Skiddle Mix 111 - Hannah Holland B2B Josh Caffe (Classic/Exploited)

Get your ears around this mix soaked in squelchy acid sounds and rumbling straight-up house beats and read our interview with Josh Caffe here.

Becca Frankland

Last updated: 17th Aug 2016

Some artists just create magic when they work together, both behind the decks or in the studio - Josh Caffe and Hannah Holland are that type of pairing. Not only did they work together on the track 'Backroom Baby' which was released on the prestigious Nurvous last year, they currently co-host the monthly club night Night Sheen which is based in London. 

Josh is a talented vocalist and producer, with his early works such as ‘Play With The Maid’ (also in collaboration with Hannah) played far and wide as he picked up recognition for his vocal performances on Boiler Room.

Hannah Holland is a truly prolific production expert, releasing on Classic, Domino, DFA and International DJ Gigolos to name just a few, and her musical skill translates into her sets with equal force as she flutters between house, techno and bass,

Ahead of Night Sheen's second birthday we received an acid-laced power mix from the pair (listen above) and caught up with Josh to find out a little bit more about Night Sheen and his relationship with Hannah ahead of the event on 20th August.

We're really loving the mix you and Hannah have given us, having worked on the track for Nurvous together as well as starting your clubnight, why do you think you're both so musically compatible?                                                                  

Thanks! It was pleasure to do for you guys. Me and Hannah have known each other for over 10 years and have always had the same admiration for each other’s music so when we first worked on a track together, everything just clicked in the studio and we really bounced off each other’s ideas. We learn a lot from each other in different ways.

Constantly sending ideas and inspirations for music too so when we’re in the studio there’s already so much to play around with. She’s also one of the people I feel the most comfortable doing b2b with. Again we bounce off each other well. We know when to each take the vibes up, have a vocal section, strip things back a bit. 

We’re hopefully going to start working on a new project called L E Ionflash soon so watch this space.

For anyone who's unfamiliar with your background, can you tell us when you first started with vocal contributions and DJing?

I started out DJing as a duo with my partner at the time. We were called Caffe Latte (I think you can guess why). We managed to get a gig playing at the Red Lion in Hoxton Square through our flatmate, having never DJ’d in our lives. We didn’t even know how to use the equipment but we managed to wing it through with a playlist we spent days putting together.

It was all over the place and all our mates thought it was way too ballsy and hilarious but they still showed support. At the end of the night the manager came up to us and said, "Do you want to have a weekly residency here? The crowd seem to like it.’’ We both pissed ourselves laughing thinking she was joking. But from this came two more residencies nearby. We always had the music to play but literally taught ourselves to DJ at our gigs.

A few years ago I got introduced to Leo Zero through a friend and we really hit it off, especially with the same love for Soundfactory era music – Wild Pitch, Armand van Helden, Junior Vasquez. We started working on music from there and I got to explore things with my vocals.

I met Jeroen from The Subs shortly after and we were in the studio playing around with some ideas and that’s probably when I started doing more singing rather than spoken vocals. I’m not musically trained from a young age or anything and never really thought I could sing but being around people like Jeroen and later Robert Owens encouraged me in so many ways. 

We're talking ahead of the upcoming Night Sheen event at Shelter Club, can you tell us a little bit about the background of the night and its beginnings?

I do a mix series regularly called Deep Dreaming & Night Sheen and the party spawned from this really as Night Sheen is pretty much an extension of my sets.

I played in Detroit a couple of times and have always had a bit of a fixation on their musical history. This really inspired me when I started the night. TV shows like New Dance Show, The Scene and Soul Train where people were so free spirited, open minded and bringing positive energy to the dance floors. I wanted to create this with the Night Sheen parties.

Have there been any standout highlights from the past two years?

Having K’ Alexi and Luke Solomon play was a great honour. Everyone who has played over the years has really brought something unique and I’m really pleased to have them part of the Night Sheen journey.

Could you tell us a little bit more about your upcoming album?

It’s a collaborative project called Black Magik Dawn. Each track I’ve worked with a producer and I've done the vocals and lyrics. Black Magik Dawn is my interpretation of the birth of a new form or spirit. Something which is a mixture of darkness, hope, a lover, confidence, positive energy.  It’ll be out next year and that’s all I can say for now.

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