Top Five Records - Patrick Topping

We take a look at five of the records that have turned Patrick Topping into a global Tech-House sensation.

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 20th Sep 2022

Over the last decade, the deck's machine Patrick Topping has risen to the forefront of the Tech-House scene thanks to the constant stream of Ibiza-ready bangers that are vibrant, infectious and always send his crowd into a groove-laden frenzy. 

Despite the summer months being over, and Ibiza seasons coming to a close, we think there's no better to scrub up on Topping's techy tunes. Because who says the end of summer means the end of the party? definitely not us.

The Georgie groove master knows how to use his electronic soundscape to provide his adoring faithful with the means to two-step until the early hours. So, we've put together our top five favourite records to ensure that your playlists are stacked, and you can use them to dance the winter cold away instead of paying for the bills.



Be Sharp Say Nowt

One of THE tracks of the summer in 2017, that is still a certified banger to this day the 7-minutes of constantly rising, echoing timbre that is 'Be Sharp Say Nowt' is just one of those tracks that always fills a dancefloor and is impossible not to at least nod your head to (although we amongst many will be doing so much more, and quite frankly tearing that dancefloor apart.) 

Accompanied by a funky bass, a smattering of nifty drum samples, and huge gospel sections that punch you straight into a state of euphoria, the track instantly transports you into a smoke-filled basement with blinding lasers and sweaty, joy-stricken crowds. It really is Tech-House at its very best.




The track that saw Patrick topping many people's best newcomer lists, 2014s 'Forget' is a tune that is undeniably timeless and has been a staple of the DJs sets for almost a decade now. With its industrial percussion and deep electronic fades that progress into rumbling bass grooves and vintage house vocals, the track could easily have been pulled from a 90s Ibiza classics playlist.

You should never forget your roots, and we hope Topping never does, as this tune deserves to be spun again and again for years to come; we won't ever get bored and bopping along to this one.



Turbo Time

By 2019, the floors that Topping was filling had grown to say the least, and a bigger floor means bigger tunes and that's exactly what topping brought with 'Turbo Time'. Building off of the vintage diva vocals that peppered the Tech House scene at the time, this track features an infectious vocal sample that soars over the top of one of the funkiest bass beats the DJ has ever spun. Seriously, we challenge you not to move to it, it's impossible. 

There are moments listening to this one where you close your eyes and are instantly overcome with the desire to sack off work in the morning and go out for a boogie, it's a mean feat and an even meaner track.



Dr. Vibes

The name of this track could easily be a moniker of Patricks, and with this track, he certainly brings vibes aplenty. With its repeating vocal sample that dances on top of the oscillating electronic beat and Drumcode-esque bassline, it's one that forces every single member of the crowd to two-step like a well-drilled rave army.

The surgical precision of groove that Patrick has established over his years behind the decks is no better showcased than on this 2017 hit. Ladies and Gentlemen as everyone knows... Its Doctor vibes



Rocket Fuel

Surpassing 133 BPM, the tracks off this EP are some of the fastest that Topping has produced, and we aren't complaining. The highlight of it is obviously the title track 'Rocket Fuel', which is an undeniable house banger that is designed to keep the dancefloor in constant motion. Once the two-minute mark hits, the track hits into full force with its hardcore-inspired synth line that sends the stiffest amongst us into an all-out groove.

Plus, the vocal samples that top the beat makes the track sound as if it's being MC'ed over, giving it a real live feel. Something I'm sure many were glad for in the lockdown it was released into. Whack it on the speakers and get moving!



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