Skateboard GB: Interview with team rider Lola Tambling

Winner at this year's Skateboard GB National Championships, Lola Tambling discusses her skating preferences, her biggest influences in the sport, her favourite records and much more. Read the full interview below...

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 30th Sep 2022

Crowned National Champion at this year's Skateboard GB National Championships, held at the XC in Hemel Hempstead, 14-year-old Lola Tambling is a force to be reckoned with on the verts. 

Already an established name in the skating community, known for her gnarly flair and daring mentality, and with sponsorships coming from respected brands such as Vans and Volcom, the Cornwall-born rider is one of just four female skaters on the current GB team. Most at home on parks and vert ramps, she can now be found jet-setting around the world, competing on an international level with some of the finest talents in the sport. 

The charismatic and impassioned teenager agreed to give us 5 minutes of her time to chat about her skating preferences, her biggest skating influences and the music she chooses to listen to when she's travelling. Continue down the page to learn more...



Tell us about how your journey in skateboarding began; when did you get your first skateboard, what was the first trick you ever landed and who influenced you to take up the sport? 

"My first experience on a skateboard was when I was 7 years old. It was a red plastic penny board, it was super rad."

"I first wanted to start skating when my parents did a skate jam at our local park called 'Junkyard'. I saw everyone skating and I was like 'I want to do that so bad'. It looked so much fun."

"The first trick I ever landed was a Rock Fakey, it was scary but I felt so good when I landed it."



There are now reported to be more than 85 million skateboarders worldwide. What is it about this subculture that speaks to so many people? What makes it so different from other extreme sports? 

"I think the difference between extreme sports and other sports is it makes you feel free and with skateboarding, there are no rules. Everyone just gets stoked about seeing you shredding and trying new things."


Image credit: CJ photography


A tough question - who do you personally consider to be the GOAT of the skateboarding world and why? You can only choose one. 

"Peter Hewitt is for sure the greatest of all time because he’s a legend and he’s gnarly and does the best stand-up front 50 grinds of all time. He's such a big inspiration to me and my skating, and influences the tricks I choose."



With reference to the second-ever Skateboard GB Virtual championships, happening this month, how important are competitions like these to grassroots skating? 

"I think the Virtual Championships are very important. People can submit clips without feeling the pressure of a crowd when there skating or they might not be able to get to an event. There are so many rad skaters in the UK that get missed so things like virtual competitions I guess can make it easier for them to show their talents."



Skating transition or heading out into the streets - Which do you prefer and why? 

"Transition is definitely my preferred terrain when it comes to skating. I have always skated transition from a young age and I love the way it makes me feel, especially when I land the run/trick I want to. There’s no better feeling."


Image credit: CJ photography


Looking ahead, where do you see yourself competing in the years to come? What are your ambitions? And what aspirations do you have for the sport going forward? 

"I definitely want to try and qualify for the Olympics for Paris 2024 and make a name for myself in the skating industry. I also love fashion too so maybe collaborate with a brand and design some skateboarding clothing? I want to also bring a rad skate edit with the aim being to have Thrasher share it. Just the standard goals..."



We know that watching skate videos is a popular pastime for skateboarders so, to that end, what is your favourite skate video soundtrack?

"My favourite skate video is Just In Time, it’s so fun to watch and it’s got my G Churchill in it. I love how they've used The Communards' 'Don’t Leave Me This Way' in it."



Last question - You’re about to head out on a skate trip and you need a sweet playlist to accompany you on your travels. Which five tracks always make the cut (please list them below): 

"My favourite bands and artists to get me pumped are the Beastie Boys, Radiohead, Fugees, Kings of Leon and MF-Doom."




Entries for this year's Skateboard GB Virtual Championships are now closed. Finalists will be announced on Saturday the 1st of October with all winners announced on Sunday the 2nd of October.

To learn more about the championships and our sponsorship of this year's virtual event, click or tap - here.



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