What Skiddle is doing to prevent touting and unfair Secondary ticketing

Read about what we're doing to take the power away from ticket touts.

Mike Warburton

Last updated: 12th Dec 2018

Photo: RapidScan

Back in 2016 the government published their findings on what is happening with the secondary ticketing industry and ticket touting (the legal-minded of you can see their research here).

It started a process of the law is now moving towards the side of the consumer, which means that music fans are finally being better protected against individuals and companies trying to rip them off. Read our summary of the report here

Whilst other companies have been setting up their own reselling platforms to further profit from your passions, we're committed to making sure you get a fairer deal. We've talked previously about how we're against ticket touting, but to exemplify why that's the case here's a list of all the things we are doing to stop this practice:

Launched an official 'Re:Sell' platform to allow face value transfer of tickets for events purchased through Skiddle - allowing people who genuinely can't go to resell at a fair price.

Printing customer names on tickets - Names are printed on every barcoded RapidScan ticket and events are encouraged to check photo ID upon entry. Only the ticket holder can change the name.

Showing tickets on mobile apps, which reduces paper ticket fraud (read more about our app).

Every transaction is fraud scored with over 30 checks being made on every sale, with manual review of some transactions.
Rate limiting in place to prevent both humans and bots from snapping up tickets at an unfair pace. On top of this, there's sophisticated checkout technology which makes it hard for bots to purchase tickets.

We actively work with event promoters to have tickets removed from sale on sites such as eBay and Gumtree to protect customers.

Tickets found being resold without permission are cancelled without refund.

Installing a fair queue system, which offers more visibility than other agents

Changing names on tickets for free for friends and family members

Our surge against unfair secondary ticketing is something we're constantly looking at and developing, with new ideas and plans drafted up all the time. We're always open to suggestions from our customers as well, so if you have any ideas to help us make things fairer let us know.

Touting is when tickets are sold on the secondary market with extra fees added on - this is different from booking fees and costs in the primary market (what we are). Unsure why these costs exist? Read Booking fees explained.

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