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Review: Rediscover presents Late Nite Tuff Guy

Becca Frankland reviews the disco-driven Manchester night Rediscover, with a soundtrack courtesy of the king of edits, Late Nite Tuff Guy.

Becca Frankland

Last updated: 3rd Sep 2014

Image: Late Nite Tuff Guy

Rediscover is relatively new to the Manchester club scene and primarily their aim has been to create a place where funk, disco and soul can be celebrated with like-minded enthusiasts. With second generation boogie as the focal point, the decision to bring the king of disco edits, Late Nite Tuff Guy, to the city on was a no brainer.

When it comes to genres hailed from previous eras, the fondness that is then adopted in later years can sometimes just be viewed as homage to what has been, and sometimes it appears slightly irrelevant and even a little cringey. That is, unless, a night can showcase artists who have a natural gift for bringing the tracks from past to the present with flair, and who are capable of giving it a new lease of life. Rediscover is one of those nights.

Rediscover is housed under Blackdog Ballroom in the suitably named Underdog. The basement space has a classy, smart finish. Decorated with black and laced with red, it boasts the same dark, sleek interior that the upstairs bar does, but the Funktion One sound system and party atmosphere ensures that it rivals some of Manchester’s most popular club spots.

Following his Mixmag DJ lab set earlier in the day, LNTG had prepped those who had watched it, giving them an insight into the funkiness that was about to be unleashed in the evening. LNTG's sets fall heavily dependent on retro tracks, and he helps bring pleasant realisation of how danceable disco truly is.

The genre is timeless and will always hold its own, but it’s artists like LNTG who modernise it with re-imagined classics, making it suitable for current crowds and clubs. He began his set at Rediscover with a couple of feel-good classics including Evelyn Champagne King's 'Love Come Down' (listen to it above), provoking a rip roaring vocal accompaniment from the crowd.

Whistles and howls of approval came from all corners of Underdog when he played his edit of Prince's 'Controversy' (retitled as 'Do I Believe In God'). He continued to proudly showcase his own work, blasting out his take on the Talking Heads new wave classic 'Burning Down The House' (check it out below). 


As the grooves pounded through the speakers, LNTG, otherwise known as Carmelo Bianchetti, reached out to shake hands with fans, who were revelling in the elation of the moment. They twirled around the dance floor, appreciating every single funk-driven beat. 

LNTG's track selection was slightly predictable, but when the edits are that good, it doesn't matter. He makes throwback tunes cooler than they already are, each blast from the past was executed with style and a little something special. The Australian's ability to breath new life into timeless tracks has secured him a huge fan base, and after dancing to his set at Rediscover, we're positive that his following will continue to grow. 

Rediscover will be back with another installment of funk on Friday 26th September with Fingerman and 80s Child. Grab your tickets here.