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2019 saw the beginning of a phenomenal new cultural event in Manchester. A place where there are no entry requirements, whether you’re hetero, homo, lesbo or don’t know there’s space for you here. These were the fundamental words of HomoElectric, one of the most unique parties in Manchester who put together the mighty Homobloc show in 2019. Met with universal acclaim, this was a queer bloc party for all that took over Depot Mayfield with only one purpose in mind. To blow the lid off of Manchester and deliver one of the greatest parties that the city had ever seen. This was a place of community spirit, with the perfect amount of flamboyance and flair, with an amazing lineup of artists and DJ’s to create something that was unforgettable. Now Homobloc is returning, and it will no doubt be another stunning party full of misfits and queer icons all under the same roof, all having the time of their lives.

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