Swansea Fresher's Week 2023

Being Wale’s second-largest city, Swansea is often underrated in its student offerings and is an incredible place to spend the next few years earning your degree. Whilst the education is top tier, outside of Uni, Swansea has a flourishing nightlife. From late-night raves at Sin City and Grand Theatre to huge gigs and festivals on Singleton Park, there's so much to do if you're looking for that all-important break from all those assignments. 

So with Swansea fresher's week 2022 right around the corner, you’re going to want to start Uni with a bang by being clued up on all the Swansea fresher's events that’ll impress those strangers soon to be your closest mates. 

Plus, once the freshers flu has subsided, you can check out our What's On Guide for Swansea and get a real taste for what goes on in the Valleys.



Swansea is one of the liveliest places you can go as a university student in Wales. Here you’ll find some of the liveliest bars and nightclubs with plenty of Freshers events being put on for you to enjoy. View

Popular Swansea venues - find out what's on where

Whether you're an avid underground clubber, fashionable funky house head or prefer your live music, check these popular Swansea venues for upcoming events, or view our full what's on guide for loads more...

Sin City


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