Power Rangers, Shaving and Skrillex: Rising Star Zedd Talks to Skiddle

Up and coming Electro House artist Zedd takes some time out from remixing to talk to Skiddle about shaving Deadmau5's head, Power Rangers, and remixing for Skrillex.

Jayne Robinson

Last updated: 18th Nov 2011

Up and coming Electro House artist Zedd takes some time out from remixing to talk to Jack Oughton about shaving Deadmau5's head, Power Rangers, and remixing for Skrillex.

Hey Zedd. Thanks for taking some time to do this interview, which everybody is going to enjoy very much.
What is Zedd style?
Zedd style is something people brought up when I started making electro house which was made out of lots of different sounds. I guess my first song in that genre was a bit before it actually become popular so people said "Zedd Style" basslines, but this is something I never brought up personally.

You used to play in a metal/hardcore band right?  Who were your early influences and how's that affected your music now?
My early influences began with Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and went over to Jazz musicians like George Benson or Chick Corea. After that I've had a rock / metal phase in which I listened to a lot of Feeder, Thrice, Muse, Meshuggah and stuff like that, and finally I landed in electronic dance music. I soaked up all interesting aspects of all different genres that I've been through, and now I combine them into the electronic music I produce.

You used to practice classical piano from a young age. Do you ever get the chance to use your old classical skills? Are you still playing adagios and sonatas?
I don't actively play sonatas but I definitely get a chance to use my old classical skills. Basically anytime I'm in the studio, writing songs for me or for others! I don't know how I would be able to do it without being able to play the piano, so yes, I absolutely get to use them.

Your biggest musical influence?
I've mentioned lots of above, in electronic music my biggest influence by far is Wolfgang Gartner. Even EDM I see as "MUSIC", and there are really not a lot of artists that excite me musically (the most part in my opinion is more doing "beats" than "music"), you can literally count them on one hand. Wolfgang is definitely one of them!  

Ideal musical collaborator?
Wolfgang Gartner, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.

If you weren't a famous musician, what would you be doing instead?
Besides the fact that I'm not a famous musician I would probably be a school teacher (laughs).

What inspires you to start a track?
I can be walking around, doing whatever, thinking whatever, out of no-where mostly there is this idea for a song, a motive, a sound-idea, just SOMETHING that pushes me to go to my mac and try it out. So it literally can be anything interesting or boring in life.

What piece of your music are you most proud of?
I'm very proud of everything I make. It's hard to pick one but if I had to I would pick two tracks that are not out yet which I am VERY MUCH proud of. You will get to hear them very soon hopefully!

What makes a good electro track to you?
Good sound / mix, interesting idea(s); having something someone else doesn't have, clever composition and STILL a crowd-pleaser in a club.

Skrillex - Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (Zedd Remix) by Zedd

How the hell did you pull off remixes of Skrillex tracks so well? Could you talk about it? Did it take a long time or did you just get really inspired and start cutting up?
My Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites Remix was one of the hardest tasks I had to master so far. I've known SM&NS way before it was released and I've been jamming to it literally every day! It has been my favourite song for a long time and then he asked me to remix it. I don't like knowing the song I remix for too long 'cause you get into it too much and are not open enough to "re-think" the song. I basically had the idea of just not trying to "beat" it (this is what I ALWAYS try to do if I remix something) but I wanted to keep the feeling and energy of it; add my typical sounds and signatures to it and transfer it to 128bpm to make it playable for Electro / House DJs.

And what's the next thing for you and your music?
I've got some singles lined up, a music video, some great remixers for my upcoming singles and a very big project that I'm not allowed to talk about yet, but it will be HUGE and AMAZING!

Zedd - Shave It (Original Mix) by Zedd

Now we get to ask you ridiculous questions...
What is your opinion of Lord Zedd from Power Rangers?
We're good friends. In general, I'm good friends with all the Power Rangers. The pink one is kinda my homeboy, he helps me producing the softer songs. Lord is sometimes in a bad mood when I hang with the Rangers, but he's still a cool dude.

Where did the healthy interest in shaving come from? What is the best way to shave?
On the first part I would ask you to ask Dave Rene about it. He's @dwrene on twitter and he is THE ONE to give you answers on ALL shaving questions. On the second question: the best way is to Shave It UP!

Where's the bear come from?
He lives in a small village called "Shavonia" in Norway.

If you could shave anyone's head, who would it be?
Deadmau5 - for trying to shave mine!

If they banned shaving what would the next best thing to do be?
… you know that this is about the same as Armageddon?  

If you became a movie producer and were going to start producing a film with a limitless budget, what would it be about?
Oh wow, great question! Most of the movies I like don't even have a large budget so it would be more about the idea and story anyways. Art > FX!

Now you get to do a TV show. What's it about?
All about shaving. Shaving cream, shaving styles, The Art Of Shaving etc.

What is your favourite German food?
Käsespätzle or Leberknödel with Sauerkraut. Or Schnitzel Rot / Weiß…. know'am'saayyin!??  

Favourite computer game?
Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, Buzz or Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3! Anything that I can play with buddies that is fun. I don't play computer games myself so it needs to be multiplayer!

Favourite cartoon character?
Peter Griffin from Family Guy!

Now to play the fun choosing game. We've done this already with Porter Robinson and we know that you will do brilliantly.  
Industrial strength vacuum cleaning or tornadoes?
… hold on, I'm typing into Google-Translator… will give you an answer asap!
I kinda like the 1st one though. Still don't know what it means but it sounds BOSS!
Shaving or Zedd style?
Shaving Zedd Style
Shaving or personal chef?
OK now it gets difficult. As much as I love shaving, I think I would take the personal chef.
Shaving or free trial with a money back guarantee?
Oh, fuck free trials. I'd be WAY too lazy to give it back in case I didn't like it anyways, so: SHAVING!
Shaving or saving?
Shaving or raving?
…arrrr…  Shaved raving!
Sylenth or Massive?
Surgery that gives you a permanent cheeky smile or being forced to do the moonwalk everywhere?
It would be an honour to do the moonwalk everywhere!
Only being able to communicate through a vocoder for two years or having to shave the bear on your album cover?
I would LOVE to communicate through a vocoder for two years (laughs)! I can't touch the bear though. He wants to shave himself!
Soundcloud or stormcloud?
Raw food or raw firepower?
Water buffalo or water cannon?
Bass Cannon!
Antifreeze or anti tank?
Remixing or touring?
Original Songs! (I'm sorry, I'm screwing up the game right now but I have too much fun to stop!)
Social media or socialism?

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