The Best Summer Songs of 2019

We take a look at the best summer songs that 2019 had to offer us.

Skiddle Staff

Last updated: 31st Aug 2022

We've been taking a look at the best summer songs of recent years and this time we're looking at some very recent history. The year was 2019 and everything was relatively at peace. The final summer before being shut down, here are the best songs that dominated it, there'll be plenty of familiar faces on this list.


Billie Eilish- Bad Guy

Billie Eilish went from alt-pop star to mainstream pop sensation overnight. Her debut album catapulted her towards an eventual slot headlining Glastonbury in 2022. Bad Guy is a track that feels like pure evil and it absolutely gets you bouncing every time you hear it. It has been inescapable ever since its release.



Lil Nas X- Old Town Road

When Old Town Road was released it sparked debate, some loved it and some hated it for its lack of seriousness. We're in the former camp, Lil Nas X's hip-hop/country max is the perfect camp mix and it was the launch of an LGBTQ+ icon. The music video is absolutely brilliant too.



Stormzy- Vossi Bop

Stormzy released one of his biggest hits to date, Vossi Bop in 2019 and if you can't get into the rhythm of the chorus then there's something wrong with you. This is signature Stormzy, making use of instrumental samples and using his trademark deep London accent to spin an irresistible rhythm.



Lana Del Rey- Doin' Time

Lana Del Rey's take on Sublime's Doin' Time was one of the highlights from her album Norman Fucking Rockwell. The pop star known for her dramatic cinematic style encompassed the song perfectly into her world. There can be no doubt that this song exudes cool and is the perfect road trip song on a warm day.



Post Malone feat Swae Lee- Sunflower

This song shot to success after featuring in the animated film Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse. A song born for the summer sun, Swae Lee's light vocal flurry and whispy flow make this a breezy listen. A perfect match between momentum and a summer vibe, it'll be played for countless years to come.



Vampire Weekend- Harmony Hall

Vampire Weekend took a more stripped-back approach with their 2019 album and Harmony Hall is the pick of the bunch. revolving around a simple acoustic guitar riff that is constantly repeated, Ezra Koeing's gentle voice carries you away to another place entirely. Shut your eyes and let it take over.



Foals- In Degrees

Everything Not Saved Pt1 is arguably one of Foals' best albums and it peaks during the chorus. With the bass suddenly sweltering like a black hole opening up, it gives way to a jungle of percussion as the band take influence from Dancehall to create an all-out dance frenzy. This never fails to get a pit going live, it is absolute bliss.



Dave- Psycho

Dave truly announced himself with his debut album Psychodrama, a dark and bold offering. Psycho is a stunning track, with the London rapper offering accounts of his pain and insecurities. The album has been described as a therapy session and you definitely understand why after listening to this track.



Tyler, The Creator- IGOR'S THEME

Tyler, The Creator released one of his best albums in 2019 and IGOR'S THEME is the buzzy introduction that sets you on a journey. It immediately makes you feel like the main character as the track hums and crackles before Tyler's verses come in. A track that's perfect to get a summer night out started.



Hot Chip- Melody of Love

In 2019, Hot Chip went on a psychedelic journey. Dipping their clothes in tie-dye, they released their most hypnotising rhythms to date and Melody of Love is a track that swirls in enticing colours of synth. It feels like they're stuck in a lovesick daydream and the group do a brilliant job of donning psychedelic textures.



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