Catz 'N Dogz 'Basic Colour Theory Remixed' review

Joseph Dexter talks us through Jamie Jones, Eats Everything and Maurice Fulton's remixes of some of the key tracks from Catz 'N Dogz original album.

Jimmy Coultas

Last updated: 30th Mar 2016

Framed as a remixer’s remix compilation album, Basic Colour Theory Remixed highlights how interchangeable and flexible releases can be when producers are given the green light to borrow and tweak each other’s work to create something brilliant.

Polish production duo Catz 'N Dogz have enlisted various renowned artists to make a mark on their latest album offerings, including the likes of Eats Everything, Jamie Jones and Matthew Herbert over the course of 16 tracks.

The Maurice Fulton remix of ‘Good Touch’ (below) signals the beginning with a squelchy, disco approach featuring dreamy vocals from Lithuania’s own Egle Sirvydyte. It's an infectiously funky track, accompanied by an irresistible bass-line and scattered guitars. 

The track is remixed a further three times over the course of the album, everytime something new is exposed, with each DJ adding their own carefully constructed twist, most notably Jones who boasts his own techno edge with some dark, punching synths.

Following this is Eats Everything’s remix of ‘Bought It All’. The thumping bass is complimented by some sharp synths and is the ideal set up for Skudge’s remix of ‘Get It Right’ which boisterously thumps away. In comparison, Claude VonStroke's takes it deeper with his bouncy, bass bedding version (listen below).

Another highlight comes from the unique ‘Czas Pozczeka (Chyba)’, remixed by Fred Everything who combines some harmonising violins with upbeat drums - the ideal shake-up.

The beauty of this album is the variety, it heads straight into compilation form with tracks covering deep, house and bass. An already massive album has been given a facelift by a cluster of talented producers, and the result is a selection of tracks that rival the originals; how typical can we say that of a remix?

Basic Colour Theory Remixed is out now on Pets Recordings.

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