Top 5 Records: Danny Bond

Leeds-based DJ and producer Danny Bond finally released his ‘Dominator’ bootleg. Here are some of his best tracks.

Skiddle Staff

Last updated: 25th Aug 2023

Leeds-based house DJ and producer Danny Bond has been a seriously hot name recently. If you don’t recognise his name (which we’re sure you do - he was one of the most searched-for artists on Skiddle last year), you’ll most definitely have heard his bootleg of Dominator doing the rounds on TikTok.

Now Dominator has finally been released, we thought now was the perfect time to check out some of his top five records. Often mixing house with flavours from other genres like bassline, here are some of the tracks that led to him being one of Skiddle’s hottest 2022 artists alongside huge names like Camelphat and Patrick Topping


Pumped Up

Banging gym music or sweaty warehouse floor-filler? We’ll let you decide. But we reckon it’s a bit of both. Pumped Up is just one of those tracks where if you manage to stay entirely still, something’s wrong. And what a drop! It’s just delicious, give it a listen. 



Subaru Birds - Danny Bond remix 

Switching up a track from an almost atmospheric pop banger to a bassline-tinged track is a feat in itself. Danny flipped Magnus Kermack’s lovely Subaru Birds into a hedonistic, thumpy, bass-focused track that brought countless ravers into the festival tents he’s been on since its release late last year. 



Hearts Ain't Gonna Lie - Danny Bond ReRub

Another track that’s a bit of an ode to those old bassline sounds, this bootleg just screams summer, dancing with your mates, and not caring about a single thing. It’s freedom wrapped up in a dance track package. 



Put Em High (Organ Mix) 

Breathing new, raving life into a classic, Danny’s take on Put Em High gifted younger ravers with a track they may have just missed out on. 

Sped up slightly to get even the most stubborn ravers going, this rework brings out an uplifting, atmospheric side to the track, perfect for that moment when you’re in the crowd, realising the glorious moment you’re in before you’re back dancing your little legs off. 




Breathing new life into Human Resource’s Dominator, Danny’s bootleg went viral, being played across the globe by countless DJs, and receiving a belting reaction at the prestigious Glastonbury during his own set. It was all over TikTok with over 1.5 million views before it was finally released today (25th August) on Patrick Topping’s Trick label. 

Bursting with pure energy, we’re not at all shocked this belter has gained such a fanbase, even before it was released. Now we no longer have to search for this bootleg, we reckon it’s time to add it to the predrinks playlist…  



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