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Last updated: 5th Nov 2021

Halloween is behind us now, and Christmas is (terrifyingly) on the horizon, but let's not forget what the most important thing in the world is - live gigs! And boy, have we got a few of those to shout about...

Below, you'll discover just a small selection of some of the many countless live gigs, tours and solo performances set to take place in venues around the British Isles over the remainder of the year and into 2022.

So, whether you're into punk, rock n roll, neo-soul, jazz, electronica, indie or funk, we guarantee there's something here to whet that insatiable live music appetite of yours. Scroll down and click or tap on the links provided for tickets and more... 



Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes

When: Wednesday 24th November 2021

Where: O2 Academy in Liverpool

Starting out in hardcore, flirting with pop-rock and then settling on some form of middle ground between the two, Frank Carter has carved his own slice of the UK rock scene, being somewhat of a cult hero, a punk icon and a tour-de-force of energy on stage. Frank charges around the stage with a menacing stare - he commands the audience with incredible charisma and presence.

Backed up by his Rattlesnakes, Frank & co have achieved things many punk bands could only dream about: Headlining Download Pilot, Download Festivals post-lockdown, scaled-down festival, touring with bands such as Biffy Clyro, Foo Fighters and Bring Me The Horizon and cracking the UK top 10 album charts - not once, not twice, but thrice. Frank describes the bands sound as "perfectly fill[ing] the gap between indie, punk and rock and roll”, and I’m certainly not going to argue with him (for a short guy, he has pretty large muscles…)

On the back of releasing their brand new album, ‘Sticky’, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes are heading to Liverpool this month! Get your tickets below...


Find tickets for Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - here




GoGo Penguin

When: Thursday 3rd November 2022

Where: KOKO in London

For just shy of 10 years now, GoGo Penguin have pushed the boundaries of jazz music, sketching all over the genre's foundations with highlights of electronic, break, techno and modern classical. Comprising of a trio of acoustic instruments - piano, double bass and drums - GoGo Penguin explore unexpected combinations and rhythms that redefine Jazz, sprinkling it with Trip Hop darkness and electronic rushes.

Their records have earned them critical acclaim, a mercury prize nomination and have led the group on worldwide tours, where they have astounded audiences with their quiet/loud dynamics; one moment down tempo and reflective, the next delivering an onslaught of breakneck precision and musicianship. Their live sound is really extraordinary, a performance that consists of many musicians, but in reality, is made up of only three. Granted, the three in question are musicians of the highest calibre.

Don’t miss your chance to see GoGo Penguin on their genre-fusing escapades. They head to London in November 2022. Don’t wait, grab your tickets below...


Find tickets for GoGo Penguin - here




Jamie Webster

When: Tuesday 7th December 2021

Where: Tramshed in Cardiff

Scouse songwriter Jamie Webster has built himself up to be a Liverpool hero. Building up his reputation alongside the football clubs recent successes, he has toured in fan zones as the team conquered both the Champions League and Premier League titles, even meeting Jurgen Klopp along the way.

Yet he is so much more than a Liverpool fan done good, Jamie has worked tirelessly to establish himself as a songwriter and you can see that for yourself when listening to his debut album We Get By which was released in 2020. Now playing to bigger crowds than he ever has before, don't miss your chance to see him visit Cardiff in December.


Find tickets for Jamie Webster - here




The Jesus and Mary Chain

When: Thursday 18th November 2021

Where: Albert Hall in Manchester

Hailing from Scotland in 1983, The Jesus and Mary Chain have inspired hordes of musicians. Their debut album “Psychocandy” was groundbreaking at the time of release in 1985. While bands such as The Cure, The Smiths and New Order dominated the world with their bleak outlooks on life and sad ruminations, TJ&MC flattened it with a noise/dream pop behemoth the likes of which hadn’t been heard before. They grew to be known for their wild live performances, their raucous attitude and their intense volume - often being referred to as the Sex Pistols of the 80s. To this day, the band is still influencing new generations of noisy dreamers and shoegazers.

The band's second album “Darklands” saw TJ&MC explore their more melodious side, replacing some of the wailing feedback of Psychocandy with infectious hooks. Despite being somewhat more accessible, the band still maintained the balance between light and shade - the walls of noise were still there, they had just learned to reign them in and control the atmosphere.

You can catch The Jesus and Mary Chain performing “Darklands” in full at the prestigious Albert Hall, this month! Get your tickets now while you still can...


Find tickets for The Jesus and Mary Chain here




Yussef Dayes

When: Friday 5th November 2021

Where: The Crossing in Birmingham

Yussef Dayes is without a doubt one of the finest examples of Jazz Musicianship in 2021. Since the age of 4, digging through his dad's old jazz records, Yussef has taken on influences from all facets of cultures and genres, from early funk to afro-beat, to garage and rock. His drumming is faultless and shows a true commitment to the instrument as an art form.

Yussef’s drumming has earned him recognition as one of the greatest young musicians on the UK jazz scene. Last year, he teamed up with guitar wizard Tom Misch to deliver “What Kinda Music” - a truly remarkable album that demonstrated the true potential of both musicians as prodigies of their instruments. Pieces of music that at times feel improvised, at others feel refined, but always leave the listener blown away by the heights they reach. Check out this live rendition of “Lift Off” with Rocco Palladino. It’s incredible.

Catch Yussef TONIGHT in Birmingham at The Crossing. There’s even a lovely little deal on 2 for 1 tickets. Grab them now below...


Find tickets for Yussef Dayes - here




Part Chimp

When: Friday 12th November 2021

Where: The Ferret in Preston

It takes roughly 5 seconds for Part Chimp to make their intentions clear on new album “Drool” - MAXIMUM VOLUME YIELDS MAXIMUM RESULTS. Though these are the words of Seattle's Drone metal overloads, Sunn O))), they are just as relevant here, on Part Chimps 8th studio album. Chimp are, at this point in their career, legends in their own right. Since the turn of the millennium, they have bludgeoned the UK underground rock scene with fuzz-drenched guitars and hammered drums, pushing venues to the limits with low-end noise assaults.

Though they may not be reinventing the wheel, borrowing heavily from Melvins, Electric Wizard and Neurosis, Part Chimp delivers exactly what fans have grown to expect from them with each release - pure knuckle-dragging barrages that could shift tectonic plates. What sets them apart from their contemporaries, however, is a sense of joy. Yes, they're heavy and at times dark, but their riffs embody a sense of joy. With each album, Chimp preach from the rule book of heavy riffs and crushing volume. They’re almost like mythical messiahs, trudging the Earth, spreading the good word to the ear drums of the worthy…

Part Chimp deliver their next sermon at the church of The Ferret, Preston, this month! Get your tickets from the link below, and don’t forget your ear plugs...


Find tickets for Part Chimp - here




The Human League

When: Saturday 16th July 2022

Where: Garon Park in Southend-On-Sea

“You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar…” The opening line of The Human Leagues' only UK number 1 single, “Don’t You Want Me” from 1981. And though it may be their only chart topper, it's a song that remains popular to this day, filling the 80s rooms of the clubs and prompting even the most Tik-Tok enamoured millennials to belt it at the tops of their voices. It’s perhaps due this ever-lasting appeal that The Human League, now a staggering 44 years into their career, are still touring and selling out venues across the UK.

Forming in the Steel City of Sheffield in 1977, The Human League began their musical endeavours with an exploration of experimental electronic music before finding their feet with a more chart-friendly synth pop sound. Shortly after, they bagged a deal with Virgin records, which saw them shoot to global fame, including multiple number 1 singles in the US and sell out tours throughout the early 80s. 

Comprising of core members, Phil Oakey, Susan Ann Sulley and Joanne Catherall, The Human League are set to bring a nostalgia-fueled, hit-stacked show to Southend in July 2022. Get your tickets below now...


Find tickets for The Human League - here




Cory Wong


When: Various dates, March 2022

Where: Manchester, Glasgow, Bristol & London

Cory Wong has been somewhat of a sensation in recent years amongst musos and music lovers. Whether it’s his virtuoso, funk playing or his infectious joy that's imbued in all he does, it's clear to see that Cory is a musician of true talent and vibrance. His guitar playing encompasses funk, jazz, rock, soul, R&B and even more recently, New Age music (for which he was nominated for a Grammy!). He’s played with a whole host of incredible musicians since his musical emergence in 2008, most notably with his funk band Vulfpeck.

Whilst the global happenings of 2020/21 put a hold on his touring schedule (something we’re all too familiar with at this stage), Cory took the time to further explore new genres and formats, including launching an Internet variety show called “Cory and the Wongnotes”, which gave him a platform to perform new music and display his joyous personality through skits and interviews.

However, fans can rejoice in the fact that Mr Wong is now FINALLY able to make it to the UK in March next year, with a string of dates across the country. Check them out and get your tickets below...


Find tickets for Cory Wong - here




Jimi Somewhere


When: Monday 9th May 2022

Where: The Cluny 2 in Newcastle Upon Tyne 

A multi-hyphenate singer, producer, songwriter and designer, it's fair to say that Jimi Somewhere likes to be in full creative control. In his carefully created aesthetic, you'll find bends of pop, electronic, indie and much more. He'll be coming to The Cluny 2 in Newcastle next year for a very special gig.

This year he finally released his much-anticipated debut album Nothing Gold Can Stay via Ultimate Records which explored coming of age and has established him as one of the most exciting new artists around. Make sure you don't miss out on him coming to the UK.


Find tickets for Jimi Somewhere - here




Viagra Boys


When: Wednesday 15th December 2021

Where: The Mill Digbeth in Birmingham

Did I mention the phrase “Post-punk” enough in my last gig list? No? Oh okay then, well in that case, let’s finish this one off with the Swedish sensation Viagra Boys. They’re raw, raucous, they don’t take themselves too seriously, they tackle political themes, wear their sense of humour firmly on their sleeves… Yep, they sound like a post punk band to me! 

The roots of punk can be heard in frontman Sebastian Murphy's vocal delivery, as he spits out lyrics tackling masculinity and political agendas. There’s a real Iggy Pop attitude to his performance, backed up by repeated bass lines and thumping beats. The guitars screech and wail as they should in any good punk band. 

We’d also like to take this moment to pay our respects to founding member/guitarist Benjamin Vallé, who tragically passed away at age 47 recently. Our thoughts go out to his family, friends and of course Viagra Boys, who I’m sure will do him proud for the rest of their career.

Catch Viagra Boys this December in Birmingham at the Mill. Get your tickets below...


Find tickets for Viagra Boys - here




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