Reggae and Dancehall Club Nights

Reggae and Dancehall Club Nights

Whether you want to bop and sway to the sounds of Marely and Chronnix or turn it up to the beats of Sean Paul and Shaggy; up and down the UK, Reggae Club Nights and Dancehall Club Nights are bouncing thanks to Club DJs shelling down the tunes and getting rooms in the mood for a boogie.

Whilst London is the epicentre of such movement, you can still bet the sounds of Dancehall and Reggae are pumping out of a whole host of spaces across the country, and if this is your vibe, we can guarantee that Skiddle has a night for you to show off your moves.  

So have a scroll down and let's get your next boogie planned!

London and the South of England:

Northern England:

The Midlands:

Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland: