Under The Spotlight: Hacienda Classical

Manchester's very own acid-soaked orchestra, Hacienda Classical, are back; and in preparation for their 2023 festival forays, we wanted to shine our spotlight on them, particularly their headline slot at Highest Point!

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 24th Mar 2023

Since their formation in 2016, Hacienda Classical have been captivating audiences with their unique blend of iconic dance anthems and orchestral arrangements, seamlessly blending the two to electrifying effect; exquisitely channelling the ethos of the iconic club that it memorialises.

With a group of esteemed Manc musicians at the centre, including former Haçienda DJs Mike Pickering and Graeme Park, as well as the cult hero that is Peter Hook, bassist of Joy Divison and New Order; the group not only channels memories of the club, but the memories of those who were at the epicentre of its chaotic circumstance. Plus, setting the groove alongside those at the helm, and providing the 70-strong orchestral backbone, is none other than Tim Crooks and The Manchester Camarata (it never could be anyone else really could it?). 

The chance to see them live should not be missed out on, especially if the vibrations of the Hacienda soundtracked your youth, and in our opinion, there is no better place to see them this year than during their headline spot at Highest Point 2023. They’ll be back to complete their trilogy of headline slots at the festival, and when you see the gorgeous ground of Williamson Park in Lancaster, you’ll see why they keep coming back, and why you need to be there.  

Image: Royal Albert Hall on Facebook

When the Hacienda Classical get on stages this big, all the stops are pulled out. Having played some of the most stunning venues across the UK, whether it be Glastonbury, Royal Albert Hall, or (most iconically) Manchesters Castlefield Bowl at the annual SOunds OF The City gig, for which they are playing for the eighth time in a row this year. 

These are not your typical classical affair, you wouldn't be blamed for thinking you’d step foot into a rave, and shows are often accompanied by stunning light displays, projections, and other visual effects that complement the music and create a captivating atmosphere. Head down. Boogie. Raving. Is. Forever! 

This is bound to happen when you’ve got the people they do at the helm, but, when you see some of the special guests that join them on stage, the inner 90s raver in you will be frothing at the mouth. Bez is a regular attendee, doing what he does best and providing the crowd with some tips on how to boogie; Rowetta has also joined to provide some of her angelic vocals; other heroes from the time like A Certain Ratio, Inner City, Todd Terry; plus a whole array of those for whom their classic Hacienda tracks were one-hit wonders and are given the chance to bring them back to life - in our opinion one of the very best things about the Classical. 

So whether you’re a former 90s raver who remembers nights in the Hacienda like they were yesterday, someone who was born too late and wants a glimmer of what it was like back in the day, or simply just a music enthusiast who wants to see the spectacle of their dance and classical infusion; get your tickets to see the collective at Highest Point Festival 2023 now. With a mesmeric light show to accompany the array of classic acid-drenched dance numbers, performed in one of the country's most stunning festival sites, then you know exactly what to do.




If you want to catch Hacienda Classical live this year, then you can find all of the events Skiddle has on offer with them involved, by clicking or tapping - HERE

If their headline slot at Highest Point this May is tickling your eardrums, then you will be able to find tickets to the Lancastrian festival at the bottom of this page, just make sure to secure them quickly so you don't miss out!



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