 12th Mar 2024

Swedish techno label Drumcode Records, owned and managed by Adam Beyer, threw their biggest UK showcase to date at Drumsheds last Saturday. Drumcode doesn’t really need an introduction: founded in Sweden in 1996, the label carved out a unique place for itself in the music industry, becoming one of the most respected names in the techno scene globally and the highest-selling techno record label on Beatport. Its roster boasts an impressive array of some of the most in-demand artists, including Amelie Lens, Len Faki, Anna, Enrico Sangiuliano, Luigi Madonna, Maceo Plex and Sam Paganini, to mention a few. Aside from releasing records (the latest one being Adam Beyer’s ‘Let’s Begin’), the label also hosts a weekly radio show, Drumcode Radio Live and, of course, they organise parties and events all over the world.

For their huge UK show featuring Adam Beyer, Rebuke, Kölsch, Layla Benitez, Innellea (live), Stephan Bodzin (live) and many others, Drumcode took over Drumsheds in London for a day party. Even before entering the club, the choice of venue makes sense: Drumsheds is an imposing structure which dominates the warehouse district in North London with a capacity of up to 15,000 people. Spanning across three rooms, hosted respectively by Drumcode, Truesoul and Junction 2, the club is packed from the very beginning (as the queue outside suggests). The brutalist and bare interiors, immense dancefloors, imposing sound system, and carefully curated light show perfectly celebrate the success of Drumcode.

Playing after Layton Giordani, Kasia and Olympe, Rebuke took charge of the X Room from 3pm to 4pm, contributing to keeping the energy high for the artists performing after him. Emerging from the Irish underground scene, the artist is a true powerhouse in the techno scene. With a unique blend of techno, house and rave, he easily controlled the crowd throughout the whole set with his unique sound, creating an atmosphere that was both energetic and nostalgic. He seamlessly transitioned from the previous act, slowly raising the energy as the event was getting to its peak. The response from the crowd was a clear testament to the quality of the music: with vibrant lights perfectly in sync with the sounds, everyone’s hands were up in the air the whole time. Rebuke also showcased carefully crafted visuals that accompanied the music, making his performance a true 360-degree experience of storytelling.

Innellea took the stage after Rebuke and put on a cohesively designed live set. With a strong base made of his signature melodic techno, he dipped into trance-inspired sounds and intricately layered synths, creating a euphoric energy that was too contagious to leave the dancefloor. Later, it was time for Kölsch, another very respected name in the techno scene that just made sense to include in such a strong line-up. He delivered a compelling set which mixed emotional and cinematic sounds with relentless basslines, and elements inspired by house and trance too. The sophisticated result was appealing to both more expert ears, who could appreciate the complexity of the production, and to the ones who were there to have a good time listening to catchy music.

It was then time for the headliner of the show and driving force behind Drumcode: Adam Beyer. His set was pure power, as a peak time set should be. The Swedish DJ effortlessly blended a selection of old-school techno and rave tracks, characterised by their dirty basslines and acid sounds, with sultry vocals and house-inspired melodies. The music was hypnotic, and the atmosphere in the room (a gigantic room that was packed from the top until the very end) was electric. At times it felt almost like a ritual, as if Adam Beyer was preaching a mysterious sonic sermon and the crowd could only listen and move to the music. His performance was a masterclass in terms of building tension and releasing it with impactful drops, which made everyone go absolutely crazy.

There are some snippets that have been published on Drumcode Records’ Instagram account for those who missed the set, which are a great testament to what happened last Saturday at Drumsheds. Adam Beyer created a sonic journey that was fun but energetic, fierce but seductive, and (most importantly) got everyone dancing until the very end of the event, shaping a sense of euphoria that was impossible to leave.


Seeing the impressive turnout for Drumcode’s UK showcase, it seems like the popularity of the label isn’t slowing down anytime soon. With a continuous flow of beloved releases, a successful radio show, and sold-out events all over the globe (next stops scheduled for March include Barcelona, Miami and New York City), Drumcode Records continue to rule the techno space and rightfully so.


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