Leeds Fresher's Week 2017

Whether you're arriving in Leeds for the first time or returning for another year of uni in Leeds, the Yorkshire city is undoubtedly one of the best places in the UK for students - just ask any of the 30,000 plus that currently call Leeds home. It's simply a tremendous city, where the people, the culture, the music and of course the fashion come together to create a unique experience for any resident.

Most of you will be studying at either The University of Leeds or Leeds Metropolitan University, but there's also a scattering of other higher education institutes including Leeds Trinity College, Leeds College of Art and Leeds College of Music, which all create a vibrant, open-minded city that is home to a superb music and social scene with a strong sense of community.

There's plenty to do, see, and explore during your time in the city, so to help you get started we've compiled this handy Leeds freshers' guide.



Leeds is literally crammed with bars and clubs to suit every kind of student and every sort of night out. You’ll find many of these in the student hotspot of Headingley, an area which will no doubt be responsible for the death of many a brain cell during the next three years.   …

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