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Last updated: 3rd Dec 2021

December! Where the hell did you come from?! Whether you're ready for it or not, Christmas is almost upon us. What better gift is there than the gift of live music? Answer: none. So get ya sen or your loved ones some tickets to some of the finest acts in the UK this December/next year!

Below, you'll discover just a small selection of some of the many countless live gigs, tours and solo performances set to take place in venues around the British Isles over the remainder of the year and into 2022.

So, whether you're into punk, rock n roll, neo-soul, jazz, electronica, indie or funk, we guarantee there's something here to whet that insatiable live music appetite of yours. Scroll down and click or tap on the links provided for tickets and more... 




When: Sunday 3rd April 2022

Where: Duffy's Bar in Leicester

Post-rock is a truly remarkable genre; one that skirts the edges between ambient beauty and apocalyptic walls-of-noise, from the most subtle cymbal washes to the most devastating barrages of riffs and pummeling drums. Deathcrash, the London based 4 piece optimise this definition wonderfully.

Though their offerings have been few up to this point, what they have presented has caught the attention of the UK music press, fans and promoters alike, with their early EPs selling out and demand for a repress being proof of a bright future ahead. Their music encapsulates the early blueprints of post-rock, drawn up by American bands like Slint and Duster, but with their own wintery aesthetic, taking things at a glacial pace, delivering the assaults of volumes at the precise time that the music longs for it. Check out their EP ‘People thought my windows were stars’ on Spotify here.

Following the release of their debut album ‘Return’ in January 2022, Deathcrash are heading out for a string of dates around the UK, including a stop in Leicester in April. Get your tickets below...


Find tickets for Deathcrash - here




Venus Grrrls

When: Friday 18th February 2022

Where: Sneaky Petes in Edinburgh

Bringing a modern, British sheen to the Riot Grrrl scene of the 90s, Venus Grrrls are a tour de force of alternative rock whose mission is to smash all preconceived notions of what “women in rock” means in 2021. 

Owing to their electric live performances, Venus Grrrls have plenty of accolades to their name in the short time they’ve been on the circuit, having supported bands such as All Time Low, Anteros and Bloxx, as well as getting air time on national radio. They have a real classic punk energy to their music, but with modern pop sensibilities and an attitude that demands attention.

Catch Venus Grrrl live in Edinburgh in February 2022 at Sneaky Petes. Grab your tickets below now... 

Find tickets for Venus Grrrls - here




Melt Yourself Down

When: Saturday 12th March 2022

Where: Hare And Hounds in Birmingham

Melt Yourself Down main-man Pete Wareham once described the band as “Nubian inspired party-punk music”, but I feel that doesn’t really do justice to the sheer amount of genres the music gods blended together when birthing them. Part punk, part jazz, part psychedelic, part funk, part electronica… You get the idea, there are lots of parts to this beast. Despite this melting pot of ideas, which in the hands of some, would sound confusing and ramshackle, MYD manages to deliver an intoxicatingly groovy sound that oozes with fresh ideas and boundless energy.

To date, the band have released 3 studio albums that have taken listeners on a journey of musical history, through different eras and geographical locations, all finely woven together with a true command of groove and ingenuity.

Melt Yourself Down bring their infectious live set to the fabulous Hare and Hounds in Birmingham in March next year. Grab your tickets below...


Find tickets for Melt Yourself Down - here




Black Country, New Road

When: Wednesday 13th April 2022

Where: Albert Hall in Manchester

It’s no secret that I love Black Country, New Road. Their debut album, the aptly titled “For the First Time” is one of my favourite albums of the year so far (you can read what I had to say about that HERE) and saw the band Mercury Prize-nominated. Their music is a unique blend of post-rock, post-punk and Klezmer music, with each member of the 7-piece band brushing the canvas with their own palette of influences and musical roots.

BC, NR seemingly appeared from nowhere. They emerged from London in 2018, quickly gaining recognition on the UK experimental scene for their genre-fusing escapades, playing alongside good buddies Black Midi. Their early singles were quickly picked up by BBC Radio 6 Music, who gave them daily play. With new album ‘Ants from Up There’ set for release in February 2022 which promises an even more expansive sound if live previews are anything to go by, now is the time to witness them in a live setting. 

And you can do just that at the bloody marvellous Albert Hall in Manchester in April 2022. Do not wait around, these tickets won’t be here long. Grab yours below now...


Find tickets for Black Country, New Road here




The Utopiates Tour

When: Various dates

Where: Various cities

2020 brought many changes to the UK as we faced a pandemic the likes of which we have never seen and (touch wood) won’t see again in our generation. It forced us all to stay inside and rethink our lives. For five young guys in North London, it shone as an opportunity to direct their energies into something new; that something was music, and so The Utopiates were born.

Part The Cure, part Depeche Mode, part Brit-pop - the band have already caught the attention of the press and promoters of Britain, scoring tour dates across the UK. Thanks to This Feeling, The Utopiates are heading out around the UK this December.

Check out all dates for the tour and grab your tickets from the link below...


Find tickets for The Utopiates - here





When: Friday 28th January 2022

Where: The Ferret in Preston

Forming in Liverpool in 1993 (good year, that), Space carved their own piece of the Brit Pop pie. Sounding unique in comparison to their contemporaries on the 90s scene, Space incorporate unexpected elements into their music (check out those steel drums on ‘Female of the Species’). Their infectious grooves rattle alongside influences that shaped them into an outlier, with occasional Latin nuances and lounge music vocals.

Space have maintained a cult following throughout their career, and to this day are still releasing new music, with their latest studio album being released in 2021, ‘Music for Please Music for Pain’. They carry themselves with a sense of humour that permeates their music - they joyously play their 90s throwbacks alongside their ever-evolving sound.

Space head to the Ferret, Preston in January, make sure you grab your tickets while you can! Get them from the link below now…


Find tickets for Space - here




Only Sun

When: Wednesday 8th December 2021

Where: The Garage in London

Just like the star they are named after, Only Sun emerged this year from behind a big old, rocky hill called 2020 - a year that saw everyone come to a standstill, including these boys, who, despite being active since 2016, found themselves stuck indoors with nothing to do but write. And write they did, bracing themselves to return in 2021 with their debut album ‘Tangled Mind’.

And what better way to celebrate the release of a debut album than to head out around the UK to some sweaty, intimate venues? Pent up energy by the shovel load, they’ve never been more ready to get out there and deliver their inventive indie rock anthems to the masses.

Only Sun are heading to The Garage in London next week for what promises to be an exhilarating show! Grab your tickets now from the link below...


Find tickets for Only Sun - here




The Native


When: Wednesday 23rd March 2022

Where: The Louisiana in Bristol

The Native are a fresh-faced Indie Rock band from the UK, with melodies and hooks that are way beyond their years. Their music is a modern blend of pop-rock sensibilities and slick guitars that soar in the same way that Kings of Leon did in the mid-2000s. Their single ‘Adore Me’, described by the band as a “break up song” has a sombre aura that really highlights their songwriting abilities, skills that spell a bright future.

They’re making their way around the UK, doing what every young band wants to do; bringing their tunes to the people of the UK, hanging out with their mates and apparently, taking pictures of each other asleep in various locations (well, at least that's what I found on their Facebook page…)

Catch The Native live in Bristol at the Louisiana next March. Grab your tickets from the link below...


Find tickets for The Native - here






When: Friday 25th February 2022

Where: Jimmy's in Liverpool

Orchards are a truly joyous band. They’re like candyfloss; they’re bright, sweet and happy, but they’ll also have you running up the walls and giving you moments to reflect when the sugar high comes to a halt… then you eat some more and you’re happy again.

Sounding something like a cross between Bombay Bicycle Club and Foals, they merge pop-rock with fuzzy math riffs, tied together with a neat bow of technical prowess. They are unabashedly pop. Singer Lucy Evers has a sweet-sounding voice that coats the music in Summer-drenched brightness, even when tackling heavy subject matter like depression and anxiety.

Don’t miss your chance to see Orchards live next year. They head to Liverpool in February 2022. Don’t wait, grab your tickets below…


Find tickets for Orchards - here




Bob Log III


When: Thursday 17th February 2022

Where: Night And Day Cafe in Manchester

Who is Bob Log III? No one knows. WHAT is Bob Log III? Well, Bob Log III is a one-man Delta Blues/Punk/Lof-fi/Hip Hop machine, who performs in a one-piece human-cannonball outfit, with a fighter pilot helmet on his head, with a telephone receiver affixed to the visor, who slays the slide guitar while playing the drums with his feet. Oh yeah, and he sails around on the hands of the crowd in an inflatable dinghy You know, one of them.

Since the late 90s, Bob has astounded crowds with his masterful blues riffing, his inimitable on-stage persona and his wild, party antics. He traverses each venue he plays, sometimes heading into the toilets for a song or two, stepping out into the car park, playing with audiences members on his knee and sometimes on the shoulders of audience members. Needless to say, if you go to a Bob Log III show (and let's face it, I’ve given you plenty of reasons too), you’ll be seeing something you’ve never seen before.

Bob is heading to Manchester next February to the excellent Night and Day Cafe (sign this petition if you haven’t already - ). Get your tickets now for the ultimate party...


Find tickets for Bob Log III - here




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