The Going Out Podcast - Episode 4 - Mason Collective

Skiddle Staff

Last updated: 25th Mar 2021

For episode 4, we continue our going out conversations with Manchester based Mason Collective, headed by Blair Suarez, Adam Myles and Omar Guedar. The dynamic trio is known for their presence in the underground music scene and their signature high energy explosive DJ sets. 


We chatted to the boys about growing up in Sankey’s, what it’s like to throw legendary themed parties, booking MK for their first ever party, amongst many other things. It was also the week that Spoitfy shared it’s 2020 unwrapped, so we couldn’t let the boys go without digging into their musical guilty pleasures. 


2020 may have been a year of disruptions, but that didn’t seem to slow down Mason Collective. The boys told us how they’ve kept busy throughout isolation, with the launch of their own podcast and TV series, and dive into some of their future plans (which may or may not include the launch of a potential fashion label…) 

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