The best bingo events in the UK

Mecca Daubers at the ready! It's National Bingo Day, so what better way to celebrate than looking at the best bingo events, on sale on Skiddle?

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 27th Jun 2023

Back in the day, Bingo Halls were reserved for the older generations of society, but nowadays, there has been a new wave of love for the game of chance, a new wave almost entirely populated by the younger generations!

That's right, we’re on about the wondrously fun and stupendously silly boozy bingo club events that have taken the country by storm. These events have turned bingo into a rave, with blasting tunes, people dancing on tables, and an array of prizes not solely reserved for the winners, with everything from cash to holidays to tickets to sex toys (yep you read that right.) All of this, whilst getting everyone well and truly trollied.

With today being National Bingo Day, we wanted to let you in on all the very best Bingo events on sale on Skiddle, right now! So scroll down and check them out! Just be ready to scream once that box (or line) is full!



Bingo Lingo

Image: Bingo Lingo on Facebook

Mecca daubers at the ready! As we're starting this list off with Bingo Lingo who have injected the whole country with the bingo fever. 

If you’re unfamiliar with Bingo Lingo, let us give you a rundown of some of the mischief this beautiful game can bring. You can expect stage performers, cheesy bangers, on-stage dance battles, general bizarre activity, and wacky prizes. There’ll be confetti drops, booze, and loads of laughs. You can’t go wrong.


Find tickets for Bingo Lingo events - HERE



Bingo BANG!

When: Friday 7th July 2023

Where: Rosies NightClub in Birmingham

This thrilling and one-of-a-kind experience is Roses Nightclub's latest event, Bingo Bang! Get ready to shake up the traditional notion of bingo and take it to a whole new level of excitement.

Bingo Bang is a fusion of two worlds that will leave you exhilarated and craving for more. Imagine the electrifying energy of a rave combined with the classic game of bingo, and you've got an evening like no other.

Whether you're a bingo enthusiast, a dedicated raver, or simply looking for a unique night out, Bingo Bang at Roses Nightclub promises an extraordinary fusion of fun, competition, and pure euphoria.


Tickets for Bingo BANG!

This event has been cancelled
Unfortunately due illness of the host we are unable to run this event. We hope to see you all in Sep



Bada Bingo

Image: Bada Bingo on Facebook

From Girls Aloud themed 'Spice Up Your Life' Bingo, to the lightning hot time of your life antics at 'Grease vs Dirty Dancing' Bingo, to the coveted Badafest; Bada Bingo puts on nights at Buzz Bingo venues up and down the country, and if we can promise one thing, it's that it's going to be absolutely mega. 

With a waterfall of bevs, constant tunes, epic prizes and sensational vibes, this one is tough to beat when it comes to the best bingo events in the UK. What's even better is that they pop up all across the country, so you'll always be a taxi distance away; what not to love?


Find tickets for Bada Bingo - HERE



ABBA Bingo Wonderland

Image: Bingo Wonderland on Facebook

It’s time to dust off your disco flares and grab your friends, as yet another Buzz Bingo delight, the ABBA BIngo WOnderland is travelling the country, and is all but secured a spot on this list.

Come along to a bingo event, quite like no other! Let your imagination run free with HUGE prizes to be won throughout the evening, mini-games galore, and non-stop ABBA hits - the winner really does take it all at Abba Bingo Wonderland!


Find tickets for ABBA Bingo Wonderland - HERE



UKG Bingo

When: All year round

Where: DUO London 

Get ready for a night of bingo, booze n basslines as it's time to celebrate the wonderful riddims UK Garage in the most outlandish way possible, playing a proper belting round of Bingo!

The competition is HOT, and their Masters of Ceremonies will put you through your paces with bingo rounds, crazy games and ridiculous challenges throughout the evening. Think Garage skank-offs, Lim-Bo-Selecta and even more surprises on the night!

Amongst the madness, the DJ will be spinning the biggest & best anthems from the Godfathers & Godmothers of Garage & of course, there’s a bunch of wicked prizes up for grabs, with a little bit of luck you just might win & be crowned the King or Queen of UKG Bingo!!


Find tickets for UKG Bingo - HERE



Bingo Revolution

Image: Bingo Revolution on Facebook

Bingo Revolution travels up and down the country to bring lucky betters and punters a fun-packed evening of laughing, dancing, singing, dabbing and life-changing prizes; all revolving around your grand favourite pastime!

It's electric and oh so silly in the best way possible, plus, some of the prizes you can win are seriously life-changing, we're talking thousands of pounds, and that's just the start!

If you can catch one of these nights when it comes to travelling near you, please don't miss out!


Find tickets for Bingo Revolution - HERE




That's Drag Bingo Show

When: All year round

Where: Brixton Jamm in London

Looking for something exciting to do on a Saturday? Introducing ‘That’s Drag’ bingo – a hilarious and unique experience right in the heart of Brixton. Serving you comedy and competition, this raucously randy event will bring a little spice to your life

Hosted by the sensational Queens, Orange Gina, Ariel Bold and Magik (with a ‘k’), this game of bingo is unlike any other as they’ll be bringing their very special bingo machine: the smoking hot DRAG-on

The best street food in town will be there to keep a bingo champion well fuelled.


Find tickets for That's Drag Bingo Show - HERE



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