Beats Per Minute: Fleur Shore shares her setlist ahead of Come Together 2021

Rising house DJ, Birmingham's Fleur Shore curates a very special Beats Per Minute playlist, featuring some of the tracks you're likely to hear in her set this weekend at Come Together 2021.

Skiddle Staff

Last updated: 30th Sep 2021

Since the very beginning of her career, Fleur Shore has shown glimpses of an artist set apart from others. Devoted to becoming one of the best controllers of the dance floor in the game, her technical proficiency, both in and out of the studio, has caught the eye of some of the biggest names and party-throwers in the electronic scene - including legendary Birmingham promoter, Tom Shortez who helped introduce her to a wider audience.

Securing residencies and cutting her teeth as a warm-up DJ early on, at legendary UK clubbing institutions Rainbow and Birmingham's Lab11, she's since made her presence felt with subsequent residencies in major cities such as Liverpool and Nottingham, and taken over the main stages at events such as MADE Festival and Hungary’s Budafest.

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A true muso at heart with a particular penchant for rave culture and nostalgia, Fleur was raised on a diet of '80s and '90s classics, from which a large part of the inspiration behind her own experimental productions stem. Recognised by their infectious grooves, huge basslines, and myriad sounds that hark back to a bygone age of rave music - her output carries the distinction of a producer who's been active for much longer than only two years.

We managed to grab the fast-rising DJ/producer for a chat earlier this week. Discussing her journey so far, her ambitions for 2022 and uncovering her specially curated Beats Per Minute playlist - featuring the tracks in her setlist ahead of Come Together 2021 this weekend - hear more of what Fleur had to say and listen to her first-rate selection of tracks below...





Native to Birmingham, you’ve been a regular feature on the city’s clubbing scene for some time now, taking on residencies for party collectives the likes of 02:31 at what was back then known as The Rainbow institute (Now The Mill).

What did you learn from your time as a resident for 02.31? How significant was that experience in terms of advancing your career?

Fleur: "My residency in the house room at 02:31 taught me how to hold a room properly and how to warm up a room before the headliners. I think this is so, so, so important for every DJ to learn; how to perfectly craft the warm-up and to respect the DJ that is on after you. The opportunities given to me by Tom Shorterz in the early stages of my journey as an artist have definitely prepared me well for my residency at Lab11 and other big gigs I’ve had recently."



02:31 will celebrate their impressive tenth anniversary of running shows this weekend. Do you have a standout memory from attending or performing on a 02:31 event? Something outrageous or funny you can share with us?

Fleur: "My favourite memory of 02:31 is when I used to do an all-nighter when I first started properly DJing, and I’d always take a little bit of food with me to keep me going. I took some cheese and pickle sandwiches and the bouncer stopped me at the door because the dog wouldn’t stop sniffing me. I was like 'mate, I’ve got sandwiches in my bag!' but he responded by saying 'He isn’t a sandwich sniffer, he sniffs for drugs'! I then got searched and it turned out, of course, that it was the cheese and pickle sarnies."




Your latest three-track EP, The Return hit digital platforms back in the summer this year and has received support from some highly regarded dance figures - from BBC Radio presenter and DJ, Danny Howard to northern house music specialists - Solardo. How does it feel to get that recognition? And can we expect more new music to come before the year is out?

Fleur: "It feels incredible to get this recognition. I've been working so hard every single day in the studio the past 3 years, so it's such a good feeling for the work to finally be slowly but surely paying off.

"I have two other EPs coming out, one at the end of October and the other at the end of December. These are on two of my dream labels so I'm super excited! I wish I could tell you more, but I can’t announce just yet."



What inspired you to produce the EP? Is there a theme or a particular idea behind each of those tracks or their titles - ‘Klassik Organ’, ‘Dog Call’ and ‘5 AM’?

Fleur: "Klassik Organ – I listen to a lot of what I call 90s house ‘snipers’. Lots of these tracks use the M1 organ which I am totally in love with, and this is what inspired me to write this track.

"Dog Call – I was listening to a lot of old hip hop at the time, and that’s where I got the inspiration for that one, as you can hear in the vocal!

"5 AM – I wanted to finish the EP off with a slugger - it just keeps going and going. I put myself in the shoes of a raver, as that’s exactly what I am first and foremost, and it’s something you’d definitely hear in a sweaty, dark warehouse at 5 am."




This weekend, you’ll be making an appearance at Come Together 2021 at the Luna Springs/Digbeth Arena venue in Birmingham. You’re set to perform alongside the likes of Michael Bibi, Archie Hamilton, Manda Moor, Paradox City and Ryan Resso. What can those in attendance expect from your live set? And is there one set or DJ you’re especially looking forward to seeing?

Fleur: "I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone I'm playing with, and I already know Paradox City and Ryan anyway from playing in Birmingham. I'm especially excited to see Archie Hamilton play as he is a serious wizard behind the decks, and I’ve been purchasing his music since his ‘Mind Blank’ release on FUSE back in 2015. He’s an artist who has gone down a similar direction to the one I’m going, so I can definitely relate to him in that respect.

"And of course, Bibi as he plays the stompers and always gets the crowd going! I know how hard he’s worked on his journey so far with Solid Grooves and his other projects to get to where he is now, so it’s proof that if you put in the work you can get to where you want to be!

"Expect some groovy riddims from me, alongside some of my own unreleased bits from the studio and a hint of 90s snipers added for good measure!"



We’ve tasked you with creating A Come Together X Fleur Shore X Beats Per Minute playlist, highlighting some of the tracks revellers will hear in your live set this weekend. If you could choose only three tracks from that playlist to listen to and play live over the next 12 months, which would they be and why?

Fleur: "Xpansions – Move Your Body: This track does something different to me. It’s become a staple part of my set because of the effect it has on a crowd. It makes people feel so happy, and I love nothing more than seeing everyone with a smile on their face when the synth comes in.

"Cajmere & Dyed Soundorom - 1+1=1: Deep, dubby, groovy with a vocal hook that really throws people off. It’s so, so good!

"Nick Holder – Erotic Illusions: Just Listen to that bassline and synth on the breakdown and you’ll understand. Jeeeeeeesus!"




Here at Skiddle, we’re BIG on new music and helping to spread the word of fresh talent. To that end, are there any emerging artists you’ve been listening to on repeat? Maybe some included in your sets? Someone you think we really ought to know about?

Fleur: "Ryan Nicholls and Jordan Masters. They're both good friends of mine, and also residents of my Undergrowth party (which is currently based in Birmingham but we’re working on a record label and long term I want to take it to loads of cool places with me). Check out the beats they are making at the minute, they're insane! 100% two lads everyone should be keeping their eyes on."



Finally, following a real turbulent year for music, what are your ambitions and goals for 2022? Where would you like to see yourself this time next year?

Fleur: "Yes, it was super unexpected and horrible, to be honest, before clubs reopened. But now is the time to get back and show everyone what I was working on in the studio. I'm just going to stay super focused and keep that same level of concentration and commitment that I put in during those testing lockdown periods. And looking after myself mentally and physically, being in the studio every day and enjoying myself, because that’s what it’s all about!

"Next year I want to continue focusing on my Lab11 residency as Will and Dee have really believed in me which means the world! Also, to play more festivals and be playing in Ibiza over the summer. Circoloco is the eventual dream but who knows! Like I said, just gotta keep putting the work in during my gigs and in the studio as well."



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