Essential Listening: New music releases in May 2023

The best new music releases in May 2023, with playlists for house and techno, indie and alt, hip-hop and jazz, and drum and bass and jungle.

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Last updated: 10th May 2023

Hello, hello, we’re back again with some of the hottest new tracks across a variety of genres to help make whatever you’re doing that bit better. 

Last week was the Highest Point Festival special, so we’ve got some catching up to do. 

So far in May, Ed Sheeran dropped a new album (read our review of that here), as did Flume. Later in the month, we’ve got KAYTRAMINÉ’s debut, a new one from Kesha, Arlo Park’s second album, and new Lewis Capaldi. 

This week’s additions include The Shapeshifters revitalising an old classic of theirs, progressive hip-hop lyricist Kojey Radical, wild genre-melting from Samurai Breaks, and a delightful collab between Confidence Man and Daniel Avery. Scroll down to discover these tasty new tracks and find tickets to see these artists in concert. 


Essential Listening: House and Techno


Lola’s Theme - VIP - The Shapeshifters 

It's not even the tiniest bit surprising this track was released on Glitterbox Recordings - this track is full of revitalised feel-good disco house vibes. 

The Shapeshifters touch down in Hi Ibiza this year with Glitterbox to put on some of the party island’s most uplifting raves with dancers, drag artists, and so much more. With this in mind, it’s clear The Shapeshifters released this track now so it can soundtrack ravers’ nights. 

The Shapeshifters revisited their biggest, timeless tune to give it a more modern sound, bringing the rumbling, groovy bass to the front, making it that much better for the best clubs in the world. 


Get tickets to see The Shapeshifters live here:


Groove Presents The Shapeshifters | Luna Springs Digbeth in Birmingham | Saturday 24th June 2023

Buy tickets:


Live At The Palace - Ministry Of Sound Classical Festival | Fulham Palace in London | Saturday 27th May 2023

Buy tickets:


Click or tap here for Glitterbox Ibiza events 



Essential Listening: Indie and Alternative


On & On (Again) - Confidence Man & Daniel Avery 

Electro-pop outfit Confidence Man and production wiz Daniel Avery team up for a feel-good track decorated with some almost sombre motifs. 

Mostly, On & On (Again) is as colourful as a track could possibly be. Exploding with bright hues, the track seems as positive, carefree, and summery as is humanely possible. But, at times, especially in the intro, it comes across as more emotionally ambiguous with minor chords. But this isn’t a bad attribute. If anything, this works in the track's favour. 

Still, overall, this track bursts with warmth and will certainly fit right in on setlists at summer festivals beneath the sun. 


Get tickets to see Daniel Avery live here:


The Garden Party 2023 | Canvas Yard in Leeds | Saturday 27th - Sunday 28th May 2023

Buy tickets:



Essential Listening: Drum & bass and Jungle


Fortune Teller - Samurai Breaks Remix

Beyond untamed, this Samurai Breaks remix goes absolutely wild with this unhinged interpretation of Infekto’s Fortune Teller.

Proper insane underground rave sounds, the track is flooded with rapid percussion, in-your-face bass, and effortless fusions of elements from an array of genres. Samurai Breaks does what sounds good to him. This could be jungle, breaks, bassline, acid rave sounds, and so much more. 

He sticks all his influences in a pot, melting them together to create this somewhat intoxicated track that instantly makes you feel messy even when you’re sober. 


Love drum and bass and bassline? You might like... 


DnB Allstars Festival | Gunnersbury Park in London | Sunday 17th September 2023

Buy tickets:



Essential Listening: Hip-hop and Jazz


Losing - Benjamin A.D, Kojey Radical

Tinted in pain, this spacey, dissociated track features lyrics about struggling with “chasin' pleasure” and “tryna live clean.”

Reflective and, at times, seeming hopeless, Benjamin A.D and Kojey Radical linked up on this track that details struggles with alcohol and substances as a vice for escaping problems but also indulging simply for pleasure. The lyrics cut deeper with “Don't know how to give it, but I really want the best for us” and when A.D mentions his son moments later.

The instrumental is beautifully arranged but sounds tired, perfectly matching the lyrics and creating a melancholy, pondering track.    


Get tickets to see Kojey Radical live here:


NASS Festival (ft. Kojey Radical) | The Bath And West Showground in Shepton Mallet | Thur 6th - Mon 10th July 2023

Buy tickets:



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