Women Rock! Day 2024: Female fronted bands to watch out for in 2024

With today marking Women Rock Day 2024, we wanted to let you in on all the female acts we think you need to keep an eye on this year

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Last updated: 4th Jan 2024

Since Aretha Franklin was the first woman inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, back in 1987, the 3rd of January has been an annual celebration of women in the music industry. Acting as a day to raise awareness for, and bring encouragement to, the women who are breaking through the glass ceiling and making a difference in the music scene. 

Nowadays, you don't have to look far to find a woman killing it in the music scene. From genre-bending bands making infectious tunes to RnB and Soul singers with voices like sonic honey to hardcore punk girls bringing a ferocious attitude, there is no denying they all rule. But, instead of looking at those women already established, we wanted to delve a bit deeper and let you in on a few you may not have heard of. 

There are so many women on this list who are pushing the boundaries creatively, and a few who we are certain will be household names this time next year. So, get the speakers turned up to 11 and resupply your New Year playlists because these may just earn a coveted spot. 



The Last Dinner Party

Few bands have had a meteoric rise as of late as The Last Dinner Party. From their massive debut single ‘Nothing Matters’ which has reached over 17 million streams, to a Jools Holland debut, to performances at festivals all over the globe, to winning the Brit Awards rising stars of 2023; the world is the Last Dinner Party’s oyster in 2024. 

It’s hard to believe they’ve done all of this with just four singles out. However, if you have seen them live last year, you’ll understand it fully. With their debut album Prelude To Ecstacy coming out next month, they’ll hit the stratosphere. Make sure to catch them this year, they truly are one of the best new bands period.  




One of the latest in many excellent Irish exports in the music scene, NewDad are a band that have been releasing consistently sensational music since 2020, and this year, this month even, they are finally releasing their long-awaited debut record, Madra. 

Part Shoegaze, part Grunge, part Indie, the Galway natives are icons in waiting, and thanks to the ethereal yet searing delivery from vocalist and guitarist Julie Dawson, they have a unique edge that sets them apart from the rest. See what the hype's about and see them at Manchester Psych Fest by grabbing tickets below!


Tickets for NewDad at Manchester Psych Festival

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Picture Parlour 

Manchester-formed rockers Picture Parlour, despite only getting together in the back end of 2022, have poised themselves as one word-of-mouth buzz from live shows and two wicked singles later, the industry is in a veritable buzz around Picture Parlour, and 2024 looks set to be the year they truly take off. 

Fronted by Katherine Parlour, one of the best new female rock singers whose snarling croon could be recognised from a mile away, the band have already got on the cover of NME, and their debut single ‘Norwegian Wood’ was shared by none other than Courtney Love, as she praised their “songs and swagger.”




Yet another band coming out of the booming Irish scene, Sprints, fronted by vocalist Karla Chubb, are an alt-rock delight. By traversing the paths of grunge and noise-rock, and sending a livewire connection into every crowd they play to, they have, across the last few years, garnered a fervent buzz due to their live sets.

Their debut album, Letter To Self, is being released in a couple of days and has already received widespread, glowing reviews, with the NME calling it: “a loud announcement of a striking new band.” We reckon with the release of this record and a subsequent tour, Sprints are one of the best bands with female lead singers 2024 has to offer. See them live below!


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Whilst not a band, Heartworms, the brainchild and solo project of musician and poet Jojo Orme, are too good to leave out of a list like this. Defiant and gothic with a brand of post-punk delivered with an electronic undercurrent, Jojo creates music with a fresh approach to a well-trodden sound. So much so that the cult producer, Dan Carey, of Speedy Wunderground signed the band, and has produced all their music since.

With an excellent EP in ‘A Comforting Notion’ and an even better single in ‘May I Comply’ released last year, we reckon that 2024 will be the year of Heartworms; where Jojo Orme earns many plaudits as one of the best new female rock singers in the biz. See them live at Manchester Psych Fest by grabbing tickets below!


Tickets for Heartworms at Manchester Psych Festival

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Girl Scout

A Swedish band, born out of lockdown, with Jazz sensibilities but a rock heart, Girl Scout are one of the most interesting bands breaking into the scene at the minute. With their second EP Granny Music, released in September last year, to widespread love, as well as a UK support slot with Coach Party, 2024 looks set to be the year that they break into the ears of the massive, and we can’t wait to see it unfold.


Tickets for Girl Scout in The Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham

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Mary in the Junkyard

The latest band to come out of the illustrious gig circuit of Brixton’s Windmill; Mary In The Junkyard (despite having only one single out) have, through a wicked reputation on stage, already got themselves on the tip of everyone's tongue. 

Whilst it is only one single, what an absolute cracker it is. ‘Tuesday’, released in October this year, is a track that stews in the murky waters of alienation, with a bubbling want to experience something different, something chaotic, something real. 

From the airy croons of Clari Freeman-Taylor, to purposefully aimless riffs of Saya Barbaglia, to the subtle syncopation of David Addison; ‘Tuesday’ is an insanely impressive debut, and we just can't wait to see how Mary In The Junkyard builds upon it in the New Year.   



English Teacher

Probably one of the freshest bands on this list, English Teacher are a wildly original group whose tracks consist of searing observations of the strangeness of society atop jagged and anxious instrumentation that provides such interesting food for the ears.

After their brilliant EP Polyawkward in 2022, the band released three solid singles in 2023, With the potential for an album this year, we think they are on the cusp of being in everyone's headphones. Plus, it helps that vocalist Lily Fontaine is one of the coolest female rock singers 2024 has to offer.



Swim School

At one moment loud, thrashing indie rock teeming with ferocious energy, the next understated, introspective and lo-fi; Edinburgh's Swim School are a band that are impossible to pin down, but oh so easy to love. 

Fronted by Alice Johson, and her Hayley Williams-esque delivery, the band have garnered a huge reputation for their live shows, and after their epic EP Duality, earlier in 2023, and the massive single ‘Bored’ not long after, we think that they’re going to be one of the bands with female lead singers 2024 will treat very kindly. 



Lime Garden

Energetic, genre-bending, and always an interesting listen, Lime Garden are a band that have been killing it for a good few years now, releasing a consistent stream of massive hits, and now, in 2024, they are set to release their long-awaited debut record, One More Thing, In February. 

The Brighton rockers are one of the most exciting on the circuit, and their debut is easily among the most awaited on this list, we reckon it’s gonna send them to the next level. Definitely ones to watch out for, and you can see them live on a number of the dates below!


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