National Album Day - the best of 2019 (so far)

Members of the Skiddle team share their favourite records for National Album Day.

dale grogan

Last updated: 11th Oct 2019

We're fast approaching the end of the year, and as the weather turns cooler the debate around the best record of the year begins heating up. But before we all start getting carried away, let's take a moment to celebrate National Album Day, which takes place on Saturday 12th October.

To mark the occasion, here we tip our hats to some of our favourite records so far this year. From impressive debuts, such as the critically acclaimed Nothing Great about Britain from 'Brexit bandit' Slowthai, and When we all fall asleep, where do we go? from avant-pop superstar Billie Eilish, to masterful works of art from veterans of the industry, including releases from ’The Boss’ aka Bruce Springsteen, British connoisseurs of dance, The Chemical Brothers, and goth rock's poet laureate Nick Cave, this year has seen plenty of noteworthy releases.

But which albums have struck a note with Skiddle's own tastemakers and office-sound-system-hoggers? Here's what they had to say... 



Henry 'Henners' Lewis - Live content coordinator

"Little Simz is easily one of the best rappers in the UK at the moment and in my opinion this album is her coming of age record. She’s taken everything good about her previous two albums, fused it with outside influences and brilliantly considered collaborations to produce a proper variety of top tunes."

"‘Selfish’ is absolutely class, catchy as f***, well groovy - a little bit different, but I really like it. Then in tracks like ‘101 F.M’ and ‘Venom’ you hear Simz spitting rapid fire bars in her own inimitable way, and when she’s on top of her game like this, very few can catch her".



Jonny Dickin - Account support representative 

"No other album releases so far this year have been an experience like the Overlords of Drone Metal, Sunn O)))’s latest release, Life Metal. The thing that makes this album stand out against their back catalogue (and even as a fan, I can recognise that a lot of Sunn O))) records sound very similar) is that there is a new calmness to their drones that is meditative and relaxing, a funny thing to say when the music consists of walls of ear drum splitting guitars. This is an album to bathe in. It demands your full attention". 



David Blake - Head of content

“Hold on, people still listen to whole albums? Huh. In that case can I say Foals? No somebody will definitely have taken Foals...and Dave...and IDLES...and Slowthai...gotta be original. Bollocks to it, I’m going for Black Midi. I remembering first hearing them on Radio 6 and thinking 'who the f*** are these guys?' They didn't really sound like anyone else; chaotic and obscure. Plus they were nominated for the Mercury Prize, so people who really know their s*** rate them. And they're weird, I like that, we don't have enough weird. Yeah, ok, so they went to the Brit School, but then so did Amy Winehouse, and Dane Bowers..."



Georgia Roberts - Marketing Executive

"Soooo Foals... not gonna lie, I knew a few of their old songs but wasn't really a huge live music fan pre-working at Skiddle. Henry, our live content coordinator, played the album in the office one day and I loved it! When they confirmed their secret set at Glasto my head nearly fell off! I was hoping they'd be announced to appear for months before I went".



Liam Eshghi - Creative content, film and marketing

"For me this album is an example of how to expertly mix post-punk and thrash with poetic storytelling lyrics."

"The whole album works as one piece, not individual tracks but as a journey from its opening heavy sounding track 'Big' right through to the whimsey of the final track 'Dublin City Sky'. I feel like we get to know what makes this band tick. We're given a small insight into the world in which they live and what influenced them to be in out there in the world today doing what they do."

"The band seemed to have nailed their sound on their first attempt and it comes across as totally genuine, which is why I believe so many people have fallen in love with this band and the record so quickly."

"It’s Exciting, It’s Raw, It’s Real, It’s Punk As Fuck. Go listen to it."



Jack Barnett - Clubs account manager

"I first heard the entirety of Assume Form in the Skiddle office, and then listened to it solidly for the next few weeks. Its got a bit of everything and is my go to album for some easy listening. The stand out tunes for me are 'Mile High' (feat. Travis Scott and Metro Boomin) and 'Where's The Catch' with Andre 3000".



Jemmy Varley - Senior clubs account manager 

"ANIMA gets better with every listen, there's so much nice detail. It's obviously quite emotional at times too. Thom Yorke really gets a lot of power out of those synths."



Courtney Thomas - Customer Care Representative 

"I adore these guys! Their Tarantino-esque tunes definitely get the crowd going whenever or wherever they play. This album captures them perfectly. I saw them at Liverpool Sound City 2016 and at this years Isle of Wight festival. They were the highlight of the festival for me." 



Stephen Nalty - Festival Guide Editor/Love Dose party facilitator

"For me, my top pick of 2019 so far is 'Si Bure'. Mim's tracks feature heavily in our Love Dose sets wherever we play. Maurice Fulton never fails to deliver on production and Ms. Suleiman's vocals are just sick."



Ella 'Eggs' Green - Head of customer care

"I’d say my favourite album of the year so far is Everything Will Not Be Saved Part 1 by Foals. How can you not love a Foals comeback album? It's a banger from start to finish!"


If only there was a Spotify playlist that contained tracks from some of these fine selections…



Image credit: Little Simz/ Jeremy Cole