Portsmouth Fresher's Week 2024

Found on the sunny (well sunnier than up north) shores of the south, Portsmouth is an excellent place to spend the next few years earning your degree; and with over 28,000 students, the city is teeming with a youthful vibe and events to match.

So, whether you're looking to hit the town at Astoria and The Loft, or you want a night full of live theatre or comedy at Portsmouth Guildhall, the city has loads for any prospective student to have a great night there. 

So with Portsmouth fresher's week 2022 right around the corner, you’re going to want to start Uni with a bang by being clued up on all the Portsmouth fresher's events that’ll impress those strangers soon to be your closest mates. 

Plus, once the chaos of freshers has calmed, you can check out our What's On Guide for Portsmouth events and get a real taste of all the seaside city has on offer.



Whether you're moving down to the city for the first time or returning for another year, our freshers guide to Portsmouth student nightlife, covering the best venues, clubs and student areas to visit, will help you gain the knowledge you need to navigate the southern coastal town and find the best s…

Popular Portsmouth venues - find out what's on where

Whether you're an avid underground clubber, fashionable funky house head or prefer your live music, check these popular Portsmouth venues for upcoming events, or view our full what's on guide for loads more...

Spice Island Inn


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